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Sakura was shopping with the girls as the guys went to get some drinks.Sakura was in a store full of glamorous and shiny hip-hop stuff and bought many things.Then she went to some rock store that held alot of plaid ruffled skirts and big boots with buckles or chains and she bought many thiings from there as well,but soon he rmoney had been wased down to $13,so she just left the girls to find the guys for a drink.
"Oi,Sakura-chan!",Naruto called to her.Sakura looked up,and smiled with relief.She walked up to them and set her bags down sitting in the booth by Naruto.
"So,where's the other guys?",Sakura asked.
"They'll be here in a moment.",Naruto said and suddenly people sat by him.Sakura and Naruto looked over to see the guys and Sakura grinned.
"Or in a second.",she said.Naruto shrugged smiling.
"Dobe,I still don't understand what this girl is doing with us.",Sasuke said.
"Cuz Ino,Hinata,Tenten,and Temari invited me.",Sakura said.
"So,did I.",Naruto said.
"In your face,Uniha.",Sakura said.
"Sakura-chan,it's Uchiha.",Naruto said laughing a little.
"Oh,well,what Naruto-kun said.",Sakura said.
"So,you already put a suffix to my name.",Naruto smiling happily.
"Yeah,I remember some of those things.",Sakura said.
"Would you like anything,Miss?",the guy behind the bar table said.
"Some soda.",Sakura said.The guy nodded and hurried to get it from her.
"Sakura,do you know how to speak japanese?",Neji asked.
"Nah,I forgot how to because of how much I started learning spanish and english.",Sakura said as her soda was placed in front of her and she grabbed it bringing it to her lips.
"So,who's the chick?",a voice asked.The guys turned around,except Sakura was so wrapped up in her drinks.
"What do you want,Tayuya?",Naruto asked,now not happy.
"I came to say hello to you adorable boys,but then I see you with some chick.",Tayuya said.She had long red-pink hair with kinda pale skin and brown eyes.She also wore a tight outfit,but not so short as Karin.
"Well,leave.",Neji said.
"Well,who is this girl?",Tayuya asked.Sakura turned still drinking her soda and started to blow bubbles through the straw.
"Sakura-chan?",Naruto asked.Sakura pulled away from her cup and laughed.
"I haven't done that since it was a kid.",Sakura said laughing.
"Who are you?!",Tayuya asked more annoyed.Sakura looked at her and stopped smiling.
"Who are you?!",Sakura yelled right back.
"I'm Tayuya,now say your name.",Tayuya said with a flip of her hair.
"No.",Sakura said shaking her head.
"What,scared?",Tayuya asked.
"Now,what the heck would I be scared of?",Sakura asked.
"Just tell me your name?",Tayuya said still annoyed and frustrated.
" name is...Mellissa Tyler.",Sakura lied.Naruto and the guys looked at her confused,and Sakura nodded with a smile.
"Then why did Naruto-kun call you Sakura?",Tayuya asked.
"Because it's my name.",Sakura said.
"You just said your name was Mellissa.",Tayuya accused.
"Because it's my name.",Sakura said.
"But you even said your name was Sakura?",Tayuya asked.
"Beause it's my name.",Sakura asked,now with a blank look on her face staring out of space.
"Which is your name?Sakura or Mellissa?",Tayuya asked.Sakura pointed behind her quickly and Tayuya turned.
"Tayuya!",Sakura yelled,and Tayuya tirne dback to her.
"Who called my name?",Tayuya asked.
"It was probably your mom,you should go check outside.",Sakura said.
"Ok.",Tayuya said and walked off quickly.Sakura smiled and looked at the guys staring wide-eyed.
"Hey.",Sakura said casually turning around again and forming bubbles in her soda.
"That was...wierd.",Naruto said.
"I can do much more than that.But,I have to leave now because she's gonna come back and I don't want to trick no more,so bye guys.",she said and stood up from hte chair giving Naruto a kiss on the cheek,Neji a kiss on the cheek,and Shikamaru a kiss on the cheek.All of their eyes widened as they blushed lightly.
Sakura stopped in front of Sakura and thought for a moment.
"Which do you want,Uchiha,a kiss or hug?",Sakura asked with a smile.
"Neither.",Sasuke said looking away.
"Then you'll have both.",Sakura said giving him a kiss ont eh cheek making his eyes widen,and a big hug.
She pulled away and hurried to her bags waving them goodbye and hurried off.
"That girl sure is one cool one.",Naruto said totally in a daze.Sasuke managed to keep his light blush down,and touched the cheek where she kissed him still feeling her lips there.Like it was frozen onto his cheek,and burning him.But in a good way...

Sakura got home and helped her mom and dad pack in everything else.Once she finished,she packed in all her new clothes and layed on her bed for a while tired.
She was in her bathroom taking a bubble bath and resting there for a while.She grabbed her ipod and placed the headphones in her ear listening to music...
The doorbell rang downstairs,but of course,Sakua didn't hear.
"Who are you?",Sakura's mom asked the person at the door as she had opened it.
"I am one of Sakura's friends.May I come in?",the person asked.
"Why,yes.She's up in ehr room upstairs.Just go in and you'll see her lazily laying on her bed.",her mom said unaware of ehr daughter taking a bath.The person nodded and walked upstairs entering the room that had Sakura's name speeled out on it on a decorative paper.
"Haruno.",the person called out.
Sakura had started to sing to the song she was listening to,and bobbed ehr head with her eyes still closed.
The person opened her bathroom door and smirked walking in and closing the door after him.He sat on the chair against the wall and sighed.
Sakura lifted her legs stretching them as she yawned.
"Haruno.",the person called out again.
"..hmhmhmhm..",Sakura hummed along.The person stood up and walked up to Sakura grabbing the headphones out of her ear.Sakura's eyes opened in huge frustration and annoyance and she looked up to be shocked.
Her eyes widened and she froze.
"Uchiha?!,",she gasped.
"Yo.",Sasuke said as he stopped smirking and grabbe dher ipod walking back to the chair and sitting down.
"This has to be some kind of dream,right?",Sakura asked.
"Hn.",Sasuke 'said' as she thought for a minute.
"What are you doing in ehre?",she asked.
"You're the first girl to not scream and whine when a guy she hardly knows is in front of her while she's taking a bath.",Sasuke said looking through the music on her ipod.
"Well,unlike all those girls,I am not scared.I know you won't do anything.",she said looking away with her arms crossed.
"Are you sure?",Sasuke asked smirking up at her.She looked at him with a smirk of her own on her face.
"...positive.",she said.

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