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Incident 34: Secret Curse

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Incident 34: Secret Curse

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Incident 34: Secret Curse

"Silence," the request spoken in a tone not belonging to Reno was ignored. Sephiroth, whose spirit now inhabited Reno's body, narrowed his eyes and scolded Yazoo and Loz again, "be quiet!"

This only caused them to cry louder, "Kadaj is gone!" Yazoo worried about his brother.

"And uncle Reno is being mean!" Loz wailed uncontrollably.

Perhaps the time to put his plan into action was not quite right yet. Thus Sephiroth retreated to the depths of Reno's mind temporarily and left the Turk to deal with the situation.

"I feel like I have a hangover..." Reno was dizzy, out of focus, tired and with a big headache, but even then he couldn't miss the violent storm taking place. He picked up Yazoo and Loz, "don't cry, we'll go look for Kadaj."

The two boys sniffled and nodded; then somehow the storm subsided partially, only one of the remnants was powering it now. Wherever Kadaj was, he was still crying. The suddenly the storm mysterious stopped, Kadaj wasn't frightened anymore, but where was he?

xoxox xox xoxox

While Sephiroth and mostly Reno were left to deal with Yazoo and Loz, Kadaj had made his way to the Seventh Heaven in search of Marlene. He was convinced that he was ready to ask her who she liked best and be chosen. However, Cloud did not appreciate the remnant's presence there and promptly tried to throw him out, which led to Kadaj crying uncontrollably, "big brother black sheep is picking on me!"

"Cloud, stop it, he's only a little boy!" Tifa scolded.

Marlene watched curiously from behind the counter, along with a pouting Denzel.

"He's trouble!" Cloud insisted.

Tifa was upset, "don't ruin this poor boy's childhood. I can see it now, everyone pointing their fingers because of who his parents are. I'm going to make sure Rufus doesn't regret allowing his kids to go out of hiding; I'll do it for the children, they will not be blamed for their ancestors' actions!"

"But he's-"

"Corner, now!" Tifa stomped her foot, creating an indentation on the floor.

Cloud did not wish to be in the receiving end of Tifa's rage any longer, so regardless of how ridiculous he felt, he walked to a corner and stood there, facing the wall.

Kadaj smiled happily, big brother black sheep got a time out, that will teach him to pick on him. The remnant found himself torn between Marlene and Tifa despite being so sure earlier. Yazoo still liked Marlene and Loz liked Tifa, so regardless of who Kadaj picked, he would be taking the love of one of his brothers away. For now he let things be and went with the flow, he would decide what to do later.

xoxox xox xoxox

"We'll find him real soon, any minute now, I'm sure we will," Reno kept reassuring the remnants as they sped around the city, searching for the missing silver haired boy. If there was another unnatural storm, Reno would head for the area where it was worse, then surely he would find Kadaj, but for the moment being he drove around searching.

The speed didn't affect the boys' senses, Reno knew it wouldn't. The blur of colors out the windows as Reno drove recklessly, were perfectly clear for the silver aired boys. "I don't see him," Yazoo began to feel unsure.

"Me either," Loz was often the first to start crying and he sounded like he was about to.

"It's okay, we'll find him!" Reno's PHS rung and he answered it without even looking at the caller ID. "Is it still green?" He assumed it was news from the other Turks concerning Rufus.

"What is green?" Tifa inquried.

"Rufus' hair, what else? Who is this?" Reno revealed too much information before knowing who he was talking about.

"It's Tifa; I was calling to tell you that Kadaj came here. What's that about Rufus' hair being green? What happened to him?" Rufus was a bit of narcissist and Tifa knew it, everybody knew it. The news of Rufus with green hair made her curious; it must be driving him crazy.

"Are you trying to infiltrate Shinra's communication network in the name of Avalanche? You did not hear that! Just pretend you didn't or I'll have to assassinate you and the city will lose a good bartender."

"I won't tell anyone, just don't leave me like this," Tifa insisted. "You don't just make someone curious and not tell them what it's about, that's mean! Besides, I should remind you that a bartender has the right to deny service to anyone at discretion."

Reno hit the breaks suddenly when thunder crashed on his car, thankfully it wasn't a big one and the car was built like a tank. "Don't cry you two, your brother is safe with Tifa, we're going to get him!" He should have told the remnants about that from the start.

Just as quickly as they lost their composure, they regained it and Yazoo and Loz once again sat quietly and calmly. Yazoo was looking forward to seeing Marlene, who was most likely there with Tifa, and Loz wanted to see Tifa again. He did not suspect about Kadaj's torn feelings between the two girls.

Reno resumed his driving, heading towards the Seventh Heaven, "what was that you were saying about blackmailing your best customer?"

"All I ask is that you tell me about Rufus and his green hair." From the corner, Cloud looked over at Tifa, wondering what kind of strange conversation she was having on her PHS. Perhaps she had called Reno to inform him of Kadaj's location, in which case Cloud wouldn't put it past the redhead to have dyed Rufus' hair green as a joke, though it would be a wonder if it didn't get him fired.

"Alright, alright, but you can't tell anyone, especially not Cloud. Is he listening? If he is, just tell him I dyed Rufus' hair green as a joke, I'm pretty sure anyone would believe that. Tell him Rufus doesn't know I did it and no one can breathe a word about it. Don't tell him the truth," Reno could have used the joke excuse on
Tifa too, but he realized too late that he had once again given away too much information.

"What is the truth?" Tifa grinned with anticipation.

Reno mentally kicked himself and hoped Sephiroth felt it. It was odd, but he was pretty sure Sephiroth himself had somehow made it into his mind. However, he would keep it quiet until he was certain, it could all be due to stress and he wasn't in the mood to be declared insane. "Rufus' family is cursed, I don't know the specifics myself, but it's a curse related to hair. All his ancestors went bald, but Rufus has been taking good care of his hair his whole life. Some stuff fell on it and since his hair is so sensitive, it turned green. It might keep deteriorating until it falls off. He wears this specially formulated gel everyday to protect his hair, a lot of resources go into that research every year to create new more effective ways to make Rufus keep his hair and make it healthy. It's a constant battle for him... but don't tell anyone I told you, Rufus is really sensitive about this!"

"I had no idea..." thus Tifa concluded that there would be no end to the secrets of Shinra. Some new thing that has been there all along but not one from the outside ever knew, would always come out in the open every now and then.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. Thanks to Prisonerksc2-303 for the idea of cursing Rufus hair, poor Rufus and his bald genes. XD
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