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When a pack of wolves invade your house, things could get pretty messy..

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Serena's P.O.V

As Frank and I headed back into my house for my parents' announcement, I couldn't help but feel a little..worried, to be honest. Not about the announcement, oh no, just about, well, what if I had been tricked? The man didn't seem like a trickster, but then again werewolves always are. I turned to Frank and pulled him aside into my room. Well, a spare room, but it was still a room.

"Frank, you might be right."


"About the tricking possibility. I think you may be right, but I just.. Oh, I don't know. Do you think they'd follow me here?" My eyes are wide, and I'm trying to keep the fear from showing in my eyes, but I think it showed anyway. I never was very good with keeping things from Frank.

"They're werewolves, correct?"

"Yeah, and they're angry as hell. Well, the older one was. I think his name was Gerard, and the younger was Mi-"

"Wait, Gerard?" he cut me off. I nodded and he growled, something that was almost rare for Frank. "Fuck, this is not good."

"You know him?" I asked, incredulously. I knew Frank had been around, but I had no clue that there was a possibility that he knew a few wolves.

"Yeah, and he is not someone you want to mess with. My cousin, the idiot, you know how he died?" I shook my head, but I had an idea that I really did know how he died. "Gerard smashed his skull in, after he made a smart ass remark about his kind." I shuddered and closed my eyes, and Frank pulled me in for a hug.

"Frank, I don't know what to do. If there's a chance he tracked me here, I-"

"Wait," he said, and he closed his eyes. I knew what he was doing: he was listening. Us vampires, we have the ears of a bat, so to speak. Our hearing reaches out to about a mile. "I don't hear anything, so that's good. Although he may be waiting until you're asleep. Hun, I don't think you should stay here tonight. And I think maybe you should tell your parents. Despite the fact that it's your birthday, and this is supposed to be special and care free."

"Yeah, maybe I should. C'mon, let's go." He wrapped his arm over my shoulders and when we walked in the living room my parents told everyone to hush.

"Selena, would you come here, darling?" my father asked, and I walked over. He pulled me close and hugged me, and I smelled the faint scent of vanilla and cherry tobacoo. I smiled. He kissed my forehead and turned to the crowd of people. "As you all know, this is a very important date for my daughter. Her being my youngest and, if I'm honest, my 'favored' daughter, I've arranged a marriage, since she is now of-age and ready for a man."

My heart was beating faster with every word he was saying. I didn't want to get married, and to a man I probably didn't even know. My father arranged my older sisters' marriage(of course) and he'd turned out to be a complete ass hole. He worked all the time, for my father, and he wouldn't allow her to have kids. She loved kids, my sister. She was always a little jealous that I'd had Shawn, even though it cost me dearly. See, in our clan, if you have a child out of wed-lock you were usually bannished. But because I was favored and youngest of my siblings, my father ignored it(bless him) and sent my son to live with my lover's clan. They were half-breeds, those creatures. Vampires, yes, but not as full-blooded as my family. You can imagine how much I despised my father after that. But over the years, I'd thought about it, and it seemed like the right thing to do.. at the time. I hadn't seen Shawn in ages, and I missed him dearly. Did he even know I was alive? That I existed? Oh, how badly I wanted to see him, to hold him as I did when he was a little baby. But it was forbidden. If I forgot to mention, when you have a child out of wed-lock, the son goes to the father and the daughter goes to the mother. Sometimes I wished that Shawn had been a Shawna, so he would've lived with me. But things happened for a reason, even though we sometimes don't understand it. I understood and accepted it for a reason. And besides, what my father says goes, and there's no arguing.

Oh and another thing: Vampires, no matter what myths say, can in fact have kids. Duh, I mean I had one. Have one. I was born as the undead, and so was Shawn. We don't turn all stony inside, never changing. My father actually has wrinkles, believe it or not. Humans can't see them, but we can. It's real hard to have children when you're turned, though, bitten. My mother was bitten, and she was only able to have three children: me, my sister, and my brother. My brother is twelve years older than I, and he's halfway across the world, in Europe, on a business trip. Collecting family debts, no doubt. That's my fathers business, how he keeps that big house of his. Anyway, back to what my father was saying.

"I'm hoping that she'll accept, though she really has no choice," he joked, and the crowd chuckled in unision. I smiled. "But I'm sure she'll be happy. The young man I've chosen is the best I've ever seen, besides myself of course," he joked again. He has a hard time with speeches like these, just to let you know. "So, without further ado, I give you your husband, Daughter." He raised his chin and Frank stepped forward. My jaw dropped slightly, and I clamped it shut and smiled, as was expected. Frank stepped up to my father and bowed.

"It is a great honor, Sir, to be united with your daughter, Selena. I will take care of her with all of my might." My father placed his hand on Frank's shoulder, and said a prayer. When he was done Frank stood up and walked over to me. I lowered my gaze politely, and he gently placed his hand under my chin and made me look him in the eyes. He smiled, and I returned it back.

