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Incident 40

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Incident 40: Visit

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Incident 40: Visit

The days passed and Cloud complained non-stop about the lack of customers for his delivery service. He never had many, but now he didn't have any. Reeve, his most frequent customer, kept making up excuses about not needing anything to be delivered. Okay, so it was probably true, but in the past Reeve had often gone out of his way to create the necessity for deliveries to be made and now he had stopped. Maybe it was the smart thing to do economically speaking, but that wasn't the point. The point was Shinra had influenced his choice and Cloud knew it. "Stupid jerk and his stupid monopoly!"

"Cloud, I don't think insulting Rufus Shinra is going to work," Tifa pointed out as calmly as possible. One could only listen to Cloud's complaints for so many hours in a row before becoming irritated.

"You're right Tifa, it's not. I'm going to march right up to Healin Lodge, literally because I can't afford gas right now and Fenrir ran out, and heads will roll!"

Tifa shook her head, "I'm happy that you're not keeping your emotions bottled up anymore, I really am, but burning fury isn't that much better than pathetic depression. I already called Rufus and he said it was okay for Marlene and I to visit, it sounded like Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz missed us."

The news didn't go well with Cloud, "that's another thing! It's a trap, those boys are spawns of Sephiroth," Cloud threw his arms in the air in exaggerated dramatics. "I wouldn't be surprised if what Rufus and his Turks are really planning is to use you and Marlene as fair maiden sacrifices in a strange ritual that will fuse those three boys into a fully grown Sephiroth!"

"You've been reading too many comics," before Cloud could reply, Tifa raised her hand in silence, "no more, this argument is over and Marlene and I will go to Healin Lodge."

xoxox xox xoxox

Said and done Tifa and Marlene departed for Healin Lodge, leaving a pouting Denzel in charge. "Make sure Cloud doesn't get into trouble."

"Why do you have to go? Cloud told me what he thinks will happen, the story about the sacrifice might be true!" Denzel worried.

Tifa gave Cloud a disapproving look, "don't talk Denzel into believing your silly theories!" Then she turned back to Denzel, "we'll be fine, I promise, we'll be back by tonight."

xoxox xox xoxox

Upon Tifa and Marlene's arrival at Healin Lodge, the remnants ran to them. Loz ran to hug Tifa and Yazoo ran to hug Marlene. Kadaj ran around in circles, torn between the two. He then settled for pushing his brothers out of the way and hugging them both.

"They're such adorable children," Tifa sweetly commented.

"Yes they are..." Rufus still had his ridiculously long hair, shiny and beautiful, albeit he was starting to consider getting a haircut. As much as he loved his new hair, it was just too long, it got stepped on, tangled up on everything and it took ages to wash it and even longer to dry it. However, the dark circles under his eyes were not due to the extra time he spent caring for his hair, but rather because of the remnants and their nightmares.

"Crazy weather we've been having, huh?" Tifa casually commented, unaware of the true origin of the strange weather changes.

"Awful," Rufus felt his head hurting just remembering it. The remnants would have a nightmare, all three of them at once, wake up screaming and crying, making the land shake, thunder crash, rain pour and wind blow. They would run to Rufus' room and refuse to leave, thinking that he could only protect them if he was close. Then the remnants would finally go to sleep, but Rufus would not. He would try to sleep, only to be woken by a hand slapping his face, a foot kicking his stomach, a head using him as a pillow and so on.

"You look tired," Tifa noticed, though it was hard to miss.

Rufus yawned, "how observant."

"And cranky," Tifa added.

Rufus would have replied, but he couldn't, because he fell asleep on his feet. He fell backwards to be caught by Tseng, the Turks were standing around Rufus, two on each side as they often did. "Rude, take care of the president," the leader passed the sleeping blond to the man who never removed his sunglasses, even indoors.

Rude wordlessly took Rufus away, accidentally stepping on his hair and nearly tripping. Rufus felt his hair being pulled and woke up with a yelp. "It was only a nightmare, go back to sleep," Elena urged. As exhausted as he was, Rufus did. Elena gathered his hair and helped keep it out of the way, moving along with Rude as they transported Rufus to his room.

"Can we go play now," Kadaj impatiently asked.

Marlene smiled with practiced charm, she was well aware of Tifa's plans. "That's why we're here."

xoxox xox xoxox

Video games were the order of the day; as everyone knows that's the best kind of game. Reno was Reno and joined in to play, while the other Turks kept an eye on the general situation. Sephiroth had not appeared for days, but every now and then there would be a suspicious glow in Reno's eyes. If Sephiroth was able to overcome whatever trauma Reno's unknown thoughts inflicted on him, or most likely became too insane to care, there would be big trouble.

Overall the day passed calmly, games were played, fast food and sweets were eaten and the sun sank in the horizon. The time came for Tifa and Marlene to leave and the crying began along with the bad weather. "Don't leave! You're supposed to move in with us!" Kadaj clung to both Marlene and Tifa, while his brothers held on to each one respectively.

Tseng looked at Elena and Rude as if searching for answers, Rufus was still sleeping like a rock and Reno was Reno, his ideas were often best avoided. Finally, Tseng spoke, "why don't you stay here to wait out the bad weather, it would be dangerous to go out like that," it was only a temporary solution, but it was all he could think of.

"You're right..." Tifa admitted, "we'll stay until the weather clears up." The boys stopped crying and the skies were clear once more. "That was fast, we'll it was fun today, but we have to go. We can't move in here."

A chorus of "don't go!" came from the three silver haired boys and the weather went crazy again.

"I guess we're staying for a while longer," Marlene concluded and the good weather returned.

"Or not?" With Tifa's words, more cries came and more bad weather. "That's it, we're staying; it really does look dangerous out there." Fortunately, Healin Lodge had enough extra rooms, not that they would be needed, because no one sleeps in a sleepover anyway, they just stay up all night playing video games.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. Thanks to Kaarina Helvete for pointing out the long time it must take to wash Rufus' new hair.
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