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Chapter 4

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i lay on the floor of my bathroom. holding my legs to my chest, almost like trying to hold myself together, my world together. i couldn't keep from crying. the pain all over my body was to much. that was the first time my father had ever hit me... he only ever screamed... his drinking's worse... i started to think of the day i had earlier, brendon.

i picked myself up off the floor and looked in the mirror. i had no shirt on and i could see all the lashes all over my arms and chest from my dad's belt. i touched one and flinched from the pain. then i heard a faint tap like sound on my window.

i walked out of my bathroom and over to my window, and outside of it stood brendon, and me with out my shirt on. he smiled and waved at me. i opened the window to let him in.

he barely had gotten through the window before he planted a kiss on my lips.

"what are you doing here?" i asked, not wanting his lips to leave mine.

"i missed you," he said simply. he pulled me into a hug and i tensed up.

"what's wrong?" he asked.

"nothing," i lied. he ran his hands up my arms and his eyes got wide when he felt the welts and lashes from my dad's beating earlier. he took me to the bathroom and stared in horror at the rest of my injuries on my chest.

"ry..." he whispered, "what happened?" i couldn't help it anymore, i couldn't keep it together in front of him no matter how hard i tried, i stood there and started to cry.

"baby, come here," he whispered and pulled me into a gentle hug careful not to hurt me. we sat down on the floor i put my head in to crook of his neck and shoulder and he kept his arms around me as if to protect me from the world.

"what happened?" he asked rocking me back in forth.

"my dad." he stopped rocking me and looked me in the eyes.

"he did this to you?" i put my head back in the crook of his neck and nodded my head.

"was it because you ditched today?" he asked. i nodded again.

"so it's my fault then,"

"no! no, it's not!" i said shaking my head.

"if i hadn't asked you to ditch with me then he wouldn't have done this to you!"

"if i hadn't of ditched with you no one would care," i said.

"ryan..." he whispered putting his forehead on mine so our noses touched. "tomorrow's friday, come spend the weekend at my house. we'll go to the movies and then you'll come back to my house and stay there, my mom will even take you to schook with me on monday, please."

"brendon, i want to."

"then why don't you?" i didn't say anything, i just thought of my father. then we both heard him in the room over getting up. brendon and i both heald our breaths as my dad came to my door and started to bang on it. after a minute he left and went back to his room.

"that's it," brendon said lightly pulling me to my feet.

"what's it?" i asked watching grab my bag and start filling it with my clothes.

"you're coming back to my house with me right now," he said zipping my bag and putting it over his shoulder. "let's go."


"through the window," he said, "i'll help you through."

brendon went out first and stood outside and lifted me by my waist gently and slowly till i was outside with him.

he kissed my cheek, "let's go," he smiled.

i had to smile, i was leaving my father behind for the most gorgeous boy in the world.


we got to brendon's house and stood at the front door.

"we'd climb in through the window but i live on the second floor, so we've got to be quiet walking inside," he said. i nodded. "okay. ryan, i'm happy your here," he said kissing me. i smiled.

brendon took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door and we snuck up the stairs to his room. he opened his door and him and i walked in. he shut the door and kissed me again. i will never get tired of his lips on mine.

"you can sleep in my bed, i'll take the floor," he said.

"no. i- wwill..."

"what ry?" he asked wrapping his arms around me.

"will... you sleep with me?" i asked putting my head on his chest. i could feel him smile.

"yes," he said. we crawled into his bed, the sheets were cool and he pulled me close to his chest.

"goodnight ry."

"i love you brendon."

i don't write from brendon's point of view enough do i? i will try to write a more that way. buuuuutt!... i will not post another chapter til i get a review ^^ hehe evil? possibly.
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