"Selena, do you accept?"

"I do."

"So be it." My father said another prayer, one of marriage(or engagaement), and my heart fluttered. I was engaged to Frank, my best friend since childhood. How strange. But I was glad it was him, and not another. I knew Frank would protect me. My father finished and hugged us both, slipping a ring on each of our left hands. I smiled at him and he smiled back, then hugged me. "I hope you are glad, Daughter."

"I am, father," I answered truthfully. He nodded, turned back to the crowd, and announced that there was a scrumptuous Blood Poundcake in the kitchen, and would everyone carefully make their way to the room. Soon me and Frank were alone, and we stood a few inches away from each other.

"I'm sorry I didn't say anything sooner, Lena," he said quietly, using my childhood nickname and taking my hand in his. "I wanted to, but your father said it was to be a surprise, and-"

"Frank, you don't need to apologize. I'm happy, really I am. I'd rather be with you than some prickle in the thorn bush." He chuckled at my funny word usage and I looked down, suddenly bashful. Why was I feeling this way, I mean it was Frank. We shared almost everything, or so we used to.

"I'd rather be with you than anyone else in the world," he said gently, and I looked up at him. I smiled and stepped closer to him.

"Really?" I whispered, looking up into his gorgeous hazel eyes. He didn't answer, but kissed me instead, so softly I didn't feel it at first. But I knew it was happening, and I closed the space between our bodies and kissed him back. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer so that our bodies molded together perfectly, and I wrapped my arms up around his neck. Our breathing sped up, and suddenly the room felt like an oven. I needed to get out of these clothes, and I needed to do it fast. I broke the kiss and looked at Frank, the question written all over my face. "Frank?" He smiled and kissed me once more, then pulled away.

"Your father would kill me if I touched you before we were officially married, Selena. Don't get me wrong, I want you, so fucking badly, but I just.."

"Sh," I whispered, and put a finger against his lips to silence him. "I'm glad we stopped..sort of. I want you too, obviously, but I can't risk angering my father again. He would never let me forget it." He smiled and took my hand with his, kissing my palm.

"Yeah, and I actually want to keep my life," he joked, and I giggled. "Come on, we should-"

His sudden silence hits me like a brick wall. "Frank? What's wrong? Frank-"

"They're here," he whispered. "You have to get away, Selena, and you have to go fast."

Using my hearing I heard two doors slam shut, and heavy footsteps were making their way to my front door.

"What about my parents? They can't possibly fight, they're too old!"

"Don't worry, I'll protect them, I promise. Now go." He kissed me once and whispered in my ear, "My sister's is far from here, but you'll be safe. Take my car, it's out back." He handed me his keys and I kissed him once more, hard, and then turned and ran out the back door. A mental image of a beautiful rose garden filled my mind, and I knew that that's what I had to look for. As I drove away, I could hear screaming, glass breaking, and tears rushed to my eyes. I frantically wiped them away, needing to see the street perfectly.

They'll be okay, I told myself. Frank will protect them.. But will he be able to protect himself?

Frank's P.O.V

As she went out the back door, the front door was thrown open and the bitter smell of dog hit me full in the face. I snarled and with lightening speed I was in front of them, baring my teeth.

"Frank," Gerard said, feigning politeness.

"Gerard," I spat out. He chuckled, and Mikey walked in behind him, growling slightly.

"Easy, Mikes," Gerard warned, sniffing the air. "Damn, she's not here. But she was." Almost in slow motion he reached for me and I dodged him, only to have Mikey grab me and pin my arms behind me. Gerard pulled me head back by my hair and slammed his lips into mine. I growled and bit him, and when he pulled back smirking he delivered a sharp blow to my face. My head whipped to the side and I tasted blood. Hm, he's gotten stronger. "You taste like her," he whispered, licking his lips. I glared at him, my fangs peeking out from behind my lips.

"What do we do?" Mikey asked, and Gerard smirked and looked at me. It sent shivers through my body, and I knew with slight terror the many things going through his head at the moment.

"I tell you what, Mikes. First, since this is..or was..a nice party, we'll just go entertain our guests. After all, we are animals," he spat at me, and I flinched. Why the hell are you flinching, you're not afraid of him! Oh but I was, I knew it. No matter how many times I'd said the lie, I never could believe it. Gerard scared me, and he knew it.

"You won't touch them," I snarled, and Gerard laughed. He flat out laughed, and it sent chills down my spine. He nodded at Mikey and Mikey released me. I stood up straight, hearing my back pop in a few places, and I stared at Gerard evenly. "I won't let you."

"Oh really, now, is that what you think? You're even stupider than I thought. Mikey, kindly go round up our guests, won't you?" Mikey smiled and disappeared in a flash, and the sound of terrorized screaming filled my ears. I turned and started toward the kitchen, only to be roughly grabbed and pinned down by none other than Ray Toro, Gerard's best friend. I bucked and felt my head strike bone, and a sickening crunch rang out. Ray let go and fell backward, and I got up and entered the kitchen. Five people lay dead, many had managed to escape, but I didn't care, not really. What mattered now was Selena's parents, who were currently being held by Mikey.

