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Claire gets a visitor...

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I knew from the moment I stepped in her room that something was wrong. She didn't smell the same. But she smelt sweeter and more delicious. I shook my head. No. I would not bite her. She didn't want to be like me. Blood-thirsty, pale, menacing... She couldn't. It was too hard to believe her as one of us. She could pass for one easily though. Her pale skin was a shade darker than mine, her blue eyes were icy but beautiful. She had always fantasied about becoming a vampire. She told me all about her dreams, because I was interested. I never dreamed. I slept, but never dreamed. I saw Claire huddled together in a ball in her bed. She looked up at me, her eyes wide and scared. She shook slightly and she was covering her body with a blanket. I slowly walked over to her, and as I came closer I saw that there were tears in her eyes. She had been crying. Or she still was. I caressed her cheek and brought her close to me. She held onto me tightly and only cried more.

"What's wrong?" I whispered against her brown hair. She shook harder. I smoothed out her hair and lifted up her chin. Her lips were trembling and her eyes were pleading. "Baby, you're scaring me." I told her, concern creeping into my voice. She never cried, only if it had hurt her or made her very depressed. "Please Claire... Tell me." she gulped and nodded.

"I... I h-had a n-nightmare..." she said in between sobs. I frowned. "H-He came back... H-He r-raped me... He held a gun up to my head.... I couldn't call for help at all... After he shot me in the head... And everything went black. I died..." she cried into my shoulder and I held onto her tightly. Screw the smell of her blood, her happiness is way more important than my hunger.

"Clairebear... He's not gonna come back... It's gonna be all right, baby. Shhhh..." I softly spoke to her, and her shaking let up a little. "Good girl... Now, tell me, what happened today while I was asleep?" I kissed her forehead and smiled.

"The same as always... I went to school, failed in math as usual, came home, did my homework against my will, ate dinner and went to bed." she kissed me with her small and soft lips. "Gee, how come you never kiss me like I do?" she asked, her eyebrows pulled together. I sighed.

"Claire, when you kiss me... It has all your strength put into it. I can't do the same. I'd hurt you." I explained. She always asked me that question. She gave a look of hope.

"You can turn me into one of you so you can kiss me the way I kiss you..." she smiled and nuzzled into my chest. I sighed again.

"I'm not turning you into a vampire, Claire. You know that I'm against that. Besides, the Change is very excruciatingly painful." I stared at her window and let out a soft growl. They were here. Again. I smelt the air and regretted it instantly. Her blood smelt so delicious and yummy that I wanted to pin her down and drink her blood like a parched man in the desert. There was a time when I debated turning her or not, but that was in the begginning. Now I was wiser and I cared for her a lot more. I heard a tapping on the window and a hiss. I held Madi tighter for her protection.

"They're here aren't they?" Claire asked with a scared tone. I nodded slowly and the cold winter wind blew onto my face as the vampire stepped inside her room. "Gee..." she squeaked and hid in my chest. I looked at the male in front of me, who looked right back at me.

"What are you here for?" I asked, clean and simple. The vampire smirked.

"I came for the girl. I was flying by when I smelt her, and I just had to take a gander at what that smell was. I figured it was somebody making dinner... But once I saw her I knew I had to have her. And what are you here for?" he smirked, moving closer. Claire's shaking began again.

"I'm her boyfriend. I make sure she's okay, and out of people's arms like you." I backed up a little and the vampire only moved closer.

"Name. I'm Heath." his brown eyes flashed from me to Madi.

"Gerard. Get out." I growled louder as Heath took yet again another step towards us. "I said, get out!" I yelled and Claire shook harder. "It's gonna be okay, Claire. He's not gonna hurt you. I won't let him." Heath smiled.

"Claire, 'eh? Well, Gerard, you don't know for sure that I'm gonna hurt her or no-" I growled and pushed Claire away from me and pinned Heath aganst the wall glaring at him.

"You're not gonna lay a finger on my girl, or you can say goodbye to your life!" I growled and Heath pushed me away from him. He dashed to the bed where Claire was at and pinned her down as he brought his lips to her neck. "NO!" I roared and grabbed Heath's shirt collar and pulled him back away from her. He growled and tried to bite me but I was quicker and I bit hard into his neck and sucked at the flowing blood. His kicks were getting weaker and I knew that he was dying. I squeezed my eyes shut and sucked until there was no more blood to come out of his body. I walked to the window and threw his corpse far away from the house and turned to Madi who was shaking extremely hard. I rushed to her side and she stared up at the ceiling. "Did he hurt you?" I asked, examining her everywhere.

"He got my neck a little..." she whispered, and I focused my attention on her neck. I tilted her head to the side and there was a drop of blood coming out of the penetrated skin. For christ's sake... I pressed the tip of my finger on the blood droplet and brought my finger to my mouth, letting my tongue lick the blood up. She layed completely still and her breathing was even. "Gee... Please... Bite me..." she whispered. I brought my mouth to her neck and felt her brace herself. I licked the spot again and a new drop of blood burst on my taste buds. I felt my fangs grow out longer and they pressed against her pale skin. I pressed a little harder and new blood came out. Pressing even harder, I felt my hunger control slip away from me and her blood growing more and more tempting. "Gerard..." she breathed out, her eyes shut and her hands pressed on the back of my head.

"You taste...... So good...." I whispered, my voice growing husky. Hunger grew more, and my need for her blood grew even stronger than before. "If I bite you.... Would you be.... okay with that?" I smiled, my control completely gone.

"I would be okay with that." she sighed. I let my fangs sink into her pale neck and her blood poured into my mouth like a gushing waterfall. She tasted so sweet and I brought her closer to me, my eyes shut tightly. Her screams rang in my ear and I pulled away, flying back into the wall and staring at her neck. I brought my hand to my lips and I felt her blood on them. What had I done? She gripped the spot where my fangs had bit her and she screamed again. "Gerard!" she screamed, her eyes flooding with tears. I made no move to go closer to her. I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't have bitten her. What if she goes through the Change? I was shocked at my own mistake and walked towards the window.

"Don't let me bite you ever again. Ever. I'm so sorry Claire..." I ducked under the window and shut it tightly, flying far away from her house. Her screams echoed in my ear and the look on her face was inked in my mind like a tattoo. I was disgusted with myself and the fact that I had let myself lose control. When I got to my house I stomped my way in, my little brother Mikey giving me a look of confusion.

"Gee, what heppened? They didn't hurt Claire, did they?" Mikey had a human girlfriend also, but he wasn't a pure-blood so he couldn't change her.

"No. But I did. I bit her." I looked at Mikey with anguished eyes and he rushed up to me. I felt tears prickle in my eyes as her screaming started up again like the roar of an engine in my ears. "I bit her, Mikey... I could've killed her!" I groaned and walked up the stairs, making my way up to my room. I slammed the door and turned on my stereo, letting the Misfits' drown out my crying.
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