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Meet the sister..

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Third Person

Something was coming, this much Kendall was sure of. As she sat alone on her beautiful white bench, gazing down upon her wondrous garden, a sudden pang of panic errupted in her breast. With a startled gasp she stood up, letting her book fall to the ground. Her breathing sped up as images flooded into her mind, rendering her blind. Trying her hardest not to disturb the many pictures her mind was showing her, she managed to sit back down on the bench. She closed her eyes, as they were no longer useful, and concentrated on everything she was seeing. A strong scent flooded her senses. It smelled of dirt, of blood, and of dog. Werewolf, her mind told her. She stiffened as she saw a brief image of her beloved brother, Frank, being thrown against a brick wall. She saw just enough to understand that Frank was still alive before the images zoomed ahead, showing her now a young girl, speeding away in a black Mercedes. Her brother's car. She knew the girl, had to. She looked so familiar, yet she couldn't place a name. Then sound flooded her ears, and she heard the young girl speaking. "Frank," she sobbed. "Oh dear God, please don't kill him." The vision ended there.

Kendall opened her eyes slowly. Often times, after such a disturbing vision, she would stand up and rush inside, only to fall down because of the overwhelming dizziness that would take over her body. This time, though, she stayed exactly where she was. She couldn't explain why, but as she bent over and gently picked up her book, she got the feeling that something important was going to happen, and it was going to come right to her front door.


That something important happened sooner than she expected.

She was just finishing the last few sentences of her book when she heard a familiar car pull into her gravelled driveway. She hurriedly finished her book and stood up, using her excellent vision to see beyond her garden. It can't be, she thought. But it was. And as she ran through the ocean of red roses and white lillies, she realised exactly what she was seeing. It was Frank's car, all right, but it wasn't Frank. Well of course it wouldn't be Frank, she scolded herself. It was the girl from her vision. And just as she had been only hours before, she was quite shaken up.

Kendall slowed her pace, coming to a halt only a few feet away from the black Mercedes. The girl reached out to her before falling to the ground, shaking in quiet sobs, and Kendall felt compelled to close the distance between them. She crouched down and pulled the girl into her lap, smoothing her hair for reasons unknown to the young vampiress.

"Shh," she whispered. "It's going to be alright." It was all she could say to help. She didn't know what else to do but let the girl sob until she could no longer. That didn't take very long, seeing as she'd cried throughout her entire journey. As Kendall stood back up, pulling the girl to her feet, she frowned and pulled her dirty blond hair up into a pig-tail. It irritated her that she had to look up a little bit at her visitor, but it was soon forgotten. She had to look up to everybody nowadays. But nothing was more irritating than the fact that she still couldn't place a name to the young girl's face. She had the best memory in her entire family. Well, except for Frank. They were at a close tie.

"Are you Frank's sister?" the girl whispered. Kendall nodded. "Frank said to come here. There was an attack at my hou-" Kendall placed a finger over the girls' lips.

"I think you'd better come inside," she said softly. "You never know who could be listening. Come on, this way." Kendall turned around and walked back through her garden, certain that the girl would follow. She heard the beep as Frank's Mercedes was locked, and just barely heard the soft footsteps of her following.

"I'm so sorry to intrude upon you like this," the girl was saying. Kendall rolled her eyes. "It's just-"

"Inside, like I said. Until then, be silent." Both women were silent until the front door was shut and locked behind them, and Kendall had the coffee in the maker. She ushered the girl into the large living room and took a seat on one of the three couches she had. The girl sat down quickly and quietly and took in her surroundings. Kendall leaned back against the back of the couch and breathed in. Then she spoke.

"I know who you are, yet I do not know your name." She opened her eyes and looked at the girl.

"My name is Serena. I'm a friend of Frank's," she said softly. She was having the same difficulty that Kendall was having with placing a name with the face. She, too, recognized Kendall. She didn't quite remember her name until she'd arrived, but she remembered it now. She'd met Kendall once, many many years ago, when she was but a child. Kendall was Frank's older sister, and she'd helped in raising him. Their parents were both powerful clan leaders, and best friends with her own mother and father.

