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Chicas in Japan

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A girl born from America has moved back to Japan,the home of which she left when she was 2,and goes to a new school.But!A huge thing is different about her!Will she be excepted or put down?!

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An early and bright morning in America which had birds flying and singing,babies laughing of happiness,and loved ones smiling...
Except one girl...
"What?!",yelled a girl who stood up banging the table.
"Yes,we are going back to Japan.",her mother said.
This girl was Sakura Haruno.A sassy,tough,but cool girl who was half-japanese,half-spanish.
She had long pink wavy hair with the short bangs,and green shiny eyes.Her skin was pale and she had a perfect body.There was no flaws about her,except her temper.She got her looks from her mom,but got her confidence from her dad.
Her father,a spanish man,and he rmother,a japanese woman,had met and married having her.They left Japan when she was two,but now she was 15.She could talk spanish,japanese,and english.But mostly talked spanish and english.
"Pero,mama!",she whined.(She said,'but mama!)
"Calm down already.You used to always want to go back to Japan.",her mom said.Sakura let out a frustrated sigh and sat down.
"Mama,that was until I got my new friends and my boyfriend.Besides,I forgot completely everything about Japan!",Sakura said.
"Well,it'll then be good for you to go back.Now go upstairs and pack your things.We'll be leaving in a week.You'll have enough time to say goodbye to your boyfriend and friends.",her mom said standing up and walking off into the kitchen.
"Then can I pack later?I have to meet with my friends at the mall.",Sakura said standing up.
"Fine.",her mom said.Sakura hurried upstairs to get dressed.
She wore some shorts with a red tank top and a jean jacket that went up to her waist and was long sleeved and some red high top converse.She put her hair in a bun leaving her bangs down and grabbed her cell hurrying out the door.
"Hello,Sakura!",a voice called.She looked over to see her neighbor.
"Hi,Mrs.Tyler.",Sakura said smiling and waving.She continued to walk,her whole nrighborhood saying hi as she passed,and she returned each greeting.
Her cellphone started to ring,playing the song Ojos Asi from Shakira,her favorte singer.
"Yo?",she answered.
"Yo,chica!Apurate!We're all here already!",her friend.(Her friend said,'yo,girl!Hurry up....blah,blah...hehe)
"Ok,ok.",Sakura said laughing and hanged up starting to run.
As soon as she got there,she walked up to her friends taking deep breaths.
As soon as she finished her day,she started packing as she had told her mother she would do and finished all in one night sleeping very tired...