"Let them go, Michael, or I'll rip your heart out of your chest," I threatened. He laughed and shoved them forward, towards the living room. I ran after him and pounced, knocking him off balance. "Run!" I yelled. Victor and Natasha ran, and Mikey flipped me off his back, pinning me down.

"They'll never escape, Frank. Gerard's going to kill them, and when he's through he's going to kill you. Slowly. Unless you help us."

"Never," I growled. He shrugged.

"Alright then, I hope you like pain." He stood up, pulling me with him, and once again pinned my arms behind my back. "Move." He pushed me forward, and I had no choice but to walk. He pulled out some rope and bound my hands, then shoved me down on my face. I rolled over and tried to sit up, trying to drown out the screaming coming from outside. Fuck, Gerard must have brought some friends. Upon that thought, Ray's figure suddenly loomed over me. I looked up and recieved a blow to the face, and I fell over. I growled and sat up again.

"Not so tough when you're stuck, are you, Frank?" He chuckled and kicked me. This time I stayed down. Hey, I may be pissed off, but I needed my strength if I was going to live. When I didn't say anything he kicked me again, and a groan escaped through my lips. Don't give in, never give in! "What, you're not gonna even say hi? That's rude, you know." He kicked me again, and a rib cracks, possibly even breaks. I screamed.

"Now Ray, stop torturing the poor thing. We need him alive, remember?" So that was Gerard's plan. Force me to help him? Never.

"I'm sorry, Gerard. It won't happen again."

"It better not. Otherwise you'll find out what it means to feel real pain." Ray bowed his head and backed up, and Gerard yanked me up by my hair. I hissed in anger, and he threw me in a chair. "Now you listen carefully, Frank. If you don't help me, Natasha's gonna die. Are you listening?" I nodded and he smiled. "Good. Now what's it gonna be?" I looked over at Natasha, who shook her head furiously.

"Don't do it, Frank, don't!" The werewolf that was holding her growled, but he didn't do anything when Gerard glared at him.

"She's gonna die, Frank. But you can save her, if you want. Help me, she goes free. Refuse.." The guy holding her grew out his teeth, and growled menacingly. I bit my lip, not knowing what to do.

"Alright, I'll-"

"No Frank! I command you!" she screamed, and I felt a hold on me. My mouth clamped shut, refusing to let me speak. I pleaded with her, my eyes begging her to let me save her. She shook her head. "I'd rather die than let that bastard kill Lena."

"Well then, it's been spoken." At the snap of his fingers the man snapped her neck, killing her instantly, just like that. Like breaking a twig.

"No!" I screamed, and there was a burning sensation in my blood. I squirmed against my ropes, losening them up a little, but otherwise still bound, but loosely. "Natasha!" I heard Victor sobbing quietly, and when he looked at me I saw my pain reflected in his eyes. We both knew they would have killed her anyway, using all means to weaken him, us. It would have been his undoing either way. I screamed once more, long and ear splitting, before letting my shoulders sag as choked sobs racked my body.

"Yes, hurts doesn't it?" Gerard whispered in my ear. I don't say anything. "But you could have stopped it, if only you had said yes."

"You would have killed her anyway," I spat out through gritted teeth. He shrugged and walked over to where she was laying, her beautiful features making it seem as though her death was painless. It could have been, for all I know. I've never had my neck snapped.

"You still have a chance, Frank. Join or die."

"I'll join you.." I whispered. The rope fell off, and nobody noticed it. I kept my hands behind my back.

"Oh really, now?"

"Yeah. I'll join you when hell freezes over!" I yelled as I dove at him. I managed to scrape my nails against his face before Ray threw me into the brick wall. The impact knocked me straight out.

Gerard's P.O.V

"Such a pity," I said, shaking my head. "She was beautiful, just like your daughter." Victor snarled and continued to sob. "I didn't want to have to kill her, but you and I both know that death helps..break one's soul."

"Gerard, he's out cold." Ray kicked him and Frank collapsed the rest of the way, a crumpled figure on the carpet. I laughed long and loud, then motion for Bob, the newest member and Natasha's killer, to pick him up.

"Come on, we've got tracking to do."

Mikey threw Victor over his shoulder and marched out the door while I went in and collected some clothes for Selena.

"Oh Selena, you've doomed yourself. You think you're so clever, running off to someone, don't you.. But I'll find you. And I'll kill you. Just like I did your little boy..."


If you read the other couple chapters on my other account, you may have noticed that I posted those forever ago..of course.. But what you should know is that I started writing this story about a year and a half ago, in 7th grade(I'm now in 10th) and I wrote a new chapter(this chapter) a couple days ago. Sorry if it seems that it got a little off on some spots, I'll work the kinks out later. Or today. Either one :)

Oh and I put just a TEENY bit of "ferard" in there..I figured it went along with the story :)
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