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"...positive.",she said.
"Well,you're right.You're a really weird girl for me to ever like.",he said.She gasped.
"What are you doing here,anyways?",she asked.
"Guys are outside waiting.We're going to a party,and the girls said that you should come.",he said.
"OK,get out and I'll get dressed.",she said.He nodded and left quickly with her ipod.She got out of the bath and dried herself off.
She wore tight jeans with a black halter top and some black heels.She left her hair down wet and walked out of the room see Sasuke casually leaning on the wall hearing music on her ipod.
"Come on.",she said poking his chest.It seemed to hard and hot.
"OK.",he said.He turned to walk away,and she followed behind.
"Ma,I'm gonna go to the mall with some friends.",she said.
"Alright,but don't come back so late.",her mom said.
"Bye,papi.",she said to her dad.
"Who's the dude?",her father asked looking up at Sasuke.
Her mother was very calm and beautiful.She wore jeans with a white collar shirt and had her hair in a ponytail cooking dinner.She looked decent,but her father was way different.
He looked seriously ghetto.
His hair was very short,and he was a very buff man.He had tattoo's everywhere.Right now he was sitting on the couch watching football wearing some jeans wit socks and a black t-shirt.
"He's just a friend.",Sakura said.
"Well,who else is gonna be there?",he asked,his voice sleepy and he was not even looking at them.
"Some girls and guys.",Sakura said with a shrug.
"Alright,whatever.",her dad said.She rolled her eyes with a smile,and both her and Sasuke left the house,heading towards the two hummers parked in front of the house.
"Cool cars.",she said.Her phone started to ring,and she picke dit up.
"Hola.",her friend said.(Hello)
"Yo,que quieres?",Sakura asked.(Yo,what's wrong)
"Queria preguntalte algo.Creas que puede recojer me aqui en la airepuerto.Ya yo llago.",she said.Sakura smiled and both her and her friend started to squeal.(I wanted to ask you something.Think you can come pick me up at the airport.I'm here)
"Ok,I'll go now.",Sakura said and hung up.
"Sakura-chan?",Naruto asked from the car.
"Guys,I think I won't be able to go to the party.",Sakura said.
"Why?",Naruto asked.
"Gotta go and pick up my friend from the mall.",Sakura explained.
"Aww,it would've been cool with you at the party.",Naruto said.
"I know,but sorry I can't go.",she said and waved bye.They waved bye to her,saying bye and all,and then drove away.She ran back int he house and ran up to her mom.
"Mami,take me to the airport!Jani is here!",I said.
"Oh,I'd love to,baby,but I'm busy cooking.Ask you dad,he'll take you.",her mom said.
"Papi!",I yelled and ran up to him.
"Que?",he asked.(What)
"Take me to the airport.My friend's here.",Sakura said.
"OK.",he said standing up with a sigh.Sakura smiled and started to jump clapping her hands.
They got in his car and he drove all the way to the airport,where her friend,Janelie,stood outside waving and smiling.
She had long curly brown hair and brown eyes,and mocha color skin.She wore jeans with a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket,with some nikes.
Sakura jumped out of the car and ran up to her hugging her.
"Why are you here so early?",Sakura asked.
"I'm not early.",Janelie said with a scoff.
"You just called me today saying that you were coming,and I just moved here today.That's a bit early,right?",Sakura said.
"Oh well,chica,who cares.At least I'm here.",Janelie said.Sakura laughed and then both of them grabbed her luggage putting it into the car.They got in the car and started to talk annoying her father.
Then they were finally back at the house and Janelie and Sakura went to the guest room unpacking all of Janelie's clothes.
"I guess I'll have to buy some thins to fill up this room.",Janelie said.
"Come on,let's go to my room.",Sakura said.They went to Sakura's room and sat on her bed talking.
"So,I forgot that you said you'd let me hear the new songs you got on your ipod.",Janelie said.
"Oh,yeah.Here,let me get it.",Sakura said and walked to her counter,but then she remembered.
Sasuke had been the last one hearing it,and they had left....
"Ay!Demonios!",Sakura yelled.(Oh!Hell!)
"What?",Janelie asked.Sakura turned around.
"I let Sasuke borrow it.",Sakura said.
"Who is Sasuke?",Janelie asked,not even pronouncing Sasuke's name right.
"Some really fine boy I met yesterday,but he seem like a jerk.I'm gonna have to find him tomorrow and tell him to give my ipod back.",Sakura said sitting down by Janelie again.
"Ok,but for now.....let's have a slumber party!",Janelie said and they both broke out cheering.
Soon,Sakura's room was full of chips,soda,popcorn,and pillows.

The next day,Sakura woke up lazily as somebody was knocking on the door.
She washed her mouth really fast and got into some normal jeans with a t-shirt.She ran downstairs and to the door.
"What?",she asked opening the door,but to see Sasuke.
"Yo.",he said.
"What do you want?",she asked.
"Ipod.",he said.
"Oh,give it.",she said holding out her hand.
"So mean.",he said.
"What,you want a reward?",she asked.
"Yeah.",he said with a smirk.
"Alright,what do you want?",she asked.
"A kiss on the lips.",he said.She smirked.
"OK.",she said with a shrug.She leaned in closing her eyes,he leaned down wearing his smirk,but they were interrupted.
"Sakura,who is it?",Janelie asked walking downstairs wearing some normal clothes.She looked up,and her eyes widened.
"Jani?",Sakura asked.
"Holy crap.Sakura,your boyfriend is so fine.",Janelie said running up to her.
"Hi,I'm Janelie.How did you meet Sakura and do you have any hot japanese friends?",Janelie said cutting Sasuke off.
"Jani,this is not my boyfriend.It's just a....friend.He's Sasuke.",Sakura explained.
"Oh...OH!You're Sasuke.Damn boy,you sure as hell is fine.",Janelie said.Sakura sighed and pushed Janelie away.
"Alright,give me the ipod and then you'll get your reward later.",Sakura said.
"No,you'll get your reward later then.Meet at the mall later.Naruto and the girls invited you.",Sasuke said.
"Fine,but it better not be a lie.You will give me back my ipod.",Sakura said.Sasuke shrugged and then turned walking off to his hummer.
"God,he's a freaking god.",Janelie said as he walked away.
"I know,but who cares.Come on,let's get dress to go the mall.",Sakura said as she closed the door.
"Ok,and then I'll see some cute Japan boys.",Janelie said.
"Oye,pero you only care about boys?",Sakura asked.(Yo,girl...blah blah blah:p)
"Yes,so come on and move your big butt.",Janelie said running upstairs.Sakura laughed and ran after her.

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