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Incident 35

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Incident 35: Differences

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Incident 35: Differences

Reno unwillingly made a sharp turn, 'what's going on?'

'I need a weapon,' Sephiroth's voice answered in his mind.

'So you are there... Sephiroth. Who are you fighting? Wait, let me guess, Strife? Not in my body.'

'You are merely a lost spirit without a vessel, this one is mine now, you are nothing but an annoyance,' Sephiroth argued, though only Reno and Sephiroth could hear each other's voices when they spoke through their thoughts.

'I'm not letting you take over!'

'You have no choice,' Sephiroth's contumaciousness pushed Reno's aside again and took over, gripping the steering wheel and pressing the break to slow down. For someone who could die so easily, or at least easily in comparison to Sephiroth, Reno took too many unnecessary risks.

"I thought our brothers were that way," Yazoo pointed out.

"Our brothers, Kadaj and the traitor, will meet us at Shinra," Sephiroth then took Reno's PHS and called Tifa, ignoring the remnants' confusing at his choice of words.

"Hello?" Tifa greeted, "Oh, wait, Cloud, I'm on the phone. What? Yes, you can leave your corner now, I'm not mad at you. Could you check on the kids? Make sure Kadaj and Denzel didn't get into an argument. Hello? Reno? Sorry about that, what were you saying?"

"Tifa, could you please take Kadaj to Shinra headquarters, something came up and I can't pick him up," Sephiroth requested.

Tifa had to take a moment to look at the name and number displayed on her PHS' screen. This was Reno's PHS she was communicating with and the voice was like Reno's, but the tone was different. Was someone trying to fake Reno's voice? Admittedly he was good at it, but Tifa saw through it. "Who are you really?"

Sephiroth hit the breaks and came to a sudden screeching halt. Had Tifa figured out his identity? Sephiroth's plan was to be reincarnated in Rufus, then he would use Shinra's power to accomplish his goals, while training to become stronger. It took Sephiroth years to create the materia that when ingested would summon his spirit to the body that ate it and if Sephiroth abandoned his current vessel, he didn't know how long it would take him to try again or if he would be able to do so after spending so much energy in this attempt.

All in all, his most promising choice was to stay as he was and make the best of it. Find a way to control Shinra through Reno, train to reach soldier level, kill Cloud, it was all part of the plan. However, if he was discovered early on, it could mean trouble. Sephiroth wanted to have a little spar with Cloud to test his new body, but for that he had to make certain that Cloud was convinced he was Reno, and thus, according to Sephiroth, have no intentions of killing him.

"What do you mean?" Sephiroth wasn't ready for an all out battle yet. If he was discovered...

"You're so polite and you even said please!" Tifa was in disbelief.

Sephiroth was relived, but at the same time annoyed. He took a deep breath and tried to sound natural, "I'm drunk, yo!"

"That explains a lot," Tifa was satisfied with that reasoning and didn't further inquire about his identity, instead answering his initial question. "I can take Kadaj to Shinra, I'll be there soon."

"Thank-I mean, you rock babe, yo!"



"Don't ever get drunk on cheap alcohol again; if you do, I might have to kill you. Don't forget that you owe me some customer loyalty. I always let you try the new merchandise first. And my name is Tifa."

Sephiroth's monotonous, "understood," was the last thing spoken before the conversation ended.

xoxox xox xoxox

"I'm coming!" Cloud announced at the top of his lungs.

"Cloud, be quiet, what will the neighbors think?" Tifa didn't like how vocal Cloud was sometimes, regardless of all the time she spent trying to get him to talk. Instead of whimpering quietly, he had taken to screaming at the top of his lungs when he had a nightmare and the neighbors weren't happy about it. Tifa was mortified hearing them whisper.

Cloud lowered his voice to a slightly quieter than normal volume. "I'm coming with you, I can't let you go to Shinra alone and we can't take Marlene and Denzel, it's too dangerous." The kids were used to staying at the Seventh Heaven by themselves so that was not an issue, they would be safe there once Kadaj was gone, but Tifa would be alone in enemy territory and Cloud couldn't allow that.

"Honestly, you need to stop being so prejudiced. Fine, just this once we'll do things your way, but I'm only agreeing so you can come to Shinra and see that it's different. I hate the old Shinra too, but I've come to learn that everyone makes mistakes and that there should be second chances." After Tifa was done scolding Cloud, they left with Kadaj to take him to Shinra headquarters.

xoxox xox xoxox

At Shinra, Yazoo and Loz were left to wait for the arrival of their brother and quietly complain about the possibility of not seeing Marlene and Tifa, if perchance it was big brother black sheep who brought Kadaj back. Thankfully, they were not upset enough to cry yet.

Sephiroth, still in control of Reno's body, was searching for a weapon. To use a long katana would be too suspicious, but it seemed that Reno's weapon of choice was an electrorod and it was much too short for his liking. Then he hit the jackpot. On the wall of the Turks' weapons storage, the existence of which was absolutely denied to the press and public, there was an electrorod on display, a very long electrorod.

Sephiroth picked up the long electrorod; it was as long as his sword, though it felt heavier. He reasoned that it was probably of a similar weight, maybe even lighter; Reno just didn't train hard enough. Surely the redhead Turk didn't have the skill to handle this particular electrorod, at least in Sephiroth's assumptions, but the soldier did. It was a question of if he could get his new body to move fast enough. Finding a new vessel was next to impossible, he couldn't switch and he wouldn't return to the life stream to prepare the process all over again, thus Sephiroth had to be careful not to injure the one he had.

He swung the long electrorod around, the weight becoming easier to handle with the growing familiarity. He just had to put some extra skill into it, try a little harder. He slashed in the air and stretched his arm, activating the electrorod. The electric surge felt good, it seemed Reno had an affinity towards electricity; the glowing electric sparks were invigorating. Consequently, Sephiroth concluded that this weapon wasn't bad at all, maybe he would test it.

To be Continued

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