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Incident 38

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Incident 38: Dinner

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Incident 38: Dinner

As the helicopter approached the Seventh Heaven, Rufus instructed his children not to tell anyone there about what happened to Reno. "It's not lying, it's simply not saying something that will only make people worry," Rufus explained.

The three silver haired boys looked unsure and Kadaj asked, "is there something to worry about?"

"No, of course not!" Rufus quickly assured. "It's just that Tifa, Cloud and the others worry very easily and we don't want that, right?"

The remnants nodded, it would be mean to make someone worry for no reason, though Loz was already worried about something else. "What if big brother black sheep is mean to us?"

"I'll make sure he's not," Rufus was in too much of an optimistic mood thanks to his new hair to seriously worry about anything. The real problem was solved from his point of view and all that was left were only small difficulties.

xoxox xox xoxox

The sound of the helicopter piloted by Rude, announced the arrival of the Shinra family and the Turks. "They're here, be on your best behavior Cloud," Tifa warned.

Cloud only frowned and nodded in response. When the door was opened, casual greetings were exchanged, as if this was a situation of two long time friend families meeting for a nice quiet dinner.

Then Yazoo jumped forward, "Marlene!" His arms were extended, a big smile on his face, but before he could hug his beloved, Kadaj pulled him back by the hair.

Kadaj then stepped forward, "hi Marlene," he smiled, then from the corner of his eyes he saw Loz talking to Tifa and Tifa was patting him on the head, that was unacceptable.

Kadaj immediately went over and pulled Loz's ear, though the act did not go unnoticed by Tifa. "That wasn't very nice, Kadaj."

"He was mean to me too," Yazoo frowned.

Rufus did not like where this was going, "boys, don't fight, no more hair or ear pulling."

"Speaking of hair," Cloud started out casual, though Tifa elbowed him. At least Marlene and Denzel knew that they shouldn't stare and certainly not comment, even if that was secretly exactly what Rufus wanted, for everyone to notice admire his hair.

Tifa tried to sound natural, pretending she didn't just knock the air out of Cloud, "I made some angel hair spaghetti," it was lucky that she had, thus being able to easily guide the conversation to the peaceful topic of food.

"That sounds great," Rufus agreed.

He was going to steer the conversation back to his hair, but Tifa spoke first. "Where's Reno?" If the redhead was missing he was usually either plotting or carrying out a plot. His presence often brought chaos, but not seeing him was also a reason for concern.

"Something came up and he couldn't be here," Rufus replied as calmly as can be.

Though Rufus looked serene, Tifa didn't like this and neither did Cloud. "What happened?" The delivery boy directly asked and this time Tifa didn't complain.

"It's nothing to worry about," Tseng avoided the subject, he then took a deep breath, "the food smells delicious," if the scent could reach the front of the building or not was irrelevant. "Doesn't it?"

Elena caught the hint, "oh yes, it smells wonderful!"

Rude quietly nodded in agreement, while Rufus pouted because no one had complimented his hair. Next it was Tifa's turn to catch the hint about the food and lead everyone to be seated at the table.

"I want to sit next to Marlene," Yazoo announced.

"Me too," added Kadaj.

"I want to sit next to Tifa," Loz requested.

"Me too," Kadaj again.

"Alright Kadaj, you can sit between Marlene and I, and Yazoo and Loz can sit on either side," Tifa resolved. Thus Loz sat to her right and Kadaj to her left, then there was Marlene, on Marlene's other side Yazoo, next to him Denzel giving Yazoo and Kadaj suspicious looks, much like Cloud was giving Kadaj and Loz suspicious looks, sitting next to the latter.

Rude was seated next to Cloud, forming a silent barrier between the delivery boy and the president, Tseng and Elena sat next to each other and Rufus between Tseng and Rude.

The spaghetti was served along with meatballs and sauce, Rufus, the Turks and Tifa eat it easily and politely, while the children made a mess, save for Marlene, who was a bit more skilled at table manners than the boys. Cloud had sauce all over his face, as did Denzel, Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz. Had Reno been there, no doubt would he be in the same state or worse.

Unable to resist any longer, Rufus finally commented, "I was thinking about getting a new haircut..."

Sensing it was alright after all to talk about his unusually long hair, Tifa casually replied, "your hair has really grown, hasn't it?"

"Really? I hardly noticed, but it is getting long," Rufus was pleased that he was finally the center of the conversation.

"Isn't that just a wig," Cloud received a glare from Tifa, as well as a kick under the table, "ow!"

"It is not a wig," Rufus gently tugged on his hair, "it's real, you can come and see for yourself."

"It has to be a wig," Cloud's curiosity got the best of him and he did get up and went to take a closer look at Rufus' hair. "It's a very realistic wig..." he investigated the hair some more, "no way, he was telling the truth, it really isn't a wig, it's some sort of super long hair implant!"

"It's not an implant!" Rufus nearly yelled, "this is my natural hair, it grew on my head and that's all there is to it!"

"But why is it so long?" Cloud insisted, ignoring Tifa's disapproving glares.

"Why are your eyes so shiny," Rufus retorted.

Then Cloud jumped to a conclusion, "it's mako! I thought it was odd that your hair was so shiny and long, it's mako enhanced hair! Is Rude planning to get whatever treatment this is too?"

"Cloud, that's enough!" Tifa scolded, "if you're not nice I'll send you to your room."

"Big brother black sheep is being mean to daddy and uncle Rude?" Yazoo frowned.

"He's so mean," Loz looked like he was about to cry.

Kadaj had enough; he picked up a large meatball and threw it at Cloud, hitting him right in the nose. Yazoo and Loz followed his example and threw food at Cloud as well.

"Stop that!" Cloud returned fire, but the food fell on Tifa who suddenly got up to try to calm the boys.

"Cloud Strife!" Tifa growled.

"I'm sorry!" Cloud backed away.

"Go to your room!" Tifa commanded and Cloud scurried away in a hurry. "Excuse me for a moment; I need to get cleaned up. Please continue with dinner," Tifa left.

"I told you to behave!" Rufus scolded.

"Big brother black sheep was being mean!" Kadaj argued.

"We wanted to save you from him," Yazoo explained.

"You protect us and keep us safe so we wanted to keep you safe too," Loz added.

Fearing another storm of cries, Rufus decided it was best to go easy on them, "I understand, just don't throw any more food and don't worry about me, I can take care of myself. Besides, I have the Turks to take bullets for me, or food, make sure you three shield me and my hair if Strife breaks out of his punishment and comes back with a vengeance."

Not too eager, the Turks muttered, "yes, sir."

To be Continued

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