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Words 139-142

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Words 139-142 FujinxSeifer

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A Few Words

Word 139: Home

The definition of home could vary from person to person, but many would agree that home is where the heart is. If that was so, Seifer's home was currently out buying groceries.

Word 140: Inside

The battle between Seifer and Squall had become rather repetitive. Seifer drank a shot, Squall drank a shot, and it continued like that over and over. Neither of them seemed to be drunk enough to quit and soon Rinoa decided that it would be more interesting to outside and talk, while the two men settled their differences over the bottle.

Fujin would have said it would be best if the invaders, Rinoa, Squall, Selphie, Zell and Irvine, left; but she was a woman of few words who kept her thoughts to herself. Rinoa was all the opposite, broadcasting her opinions as loudly as she could and expressing her desire for everyone to be friends, hence why she dragged the others along to visit as often as possible since she learned of the posse's place of residence.

While Zell attempted to tell jokes, determined to make Fujin laugh and prove that it was possible, Rinoa chatted with Selphie, the topic shifting at random, and Irvine attempted to flirt with Selphie to no avail. Raijin was amused by Zell's jokes and soon the two were laughing together and telling jokes to each other, instead of pestering Fujin, a fact for which she was thankful.

Then it happened, Squall and Seifer emerged from the house, the first holding an empty bottle staggering over to Rinoa, placing his arms around her shoulders and passing out into a loud snoring coma. Rinoa was nearly knocked down by the weight of her snoring drunken boyfriend and proceeded to poke him along with Selphie in a strange attempt to revive him.

Seifer made his way over to Fujin, who stood to the side away from the rest of the group; he smiled, wrapped his arms around her and planted a kiss of her lips, followed by a loudly voiced marriage proposal, which left everyone wide eyes and open mouthed, save for Squall who was still snoring, and drew their unwelcome attention towards Fujin.

She glared at the drunken Seifer and commanded, "inside," causing him to obediently scurry towards the house and sit in his room to wait for his beloved, who did not go visit him until the following morning, when his splitting headache had already erased his memories of the unanswered proposal. Fujin made sure to sternly request the silence of the rest of the witnesses and frightened out of their minds, they immediately agreed.

Word 141: Jealousy

When it came to gluttony, Raijin had them both beat, possessing the biggest appetite out of the trio. If it was a question of pride, though they all had their fair share, Fujin and Seifer especially, it was Seifer who would have the most, because he was the most stubborn when it came to holding on to it.

Sloth was nearly absent from the posse, except on those days when they felt a collective laziness that prevented them from getting out of bed until well into the afternoon, only to find out the others had felt the same way. Then the three would sit on the living room couch, watching movies and eating unhealthy snacks, indulging in their relaxation to their hearts' content.

Greed may have been interpreted as being present by some, though they merely wanted what was best for their little posse and held no greed towards each other, sharing among their precious group with sincere satisfaction. Wrath, people would say, presented quite a danger if awakened in Seifer, though it was actually Fujin who was the deadliest of the three. The only reason so few recognized this fact, was because those who had been unfortunate enough to witness her wrath were either six feet under or too traumatized to speak of it.

Lust was a forbidden topic among the posse, they were friends and that was it, though Raijin was certain that Seifer was only in denial and would eventually have no choice but to confess his feelings to Fujin, or spontaneously combust. When the day came, and Raijin was sure it would come, he knew Fujin would accept him, or put out the fire, and Raijin would be happy for them, or relieved if Seifer survived combustion.

Envy came and went, most of all with the rivalries that Seifer had developed in the past, and though his rivalry with Squall still remained, the jealousy was gone. Yet the feeling of envy was not absent from Seifer's life, far from it, it came mixed with wrath and greed whenever someone laid eyes on Fujin as they made their way through town.

Of course, Seifer would say it was the crowds getting on his nerves and he would assure, in all honesty, that he was not jealous and truthfully recognize there was no reason for such an emotion. Then he would unconscious send deadly glares at all the other males in the surrounding area, save for his trusted friend Raijin, and continue walking along next to Fujin, matching her pace to perfection.

Word 142: King

Seifer sat back on the recliner in the living room, feeling like a king upon his throne. The thought occurred to him when he looked at the playing cards that Fujin and Raijin were entertaining themselves with by making card castles. Seifer himself had tried, failed and in an attempt to prevent himself from throwing the tantrum he felt building up, he decided to take a break.

Raijin continued trying to build a castle to no avail, the cards falling over and over, before he could complete the first floor. Fujin's castle was five floors tall, perfectly balanced. If they were to personify the characters in the cards, then Fujin would be the queen, Raijin was to be the jester and he would fill that position well, which left Seifer with the part of the king.

Cards aside, even if his queen was, according to Seifer, oblivious to his feelings, albeit in reality she was well aware, and even if their little house could never pass for a castle, it was during those relaxing times when they could sit back and play that Seifer truly felt like a king.

More to come...

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII. Word 139, Home, was requested by PhinalPhantasy. Word 140, Inside, and Word 142, King, were requested by Xeno the Hedgehog. Word 141, Jealousy, was requested by Romantic Jester.
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