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Love Me Dead

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Samantha Phillips has never been to a public school. She's always been taught my a tutor at her cosy home in Belleville, New Jersey. But when money starts becoming a problem, Sam is forced to st...

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It was a typical Monday morning for me, well at least that's what I thought when I woke up that morning. I did what I would normally do; I jumped in the shower, dried my hair and got dressed before waiting in the living room for my tutor to arrive.

Yeah, my tutor. For some reason, my parents never let me go to school, so I have been home schooled my entire life...well seventeen years of it. The only people I knew were my family and my tutor. I didn't have any friends, I socialized with no one. I don't know why, I had never asked my parents.

I couldn't really say I hated it, because I didn't know any different. But, in the mornings, I saw boys and girls walking in small groups to school. I craved for that. Just to be able to talk to someone different, someone my own age, to make friends. To interact with other people instead of the same people I see twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I just wanted to go to a normal school.

I sighed when I heard the familiar knocking on the front door of the house. I stood up from the couch, straightening out my clothes before casually walking to the door, and opened it, revealing Mr Harry Baldwin, my tutor since I was five.

"Hi Harry." I greeted with a smile, standing out the way to let him in. He was wearing his normal, and original outfit. A plain white dress shirt with a dark blue tie, dark blue pants and a dark blue jacket, with black, shiny shoes. He held his tattered briefcase in his left hand as he used his other to shake mine.

Harry slipped off his shoes before following me back into the living room, "It's nice to see you again Sam, how was your weekend?" He asked, politely.

"It was fine thank you. How about yours?" He replied with the same.

I went into the kitchen, to make us some coffee, my normal routine. After this, we would normally have a little talk about our weekend before starting on Math, or Science. I know, a fantastic way to start a Monday morning.

"Sam, I'm afraid I have some bad news." Harry said, dully after he took his last sip from his coffee mug.

"What's wrong?"

He sighed, "I was going to wait until your mother told you, but I've grown close to you over the years, and seem to get the impression that you and I are much closer than you and your parents..." He trailed off.

I nodded happily, "Of course, you're like an older brother to me Harry."

He smiled, "And because of this, I think it's much better you hear it from me...Sam, your parents seem to be struggling with money at the moment, which means they are finding it difficult to pay me for your lessons. We'll be able to do today and tomorrow, but Wednesday, you'll have to start school."

His last words shocked me a little. I knew my parents were having trouble with money, but I never thought it would lead to me going to school. Also, it would be my last year, so I didn't think they would see any point in sending me to school. Or maybe, they were finally seeing how unhappy I am with being an only child with no friends, and finally wanted me to socialize.

Of course I was happy I was able to go to school, after waiting for so long, but in the second Harry told me, I realized that I was going to miss him. He really was like an older brother to me, and I knew I was like a little sister to him.

My thoughts were interrupted by Harry's rather large hand waving in front of my face, "Sam? Are you okay? I thought you would be happy that you could go to school..."

I shook my head, one to bring me out of dream land, but also to what Harry was talking about, "No, I am happy, I am. I've dreamed of going to school for years, but, now it's going to happen, I find it sad that I'll probably never see you again."

Harry smiled sadly, "I know what you mean. I'll miss you too. You're the little sister I never had. But, we will see each other again, I can promise you that."

I smiled happily back at him. He always knew how to cheer me up somehow, "Thank you Harry." I leaned in and wrapped my arms around his neck in a hug.

Later that evening, when Harry had gone home, my mom came to my room to talk to me, "Samantha, I need to talk to you sweetie."

I sat up on my bed, and paused Love Me Dead by Ludo on my iPod. It was a song I had only listened to a couple of times, but have grown to love. It was the most addictive song I had ever listened to, or had ever come across. It had a lot of emotion, and feeling in it, that at times, it made me want to cry. I mean, this man was in love with a girl who had so many bad things about her, yet they were the things he loved most about her.

I finally answered my mom, "Is it about me starting school on Wednesday?"

She titled her head to the side. Doing that, I took in her appearance, I never normally did that. I don't really take notice of my parents, as they are away at work a lot of the time.

My mom, Silvia, age thirty-eight. She was small, a little taller than me, but small. She was a little chubby, but I guess it was the age getting to her. She had long dark brown hair and bright green eyes that had a sort of sadness to them. That sadness had been there ever since I could remember. I think it was when her brother, my uncle, David, died in a car accident. I was only around nine years old. I don't remember a lot, but I do remember her crying for days about it, not that I blame her.

"Yes, how did you know?"

I sighed, "Harry told me this morning."

She nodded. She knew Harry and I were close. My mom was always wary of him. Originally, she wanted a female tutor, as she didn't trust a strange man with her daughter while she and her husband were at work. It seemed silly to me. If anything happened between me and Harry, it would pretty much be incest, we were that close. And he wasn't that much older than me anyway. I am seventeen, he is thirty. Okay, so he's is quite a bit older than me, but it didn't matter. He was the only friend I had.

"I thought as much. Anyway, I just thought I'd come by to give you this. It's a prospectus of the school, and your schedule of the week. There's also a map I think, of the building so hopefully you won't get lost."

I smiled, "Thanks mom, I'll look at this later." I took the booklet and other papers from her hands, and set them down on my bed. My mom smiled at me before turning to leave my bedroom, closing the door quietly behind her.

After I was done with another shower, and thought I had had enough of listening to my music, I decided to look at my schedule for school.

It told me what lessons I had, and when, what room I was in, and which teacher I had for that particular lesson.

There were some sucky lessons like Science, Maths and History. But I guess some good lessons like English, Art and French. I hope I'll be okay at this school...Belleville High School, yes, and original name for a school, for the place we live in...Belleville.

I studied the schedule more.

Maths - Mrs H. Waterman room 54
Science - Mr J. Worthington room 18
History - Miss L. Stone/Mr P. Bishop room 12
English - Mr F.S. Woodsen room 45
Art - Mr. G.A. Way room 25
French - Mrs. K. Morris room 3
The rest of the lessons I had weren't important to me in anyway.

I sighed as I placed it on the cabinet next to my bed before climbing, and resting my head against the pillow.

I was really nervous now, and I still had two days until I started. But, what was I scared of exactly? If I have no friends, I can't be hurt, right?

Negative thoughts continued to fill my mind, until eventually, sleep took over my whole body, and I finally relaxed.
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