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Incident 37

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Incident 37: A Solution and a Disaster

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Incident 37: A Solution and a Disaster

If Rufus Shinra thought that dinner at the Seventh Heaven was his only worry, he was wrong, very wrong. Rufus, the Turks and the three little remnants were currently at Healin Lodge, where the boys were kept occupied by video games and snacks, though they were not given too many snacks so as to not spoil their appetite for dinner, albeit Tifa was a great cook and they would surely eat plenty either way.

Rufus was confident that when he removed the hair treatment, consisting of sticky stuff covered by foil, his hair would be perfect again, but it wasn't. His hair was green and broken, almost as if it has rusted or rotted, it was like a zombie's hair and that wasn't even the worse part. His hair was no longer on his head, it lay on the tub were it had fallen when Rufus tried to wash off the hair treatment in the shower.

The stylist had warned him that there was a chance that this might fail and he may go bald, but he didn't listen, he didn't want to hear it. "No!" Rufus' scream of agony echoed all over Healin Lodge and beyond, frightening the remnants, who immediately started crying.

"Stay with them," Tseng ordered as he rushed to find out if someone had broken in and was trying to assassinate Rufus. The Turk Leader knocked on the bathroom door, "president, what's happening?" There were nothing but quiet sobs. "President? I'm coming in."

"Don't!" Rufus yelled from inside, "just stay away, I'm not coming out, I'm never coming out!"

"Sir, you can't stay in that bathroom forever. The remnants are frightened, please come out and reassured them," Tseng tried to reason with him.

"Bring them to the door, I'll talk to them," Rufus agreed between sobs.

The Turks brought the boys over and they stood in from of the door, wondering why their father wouldn't come out. "Daddy?" Kadaj called, "are you there?"

"Yes, I'm here, I will be staying here for a while so be good and don't cause trouble..." Rufus' started crying loudly.

"Is daddy hurt?" Loz began to cry as well, soon to be joined by his brothers.

"Enough!" Rufus yelled in a sudden fury. He exited the bathroom wearing his normal clothes plus the hat that covered his lack of hair, "I can't take this anymore, if not because of what happened, my hair would still be..." Rufus clenched his fists and glared, "I want revenge!" Then he ran out of Healin Lodge and took off on the helicopter before anyone could stop him.

xoxox xox xoxox

By the time the Turks caught up to Rufus, taking the remnants along since they couldn't very well leave them alone, the grieving young president had gone to the deepest laboratory of Shinra Headquarters and entered an anti-radiation clean room, against the insistence of the scientists, threatening to fire whoever tried to stop him.

Tseng stood behind the glass of the room were Rufus was furiously demanding that a scientist entered a code into a machine. It was a strange looking pod, much like the one where Jenova was kept before, this one needed a password to open.

The scared scientist complied and ran out of the room. "Please stop this!" Tseng went in to get Rufus.

"Stay back!" Rufus took the Jenova flower from inside the pod; that was the thing that started this whole mess. He had sent it to the laboratory to keep under strict observation.

Tseng jumped back, "be careful with that, we don't know what it could do!"

"Mother!" The three remnants cheered, seeing the flower. It had come from Jenova's very last cell after it was planted to feed off the planet.

"This is how it all started and now my hair is..." tears rolled down Rufus' face, "gone..."

"It's not so bad," Rude approached and tried to be supportive.

Rufus removed his hat and the Turks gasped. "Bald doesn't work for everyone," Reno stupidly commented.

"Shut up, you're offending him," Elena scolded. "It's okay president, I think you look... er... very handsome, really." It cost Elena a great effort to tell such a big lie.

"I look terrible!" Rufus cried, then the flower he held started to glow a strong light surrounding him, everyone had to look away from the brightness. Finally, when the flower stopped glowing, Rufus' hair had returned, it was far longer, going all the way to his ankles in a brilliant platinum gold, much more beautiful than the hair he had before. His new hair was strong, healthy and did not need detailed special care to remain shiny and soft. "What happened?"

The Turks were in awe and they did not know how to answer Rufus' question. Reno's consciousness was pushed aside by Sephiroth, he was upset. "Mother! Why do you waste mother's power this way?"

Rufus and the other Turks stared at him, "mother?" they repeated in unison.

"Is that you big brother? I knew I sensed your energy, it is you!" Kadaj hugged Reno.

"Big brother," Yazoo curiously inquired, "how come you possessed uncle Reno, what happened to your body?"

"I knew it, big brother Sephy didn't recover from his fight with big brother black sheep," Loz cried because his older brothers didn't get along, "poor Sephy."

"Don't worry; we won't let black sheep pick on you again!" Kadaj assured.

"Be quiet you fool!" Sephiroth yelled and the remnants cried.

"You're being mean too, both our big brothers are mean!" Loz wailed.

Yazoo sniffled, "uncle Reno was nicer."

Kadaj sobbed, "bring uncle Reno back, you mean big brother!"

"Traitors!" Sephiroth roared.

'They like me best!' Reno sounded victorious, speaking through their mental link.

"Reno is Sephiroth?" Rufus was shocked, "when did this happen?"

"I'm not sure," Tseng admitted.

"I am Reno and no one else," Sephiroth tried to convince them.

"Nu-uh, you're big brother Sephy!" Kadaj insisted, "I can feel it."

"Me too!" "Me three!" Yazoo and Loz agreed.

Sephiroth, still in Reno's body, pushed the remnants away and ran.

"After him!" Tseng commanded.

"Wait!" Rufus stopped them, "we have to go to dinner at the Seventh Heaven; it will be bad publicity if we don't."

"But sir, it looks like Sephiroth is in control of Reno's body, he may cause trouble!" Tseng insisted.

"Yes, I know, it would be bad if Shinra get blamed for it, but if we can prove it was Sephiroth and not Reno, then everything will be fine," Rufus decided. "Besides, I'm hungry and want to go show off my new hair. Let's go, we'll just tell them that Reno couldn't attend. Just one question, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz, can you tell me if Reno's mind is still in his body?"

The three silver haired boys nodded, "uncle Reno is there too, they must be fighting for control," Kadaj explained.

"Then we'll just have to count on him to keep Sephiroth out of trouble until we can do something about this," Rufus concluded. "Don't worry boys, your uncle Reno will be fine. Dry your tears; it's time to go have a delicious dinner."

The three little remnants nodded and decided to trust that their uncle Reno would be alright. The storm caused by their crying stopped and the group headed out towards the Seventh Heaven.

To be Continued

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