1 Week Later....

Sakura,her mom,and her dad were in Japan in their new house packing in.Sakura was just sitting outside on a box texting her best friend,Janelie.
She wore her hair in a bun again with her hair down and some jeans with a white tank top and her white sneakers with some lipgloss and some white bang earrings.
"Stop texting your friend and help us.",her mom said walking up to her and crossing her arms.
"Actually,I'd orefer to go check out the mall here.See you later,mama.",Sakura said standing up and giving a peck on the cheek to her mom before walking off in some direction.
"That girl is so hard to handle.",her mom said shaking her head and just grabbing some boxes and walking in the new house.
Sakura continued to walk texting her friend whens he bumped into somebody and stumbled backwards.
"Oye!",she yelled.(she said,'hey')
"Jeez,watch where your going?!",the other person yelled turning to see who it was.She looked up and a blonde girl with blue eyes was in front of her with wide eyes.
"You got something else to say?!",Sakura yelled in her ghetto accent.
"N-no.",the blonde girl said scratching her head.Sakura looke dbehind her and there were more teens just staring.Sakura sighed thinking for a moment,and then a moment later she sighed again.
"Umm,sorry.",Sakura said.
"Oh,yeah.Sorry.",the blonde girl said.
"Right,so,do you know where the mall is?",Sakura asked.
"Ummm,you can come with us.We were heading to the mall right now to meet with some friends.",the blonde girl said.
"Right,thanks.",Sakura said taking out a piece of gum and chewing it.She followed them as the blonde said she could and just looked around.
"So,what's your name?",a girl with long dark purple hair and blind looking eyes said.
"What's yours?",Sakura siad not bothering to look at her.
"Hinata Hyuuga.",the girl said.
"Okay,I'm Sakura Haruno.",Sakura said looking at her with a smile.
"So,where are you from?You look japanese but you sound very different?",Hinata asked.
"I come from America,and my father is half-spanish.So I'm half-spanish and I was friends with alot of te ghetto so that's why my accent is so ghetto and stuff.",Sakura explained.
"Oh,so,have you ever been in Japan?",Hinata asked.
"Yeah,my parents met here in Japan and they got married.They had me,but we moved out of here when I was two.",Sakura said.
"How old are you now?You look about my age.",Hinata said.
"I'm 15.",Sakura said.
"Exactly my age.",Hinata said with a smile.
"Cool.",Sakura said giving her a smile as well.
"So,want to hang with us at the mall?",Hinata asked.
"Sure,why not?",Sakura said with a shrug
As soon as they got there,Sakura was amazed.The mall was big and filled with teens,but there were still some elders and adults.There were many stores and and clothes that Sakura ahd wished she bought enough money.
"Is teme here yet?",a blonde boy with shiny blue eyes asked.
"Hey,can I know all you guys names?",Sakura asked.
"Sure,I'm Ino Yamanako.",the blonde girl said with a smile.
"I'm Naruto Uzamaki!Believe it!",the blonde boy said with two thumbs up and a wink.Sakura nodded a little wierded out.
"I'm Neji Hyuuga.",a boy with long brown hair and blind looking eyes like Hinata said.
"You guys related?",Sakura asked.
"He's my cousin.",Hinata said.
"Shikamaru Nara.",a boy with a high and spiky pineapple looking ponytail and dark brown eyes said.
"Sai.",a boy with flat dark hair and dark coal eyes with a smile said.
"Temari.",a girl with four spikey ponytails dirty blonde hair and brown eyes said.
"I'm Tenten.",a girl with dark brown hair in two buns with brown eyes said.
"Alright,I'm Sakura Haruno.",Sakura said.
"Hey,loser girls.",somebody said behind Sakura.She turned to see a red-head with red eyes and thick glasses with a tight short outfit standing in the middle of two other girls.
"Ew.",Sakura immediately said and turned back around making Hinata laugh ligtly along with the other girls.
"Ew your face.",the redhead said/Sakura turned around with a sigh and crossed ehr arms.
"Ew yo mama.",she said making Hinata gasp in total laughter with the girls.The guy smirked lightly.
"Whatever,who are you anyways?",the redhead asked.
"I don't give my name out to strangers.",Sakura said.
"So?",the redhead asked.
"Tell me your name first.",Sakura said.
"I'm Karin,the most popular girl at Konoha High School.",the redhead said flipping her hair.
"So what are you popular for?Giving guys blowjobs,or screwing the principal?",Sakura asked.The girls snorted,and the guys smirked trying to hold in their laughter but failed and broke out laughing.
"Whatever,you wish.",Karin said flipping her hair again.
"Look,just get out of my face.I hate chicks with the stench of slut all over them.",Sakura siad turning away.Karin grabbed her shoulder turning her back and slapped Sakura.
Sakura gasped and looked at her placing her hand on her cheek.The guys stopped laughing and they stared with wide eyes.
"You skank.As if you're any better!",Karin yelled making her friends laugh,and she even laughed herself.Sakura grabbed Karin's shirt pulling her to her and held her hand up to slap her back,and hard,but a hand grabbed her wrist and she stopped with wide eyes looking to her left.
Standing there was the most handsome guy she ahd ever seen in her life staring between her and Karin.
He had pale skin with dark,onyx eyes that seemed to pierce her.His hair was jet,black but in a style of a chicken makng Sakura's inwardly laugh.But the outside of her just stared with wide eyes.
He wore ripped jeans with a black dressy shirt and nice black converse.
"Karin,get away from us.",he said to Karin with narrowed eyes.
"But Sasuke-kun,she started it first.",Karin said with a whiny and pouty voice making Sakura look at her with confused face.
"First she's a bitch,now she's a little,sweet girl?",Sakura thought.
"Let go of Karin.",handsome guy said making Sakura look at him.She did as he said and Karin brushed herself off flipping her hair and smiling at the handsome guy.
"Sasuke-kun,t-",Karin started saying but handsome guy cut her off.
"Just leave.",he said.She was going to say something else,but handsome guy gave her a glare making her leave immediately with her pals.
"Teme,there you are!",Naruto yelled making Sasuke look at him.Sakura noticed he was still holding her wrist and she pulled away making him look at her.He let go of ehr and turned his back on her to look at Naruto.
"Dobe,who's she?",handsome guy asked.Naruto smiled and turned handsome guy around stepping up now beside handsome guy.
"Sasuke-teme,this is Sakura Haruno.She's new in our neighbrohood.Sakura-chan,this is Sasuke Uchiha,my jerk of a best friend.",Naruto said making Sasuke smack him in te back of the head.
"Right.",Sakura said.
"Sakura,forget Karin.Let's go shop a little.",Ino said grabbing Sakura's hand and pulling ehr along,but Ino stopped as soon as unfamiliar music in a different language started to ring.
It was Sakura's cellphone ringing her favorite song.
Sakura took her cell out her and placed itt o her ear.
"Yo.",she answered.
"Hola,chica!Y que contigo?",her best friend said.(she said,'hey,girl!Whats up?')
"Nada,just at the mall with some new people.",Sakura said.(she said,'nothing..blah,blah..')
"Oh,so guess what?",her friend said.
"What?",Sakura asked.
"My mom said I can move in with your family!",her friend squealed.A huge smile spread across Sakura's face and he started to laugh.
"Are you serious?!That is sweet!When you coming?",Sakura said.
"In a week.My mom already talked with your mom and your mom said it was just fine and she'll take care of me.",Janelie said.
"Ay,que alegria!",Sakura said.(she said,'oh,so great!')
"Verdad?Here,I'll talk with you later since I have to start packing.",Janelie said.(she said,'right?'..blah,blah..)
"Okay,que te vaya bien.Bye.",Sakura siad and they hung up.(she said,'okay,be careful.bye')
When Sakura put her cellphone back,everybody stared at her with wide eyes except Hinata who smiled impressed.
"Cool.",Hinata said.Sakura smiled laughing as she crossed ehr arms at how they looked at her.Sasuke sighed and put his hands in his pocket looking away bored,but thinking inside...

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