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Incident 33

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Incident 33: Advent Casanova

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Incident 33: Advent Casanova

"Uncle Reno, I found it!" Yazoo victoriously announced as he arrived, presenting Reno with a bottle of green ketchup.

"My favorite, well done, I think we're running low on salt too, I might as well pick that up while I'm here," Reno mused.

Yazoo nodded energetically, "I'll go get the salt!" Before running off, Yazoo paused to look at his bother, Loz. "Uncle Reno is training me; the princess will like me best!" By princess he was referring to Marlene. "It's Jenova training!"

"Jenova?" Tifa echoed.

"Casanova," Reno corrected.

"Oh right casanova; I thought it was strange that the training had the same name as mother," Yazoo laughed.

At this point Tifa assumed that the boys' mother was named after the calamity because she was the female soldier prototype, or perhaps she was expected to become a sort of reincarnation of the alien.

"I don't care," Loz pouted. "I have a new love now and she gave me ice-cream and held my hand," Loz stuck out his tongue.

Yazoo pouted and looked at the appetizing sea salt popsicle. "I want one too!"

"Alright, here you go," Tifa gave Yazoo a popsicle as well.

"But you're supposed to like me!" Loz frowned.

Yazoo smiled widely, "the casanova training must be working! I'll go get the salt and became even more handsome!" Yazoo ran off.

Tifa saw that Loz was about to cry and tried to prevent it, "don't cry," she petted his hair and spoke sweetly.

Miraculously, Loz didn't cry. "Uncle Reno, I want you to train me too!"

"Alright then, you can track down the peanut butter," Reno instructed.

Loz saluted and ran off to find the peanut butter, while Tifa shook her head at Reno. "This casanova training is all just a way to get them to do chores."

Reno grinned, "you're beautiful and smart!"

Tifa rolled her eyes, "just make sure they don't get into trouble."

"Don't worry about it, now about this ramen?" Reno held up the mysterious brand.

"It tastes like cardboard, try this one instead," Tifa handed him a different kind of ramen, while Reno wondered how she know what cardboard tasted like, but decided not to ask. "Since Cloud, Marlene and Denzel already left, I'll be leaving too. I assume you already located the other boy?"

"No idea," Reno realized he was still missing one little bringer of chaos.

"What are their names anyway?" Tifa inquired.

"The one who's in love with you is Loz, the one who went to find the salt is Yazoo and the other one is Kadaj," Reno realized all too late that he was revealing too much information.

However, Tifa's overactive imagination did its part again. "I see; Rufus is more forgiving than I thought. True love can really change a man." In Tifa's mind Rufus had seen the remnants of Sephiroth as innocent puppets controlled by the main villain. He didn't resent the resemblance between them and his children and wasn't bothered by the shared names.

Reno smiled and nodded as if he knew exactly what Tifa was talking about, "yeah..."

"I should go see how Cloud is handling everything with Marlene and Denzel. Don't forget to find Kadaj before leaving the supermarket, he must still be here. I won't forgive you if you lose any of those dear little boys," Tifa warned.

"Why do people always worry so much? I'm on the case," Reno assured.

His guarantee only brought additional worries to Tifa, "that's exactly why people worry."

xoxox xox xoxox

After Tifa left and Reno, Loz and Yazoo got the rest of the groceries, the products were paid for and taken to Reno's car, yet Kadaj was still missing. "We have to find your brother before we can leave, let's stay together and look for him." Since Reno was their new sensei in the art of becoming irresistible casanovas, the two boys listened to everything he said.

Sadly, the search around the supermarket proved to be fruitless. Though they searched in every aisle and called out to Kadaj at the top of their lungs, ignoring the supermarket staff telling them to be quiet, the missing remnant was nowhere to be found.

"This is bad..." Reno concluded, not only did he lose a child who caused deadly natural disasters when he cried, but also he was feeling a little strange, dizzy and light headed. It began to rain accompanied by wind, lightning and little tremors. The storm wasn't as strong without all three remnants crying at once, but it was still a phenomenon to beware.

Reno stumbled towards the exit; maybe Kadaj had wondered off and was crying out in the parking lot. To make matters worse, Loz and Yazoo began to look frightened, their fear increasing when they stepped outside. The storm wasn't as strong as before, but it still scared them, and their brother was missing.

"Poor Kadaj," Loz sniffled.

"He's lost and sad because we fought with him," Yazoo began to cry.

Loz cried as well, "we caused our brother to get hurt!"

With all three remnants crying, the storm suddenly became intense, the ground shook and lightning crashed near by, mangling a stay shopping cart that was left in the parking lot. The boys' fear increased and they cried louder.

"Stop crying..." Reno's vision was a blur and the sounds a distant echo, he thought he was healed from whatever strange symptoms the odd materia candy the remnants made him eat had given him. Apparently the illness was back with a vengeance, as if his temporary recovery was the calm before the storm. "Casanovas shouldn't cry..." Reno felt his senses fading out completely and was lost in darkness, collapsed on the floor in front of the supermarket.

'Sleep,' a voice commanded in Reno's head.

'Leave me alone,' Reno thought weakly, he couldn't hold on to his consciousness any longer.

'Don't resist, sleep,' the voice insisted.

'Go away!' Reno mentally argued, but he felt it was no use, he was fading fast.

Finally, the second consciousness pushed Reno's consciousness into a deep slumber and was able to take control of the vessel. This was the wrong vessel, he was supposed to awaken in the president, but the remnants were careless giving away the soul materia they saw as candy. No matter, the Turk would have to do. It was time for vengeance.

Reno's eyes opened, but they didn't hold the carefree look of the Turk, instead they glowed brightly with mako and determination, "I will never be a memory."

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. The remnants are crying, Kadaj is missing, Rufus is still in hair catastrophe land and Sephiroth had taken over Reno's body. More chaos to come!
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