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Incident 39

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Incident 39: Dessert

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Incident 39: Dessert

Dinner gave way to dessert at the Seventh Heaven and Cloud was missing out in his room. The remnants were happily eating their ice-cream, savoring it, as were all others present, though in a far less messy fashion. Then the unexpected happened, Reno arrived, letting himself in and cheerfully greeting, "yo!"

Tifa didn't seem particularly surprised that Reno would just come in; he did that often, though she had warned him he better pay for all the things he ate because she would know what was missing. "Hi Reno, we just finished dinner, are you hungry?"

The other Turks and Rufus stared at the red head, while the remnants cheered, "uncle Reno!"

"Just give me a double dessert, that's the best part anyway!" Reno was being Reno, which caught Rufus, Elena, Tseng and Rude by surprise. They looked at each other perplexed; then turned their scrutinizing gazes towards Reno.

"I thought you would say that," Tifa showed no signs of surprise and certainly none of alarm as she fetched an extra chair, which Tseng so kindly offered to get instead, positioning it between himself and Elena, while Tifa disappeared into the kitchen.

Reno sat down between Tseng and Elena, who stared at him suspiciously. "I kind of feel like the third wheel sitting between you two," he tried to get up, but Tseng and Elena pushed him down. "Relax," Reno whispered, "Sephiroth and I have a deal. I started thinking things that he insisted were too much information and he caved in."

"That's cruel, dishonest and possibly disgusting," Elena hissed.

"Well done," Tseng commended, receiving an indignant look from Elena, "I mean for getting Sephiroth under control with a secret technique that I trust will remain a secret," Tseng gave Reno a warning look and the red head nodded vigorously.

Tifa returned with Reno's ice-cream and dessert was resumed; she felt sorry for Cloud and called him to return. When he came back, Reno's eyes glowed as soon as he looked at Cloud. Their glares were locked on each other, Cloud was not happy to see Reno there. "What are you plotting?" The delivery boy growled.

The glow in Reno's eyes dimmed until it was gone completely and his expression changed drastically from an aura of killing intent, to carefree. "I'm just enjoying the yummy dessert Tifa was so nice to give me."

"Cloud, is there a problem?" Tifa scolded warningly.

Cloud decided to drop the subject for the time being, but he never stopped watching Reno from the corner of his eyes, "no Tifa, no problem."

When Tifa wasn't looking, the remnants took turns making mocking faces at Cloud, causing Rufus to try to discretely get them to stop without saying anything aloud, but the three boys could not, or didn't even try, to read his expression and gestures.

After dessert was done, the entire group sat in the living room, attempting to make conversation, or rather Tifa tried to start a conversation and everyone else shifted uncomfortably and glared around like hunters ready to pounce on their prey.

"So... the boys called Cloud big brother black sheep?" Tifa was starting down a dangerous road. "I think it's adorable."

"I think it's suspicious," Cloud voiced and Tifa glared, she would have elbowed him if he was within reach, but she was currently sitting between Loz and Kadaj again. Loz, Tifa, Kadaj, Marlene, Yazoo and Denzel were crowded on the long couch, in that order. Tseng and Elena were squeezed into a single, rather small, recliner, comfortably cuddled up despite the abundant witnesses.

That left Cloud, Rufus, Rude and Reno on the smaller couch, which was only made to hold two people spaciously and three comfortably. "Yes, they seem quite fond of Cloud," Rufus tried to hide his discomfort as he tugged his long hair away from Cloud who had sat on it, much to Rufus' annoyance.

Yazoo fought to hold back tears; Denzel had been discreetly pulling his hair when he tried to cuddle closer to Marlene. Loz was dozing off resting against Tifa and Kadaj was plotting to protect his beloveds, because he was still torn between Marlene and Tifa, from the big bully that was big brother black sheep. He thought about how Tifa had made Cloud go to his room earlier and she wasn't even his mother, surely their father, could punish him worse. Rufus was married to Jenova now, though the celebration had not taken place, which was another thing that Kadaj looked forward to, whenever that was going to happen; consequently that did make Rufus black sheep's father as well.

Kadaj took one last look as Tifa and Marlene each before slipping out of the couch and crawling over to Cloud. Everyone noticed him, but they let him be as he climbed on Cloud's lap, much to the delivery boy's dismay. Cloud sent a distressed look to Tifa, who seemed to silently warn him to be nice. The little silver haired terror, sat there waiting for the right moment to strike.

Suddenly, Yazoo couldn't take it anymore and began to cry, but before he could wail, Kadaj screamed at the top of his lungs, making all eyes go to him. Thunder crashed and rain started falling, caused by Yazoo's quiet sobbing, but everyone was looking at Kadaj.

Those who knew of the link between the boys and the weather immediately assumed it was Kadaj's doing, which gave absolute credibility to his accusation. "Big brother black sheep pulled my hair! I just wanted to be friends with him but he hates me!" The boy ran to his father with false cries.

"Cloud Strife!" Tifa scolded with fury, her loud and angry voice waking Loz, who was still disoriented with sleep.

All Loz knew was that Tifa was upset and it was big brother black sheep who had upset her. He pointed and cried, "big brother black sheep is mean," which went very well with Kadaj's act.

It didn't help that Cloud had previously sat on Rufus' precious hair, the president was furious. Clearly, Cloud was a danger to the entire planet without knowing it if he continued to upset the remnants. "Ground big brother black sheep!" Kadaj cried.

Rufus panicked and acted rashly, "Cloud Strife, I'm establishing a blockade on your delivery service."

Cloud gasped, "you can't!"

"The Turks can," Rufus argued, "come on everyone, we're leaving."

Tifa was in shock, Cloud needed to make deliveries, he was enough of a hobo as it was, but foiling his deliveries was something she knew the Turks could do, either by getting in his way or threatening the possible customers. Tifa had to fix it, so she thought fast and decided that the boys' attachment to herself and Marlene would be the key to earning their cooperation and in turn Rufus'. "We'll come see them, if you don't mind Rufus, Marlene and I would like to spend more time with the boys."

Cloud grew even more upset, however, hearing this, Kadaj ceased his fake agony and both Loz and Yazoo stopped their real crying. Interpreting it in their own way, the remnants understood that Tifa and Marlene would move in with them.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. Special thanks to demonlifehealer, for the idea of Cloud as Rufus' son and to Emily Le Fat for the idea of Tifa and Marlene visiting/moving with the remnants.
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