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Hey Chris, You Were Our Only Friend

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Breakfast, house parties, kissing, you know the usual.

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I opened my eyes and was facing Patrick's chest. I looked at his face to see if he was awake and saw him looking at me, smiling.

"Morning." He said.

"Good morning." I replied, smiling.

"How did you sleep?" He asked me.

"Good, and yourself?"

"Great." He said.

"What time is it?" I asked and he looked over to the clock on the side table.


"Oh." I said and then sniffed the air, "Do I smell pancakes?"

"Probably," He chuckled, "Mom always makes breakfast on Saturday mornings."

"Sounds yummy."

“Yeah, she makes them with chocolate chips.”

“Then what are we doing laying here? Let’s go get some!” I said and jumped out of bed. Patrick got up too and we went down to the kitchen and sat at the table.

“Good morning, kids.” Mrs. Stump greeted us, “How’d you sleep?”

“Good,” Both of us said.

“That’s good, did you have a good time at the movies last night?” She asked. I was surprised about how cool she was with us sleeping in the same bed and dating. Most parents disapprove of co-ed sleepovers, well at least the ones I know.

“Yes,” Patrick said, “Are the pancakes almost done?”

“Yes they are,” Mrs. Stump laughed, “How many do you guys want?”

“I'll just have one for now.” I said.

“Me too.” Patrick said, “Do you want something to drink, Elly?”

“Please.” I said.

“Is orange juice good?”

“Yes.” I said and he poured two glasses and set them on the table. Then Mrs. Stump put plates with chocolate chip pancakes on them in front of each of us. We ate and then spent the rest of day laying on the couch watching TV.

Patrick was flicking through the channels and I started to wonder if I should go back to my time soon. I’ve been here almost a week, what could everybody back in 2009 possibly be thinking? That I just disappeared off the face of the earth? Does anyone even care? Someone must, right? All these questions were going through my head, but none would be answered until action was taken. I didn’t want to leave this year, but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t starting to miss my family just a little bit. If I went back, then everything would be different. I'd still be me, but would I remember? Would Patrick remember? Probably not.

“Hey, are you okay? You’re being really quiet.” Patrick said and I looked over at him.

“Yeah, just thinking.”

“Oh, okay.” He nodded. I leaned my head on his shoulder and we stared mindlessly at the television. If I went back, then I wouldn’t get to spend time with him anymore. The telephone started to ring. “I'll be right back,” he said and got up to answer it. A few minutes later he came back with a big smile on his face. “Feel like coming to see us play tonight?” He asked.

“Of course!” I said. We got ready and then drove over to Joe’s house. They had been practicing all week, and they were getting better, but they only had like two songs of their own that they could play well and three cover songs. They had to start somewhere though, right? We got to Joe’s house and I watched them practice for awhile since it was still early enough in the day to get some practice time in. They were going to be playing at a house party tonight. Some kid they called “Hey Chris”.

As it got later, we started to pack up Joe’s mom’s van with all their instruments and equipment. The drive wasn’t very long from Joe’s house to Chris’s. Soon we got there and I helped unload everything and set up. They didn’t start playing though since there was hardly anyone there yet. But soon people did start to arrive and the party got started quickly.

About 30 minutes after the house started to fill up, the guys went on. They played their songs and did their thing. It was amazing how well they played. I couldn’t help but notice how nervous Patrick was and wondered why, then remembered that this was the first time they had played in front of an audience. It was still very awesome to watch them though. Everybody was very into the music, even though no one knew the words to any of the songs yet. But most everyone knew the cover songs they did, so some people were singing along to those ones.

After they were done, I went to go see them.

“Hey, you did really good.” I said as I walked up to Patrick.

“Thanks.” He said. I was surprised at how sweaty he was, they weren’t up there that long. I decided not to tell him that though, since he probably already knew. He was shaking also.

“Nervous?” I giggled.

“Yeah, just a little.” He said, “Want to go outside?”

“Sure,” I smiled and we walked outside. As soon as we got outside it was quieter and it was cooler. There was a nice night time breeze and it felt so nice after being stuffed in a room with too many people in it. We walked around and I felt Patrick slip his fingers between mine, lacing our hands. I rested my head on his shoulder, despite the sweatiness of either of us. I looked up at the sky and it was a full moon tonight. The sky was so clear too, you could see the stars and it was really pretty out. I faced Patrick and before I knew it, gravity was doing it’s thing again and our lips met. He licked my bottom lip and what was once an innocent kiss turned into our own make out session. When our faces pulled apart, I was feeling absolutely amazing. That was the best kiss I had ever gotten.

“Hey, lovebirds! Come on, we’re leaving soon.” We turned and saw Pete standing there, grinning.

“How long have you been there?” I asked.

“Long enough to see you two swap spit, now c’mon or you two are walking!” He said and then left. We followed him and apparently everyone was only waiting for us, since all the equipment was loaded into the van, along with everyone else. We left and before I knew it, the van was pulled up into Patrick’s driveway.

“You don’t want help unloading everything?” Patrick asked.

“Nah, man it’s fine, I'll take care of it.” Joe said, “See you guys later, yeah?”

“Yeah, later.” Patrick said and both of us got out and went inside his house.

End chapter 12. I know this story isn't even close to being canon, but I after awhile I stopped trying to do that lol. Hope my writing isn't getting worse. It was never really good to begin with lol. Hopefully I'll come up with some good ideas for this story soon! I love reviews, jsyk ;)
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