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When These Open Doors Are Open-Ended

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Movie date!

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Okay, I know it’s been FOREVER since I’ve updated this and I'm really sorry about that. There was a mixture of laziness/major writer’s block. I had a really tough time deciding on a movie, and then writing about the movie that I did finally pick. So I skipped around on that part, but I really hope you guys still like this story and I hope you don’t feel ripped of a chapter since it kinda sucks IMO.

Friday came rolling around quicker than I thought it would. I wasn’t complaining because I was going on a movie date with Patrick, but I was getting a tad nervous. We went right to Patrick’s house after school. I realized I didn’t have any clothes of my own to wear tonight and I still haven’t met Patrick’s sister, maybe I could finally meet her and she could help me find something to wear. Or she could be bitchy. Doubt that though, if she’s been letting me borrow her clothes up until now without ever meeting me, then she can’t be that bad.

I went down the hall to her room, I was pretty sure she was home. I knocked on her door and waited for a response. The door opened, and I'm guessing that the pretty girl who stood behind it was Patrick’s sister.

“Hi.” She said.

“Hey,” I said back. I didn’t really know what else to say to someone who’s house I’ve been staying in for almost a week and haven’t even bothered to say hi to them yet. Oh yeah, and you can’t forget how I’ve been borrowing her clothes too.

“Oh! Are you Elly? I'm Amanda, Patrick’s sister.”

“Yeah, I know, thanks for letting me borrow your clothes all week.” I smiled, “Would you mind letting me borrow some more tonight? Patrick and I are going to a movie tonight.”

“Oh sure! Come in,” She said and opened her door wider. I stepped into her room and followed her over to her closet. “So are you and Patrick an item now?” She asked and faced towards me grinning.

“I think so,” I said “This’ll be our first date together.”

“Aw, sweet.” She pushed through her clothes, “Ohhh, how about this?” She asked holding up a dark green halter top that wasn’t too dressy, but not real casual either. She hung it up on a chair and went to her dresser, “And how about these for bottoms?” She asked taking out a pair of dark navy washed skinny jeans.

“Cute! Thank you so much!” I ran over to her and hugged her.

“No problem,” She said, laughing. “C’mon, go get dressed and then I'll do your hair for you.”

“Really?” I asked, I didn’t have any sisters of my own and my mom sure as hell never offered to do my hair for me.

“Of course! Now go!” She said shooing me out the door and towards the bathroom with the clothes.

I washed my face & brushed my teeth, then got dressed and headed back towards Amanda’s room.

“You look so pretty!” She said when I walked in her room.

“Thanks.” I said.

“Okay, now let’s do your hair. What do you think about waves? I'm sure your hair would look really pretty with waves.”

“Okay.” I agreed and she got to work on my hair.

When she was done, I was amazed at how different I looked. I had never put waves or curls in my hair before, at least not like this.

“Wow, it looks great!” I smiled as I looked in the mirror. “Thank you so much.”

“Any time, I’ve never had a sister to do this kind of stuff with, just two dumbass brothers.” She said and we both laughed. “We’ll have to hang out more sometime.”

“Yeah, I'd like that.” I said and then went downstairs where Patrick was sitting on the couch. “Hey, ready?” I asked and he turned around.

“Yeah,” He said and stared at me, “Wow, you look really pretty.”

“Thanks.” I said and we went out to his car.

It didn’t take us long to get to the movie theater at all. Once we were there, we got the tickets and then went inside to get some popcorn and soda. Then Patrick handed the guy our tickets and he directed us to our theater. We ran up to the top row and stole the center seats, just like the little immature kids we were. Soon the lights dimmed and the previews started to play, then after a few more minutes all the lights went off and the movie started.

I knew the movie was supposed to be scary, and despite how brave I tried to act, I knew my fear showed. I was a wimp when it came to horror flicks, well most of them anyways. Especially gory ones.

*There was a guy in the house chasing around the girl with an ax. Ax’s scared the hell out of me as well as any other sharp objects. I was more scared for the little boy’s life than the girl’s, especially when the little boy and guy were running around through the garden maze. I hid my face in the space between Patrick’s neck and shoulder and he had his arm wrapped around my back, holding me close.

I cracked open my eyes to see what was happening. The little boy was out of the maze now and the lady had killed the guy. I was happy that no one else died, after the guy who was trying to save the little boy and his mom died, I wasn’t sure I could handle any more deaths besides the only other person who was deserving of it.

The movie ended and the lights came back on as the credits rolled.

“What did you think of the movie?” Patrick asked me as we stood up.

“It was good, but I'm not really a fan of scary movies in case you couldn’t tell.” I smiled.

“Yeah I noticed that.” He laughed.

We made our way out of the theater and went outside to his car. The ride was pretty quiet on the way back to Patrick’s house, it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence though. When we pulled up into his driveway he turned off the car and came around to open the door for me. He held his hand out and I took it and stepped out as he pulled me into his arms. We stared into each others eyes for awhile and just smiled at each other, letting gravity pull our faces closer together. Soon our lips met and I swear I felt fireworks. It wasn’t an intense kiss, just a sweet innocent one on the lips, but after our faces separated, I felt like my life was complete. I had never had a kiss like that before from any of my past boyfriends, it was just simply amazing.

I wrapped my arm around his back and he put his over my shoulder as we walked towards his front door. He opened the door and the two of us went upstairs and into his room to get ready for bed. I went into the bathroom and changed out of Amanda’s clothes and into her PJ’s, brushed my teeth and hair, then returned to Patrick’s room. We slid under the covers and snuggled close together like we did every other night, except this time before we drifted asleep we kissed one another again.

Yeah, this night couldn’t have been more perfect.

*Movie was loosely based on The Shining. Definitely not from 2001, but I honestly didn’t even plan to write it like that. Just love that movie so much lol. Hope you liked the chapter!
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