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Incident 36

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Incident 36: Impending Tragedies

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Incident 36: Impending Tragedies

At the Shinra headquarters lobby, "Tifa!" Loz ran to Tifa with his arms extended and a big happy smile.

"No Marlene?" Yazoo pouted.

Then Kadaj stood between Tifa and Loz, he wasn't sure who he liked yet, if Tifa or Marlene and until he sorted out his feelings, he wouldn't take any chances allowing his brothers to steal either of them away. Loz collided with Kadaj, knocking him to the floor. Refusing to be on the bottom, Kadaj flipped Loz over.

Thinking it was a game, Yazoo jumped on top of Kadaj, leaving Loz to complain about not being able to hug Tifa with his brothers on top of him, and Kadaj to struggled to push Yazoo under him because if they were going to be in a pile, though he couldn't explain why they would need to be, he would be the one on top.

While Tifa laughed in amusement at the boys' game, Cloud pouted and glared suspiciously, until Reno came running over. "Strife!"

"Hey Reno, tell me the truth about," Cloud could not finish his inquiry, because he was being electrocuted. He didn't expect Reno to attack, so he didn't even try to defend himself. "What are you doing?" Cloud backed away and readied his sword.

"Nothing, my dear friend," that tasted sour, even if it was an act. "I merely wish to test my skills against you in an honorable training combat."

Tifa ignored their antics in favor of watching the boys wrestle to be on top on their little pile and Cloud frowned. "Why are you speaking so formally instead of just saying 'yo Cloud, fight me' or something like that, and if it's honorable training, why did you attack me first without a warning?"

"That is..." because Sephiroth could not resist. "Because I'm such an airhead, yo!"

"Oh, well I suppose that explains it," Cloud nodded in agreement.

'You're making me look bad!' Reno yelled through their mental link, which came from having two souls share a single body.

'Be quiet and don't interfere, go back to sleep," Sephiroth replied in the same way, so only Reno could hear. Then the battle began, while Tifa had a conversation with the newly arrived Rufus in the background, who was wearing a hat.

"Reno, stop playing and deliver the groceries to Healin Lodge, you didn't get the groceries, didn't you? Reno!" Elena, who arrived along with Tseng, Rude and Rufus, did not like being ignored.

With a sharp pull at Reno's his ponytail, Sephiroth's consciousness retreated, leaving Reno in control. "Ow, why did you do that, Elena?"

"Because you were ignoring me, you need to take the groceries to Healin Lodge, I hope you didn't forget the plastic bags and bubble wrap," Elena reminded.

"Where do I get bubble wrap?" While this conversation took place, Cloud pouted, his fight had been interrupted as if it was nothing and now he was being ignored. That was the last time he agreed to spar with Reno.

"I'm pretty sure they must have some in the post office for packages and stuff like that. Go get everything and take it to Healin, we'll take care of the kids," Elena insisted.

"What about Rufus' ha-" Tseng jumped behind Reno and reached over, firmly slapping his hand over the red head's mouth.

Mentioning hair was forbidden at the moment, least they wish to make the president burst into tears, which may upset the deadly remnants. Not to mention that their pay might suffer and Tseng wasn't looking forward to any of those consequences. "Yes, I think the president's hat is very stylish too. In fact, maybe we should all wear hats and since you're going to deliver the groceries to Healin Lodge now, you should stop by a shop and buy hats for all of us."

Reno got the message; Rufus' hair problem must still be unresolved. If he had a gooey, foil wrapped treatment on his head or no hair at all, Reno didn't know and he liked his own hair far too much to dare to ask. Tseng was wise to think of hiding all their hair so as to not create jealousy. Rude's bald head would have to be hidden too, so as to not remind Rufus of his possible future, if it wasn't already a reality.

"Yes, sir, you can count on me!" Reno swiftly left headquarters and headed back to his car, it seemed that Sephiroth had quieted for a while.

Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz, continued their battle, pushing each other down, oblivious to the world. Tseng, Elena and Rude stood around after having safely communicated to Tifa and Cloud without Rufus' knowledge, that they should make no comments about his hat unless they were compliments.

"Alright then, I'll see you later," it seemed the matter discussed by Tifa and Rufus had been settled.

"Yes, we'll be there," Rufus agreed.

The three Turks present had heard it all, but Cloud was too busy spacing out and drowning in self pity to catch what they were talking about. "Tifa, what did you agree on? What do you mean see you later?"

Tifa shook her head, "Cloud, what am I going to do with you? Weren't you listening? Rufus and his family is coming over for dinner, I think it's a wonderful opportunity for all of us to get to know each other and I would be so happy if Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz became close friends with Marlene and Denzel." Tifa loved children too much for her own good and she liked to watch them play together, even if it meant chaos.

As Tifa walked out of Shinra, heading back to the Seventh Heaven to start planning the dinner feast, Cloud followed and complained all the way. "You can't do that, what if they fight?" By then the glass doors of the Shinra lobby had closed behind them and Rufus and the three Turks could no longer hear them. They had not witnessed the chaos in the supermarket and Reno was no there to warn them before the arrangement had been made.

It wasn't until after Tifa and Cloud left, that Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz took time to notice, which made Loz pout and start crying because he didn't even get to talk to his beloved Tifa. Kadaj joined in with cries of double agony, because he was away from both Tifa and Marlene and he couldn't figure out his feelings unless they both spent time with him. Yazoo missed Marlene and started crying as well.

"Don't cry!" Rufus wasn't even sure why they were crying now, completely unaware of his adoptive sons' new crushes. "We're going to have dinner at the Seventh Heaven tonight and I'm sure it will be fun for you and good publicity for me so everybody wins."

The boys immediately stopped crying and smiled happily, surprising Rufus on how easily he was able to calm them this time.

"Let's go back to Healin Lodge," Rufus decided. His head was covered in foil and sticky stuff, hidden by the hat, but he was confident that the treatment would save his precious hair. He was certain that he would be able to attend the dinner looking as handsome as ever, once his hair was healed in a couple of hours. He was sure it would work; it had to, it better.

To be Continued

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