An ache pounded in Serena's chest. What happened to her family last night? Her friends? Her fiance'?

"Fiance'?" Kendall asked. She hadn't meant to pry into Serena's thoughts, but it was just so hard. It'd been a while since she last fed, and her abilities were going haywire. Serena's head snapped up. She didn't realise she'd been looking down at the floor.

"Yes. It was announced last night, right before-" She stopped herself. Kendall had said they'd be better off talking in the house, but was it really safe? The question rang in Kendalls' mind, and she nodded.

"You may speak," was all she said. Serena nodded and proceeded to spill her guts of everything that had happened in the last 24 hours. She left out certain details, like the orphanage and kissing Frank. She didn't feel that it they were something Kendall absolutely needed to know.

Kendall said nothing while Serena explained. When Gerard's name came up, she couldn't contain the urge to growl fiercely, deep down in her throat. Serena stopped once or twice (about every time she said Gerard's name) and Kendall had to nod to get her going again. Finally, it was finished. All was said and Kendall had to think.

"Would you like some coffee?" she asked, standing up. Serena shook her head. Even though it wouldn't kill her to drink something other than blood, she had no stomach for it. Kendall shrugged and walked into the kitchen to get herself a cup of the black death. After making it to her exception, she returned to the living room and resumed sitting.

"I don't want to sound, er, rude or anything, but what exactly are we going to do?" Serena asked, biting her lip. Kendall sipped at her coffee and thought about it.

"Well, I suppose we'll have to wait until my parents get back."

"Where are they? Will it take them long?" Kendall took another sip.

"It may, it may not. They're somewhere over in Europe at the moment. But don't worry," she added when she saw the look on Serena's face. "I'm sure we'll think of something. Now, tell me again what happen-" She dropped her coffee mug and Serena watched as, almost in slow motion, the mug hit the floor and its contents flowed all over the snow white rug.

"Are you al-"

Kendall sucked in a breath as her eyes lolled into the back of her head. Serena recognized the signs this time. It'd been a while since she last saw one happening in front of her. Her mother used to have them frequently, but they'd stopped after she'd turned 16. At first it would freak her out every time her mother's eyes went from a hazelish brown to a striking white, but she'd gotten used to it. She'd had to: every time she screamed, it would knock her mother out of the vision and she'd have headaches for days at a time.

The images were hazy this time. She could barely make out the shape of Frank's body being thrown down into a cold, dark cellar. She couldn't hear anything this time, but she could smell the mustiness of the room. She could also smell the unmistakable stench of wet dog. Gerard... As the thought crossed her mind, the silhouette of a man came into her line of view and kicked Frank in the stomach repeatedly. His screams came as a shock to her ears. She'd never heard him scream like that, not even when she'd accidentally run over his precious kitten when she was but ten, and he eight. Her spirit was torn in two, and her stern wall crumbled down all around her. Tears flowed from her unseeing eyes and cascaded down her cheeks at every yelp and scream and painful moan that came from his mouth. She closed her eyes as the vision ended and fell to her knees on the floor, Frank's screaming still ringing in her ears. Serena, knowing that the vision had ended and that it was now safe to speak and to move freely, ran to her and held her close. She felt bonded to Kendall, though she couldn't explain why.

"Shh," she whispered soothingly as tears began to form in her eyes. "Shh."

Together the two women cried, both for Frank and for whatever was going to happen in the future.

Okay, I realise that I let it get a little sappy at the end.
But it's completely understandable, right?
Sorry this chapter was so short. Everything just kind of started flowing from my fingertips onto the keyboard, and then suddenly it just stopped :)
Hope you enjoyed it!
And Kendall?
I am SO sorry if you're actually a boy. But Kendall is a really cool name for a girl annnnd it fits in with the fic.
Don't eat me, please ;)
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