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Unfortunately, Wednesday came round quicker than I had hoped. Yesterday, I was disappointed when Harry called to tell me he wasn't feeling well, so I never had my last day with him. I was hoping he would help me with what I should do when I got to the High School, and what school was like for him. I don't know why I never asked in when he told me the news Monday morning.

I had read in the prospectus that school started at 8:30a.m. The school itself was twenty minutes away, so I would need to leave, as I was walking, at 8:10a.m. So, to make sure I had enough time to get myself ready, I set my alarm for 6:15a.m. This may be too much time to get ready, but it was my first day, and obviously, I wouldn't know how long it would take.

Because I had set the alarm on my mom's old cell, I was woken up by I'm A Fake by The Used. This would have to be my favorite song by this band, although I didn't really have a reason for it. I just liked the sound of it, I guess.

I sat up in my small, single bed and flung my legs over the side, wiping my very tired eyes before standing up, and stretching my arms and legs whilst I yawned loudly. I slipped on my black fluffy slippers and my thin blood red dressing gown, and exited my surprisingly cold bedroom, and went down the creaky staircase, and into the small white kitchen.

When I was making myself a coffee, I noticed how much my heart was beating. I was really nervous. I had never been in a place with more than ten people by me, and this school held one-thousand-two-hundred students, sixty-five teachers, twelve lunch staff, seven technicians and three janitors. The second I step into this place, is going to change my life forever.

Once I had drank my coffee, burning my tongue in the process, I ran back upstairs to take a shower. By now the time was 6:25a.m.

I turned the shower on to a medium-high heat. I let the doors of the shower steam up before taking off my slippers, dressing gown and my The Nightmare Before Christmas pyjamas, and stepping under the hot water, letting it wash away any nerves I least for the time I was in here anyway.

Once I was satisfied with how clean I was, I grabbed a white cotton towel, wrapping around my wet body, and stepping out of the shower. I saw that the window, and the huge mirror had steamed up.

I checked the time on my cell. It was 6:45a.m. I had been in the shower for twenty minutes, making it the shortest one I've had in a long time.

When I had rubbed my body dry, I wrapped the towel around me again, and sat down in front of the vanity, combing my hair before switching on the hair dryer and flat iron. When my hair was all dry, I ran the straightener through it, until I was happy with how my black hair looked.

I wanted to put some make-up on, but thought that getting dressed first would be a good idea. Since I hadn't bought any clothes with me to the bathroom, I went back to my bedroom in search of something to wear.

I wasn't that much bothered with what I wore, so I chose black skinny jeans with white skeleton hands prints on the bag pockets, and a red and black checkered t-shirt with black lace. It showed a little cleavage, but again, I wasn't too bothered. I was happy with my body.

When I was fully dressed, I slipped on a pair of red chucks before going back to the warm bathroom, and applying my make-up. I wore a light red, almost a light pink eyeshadow, mascara, heavy eyeliner, and lip gloss.

After doing that, I went back to my room to collect my messenger bag, the prospectus, schedule and map, and went downstairs.

I checked the time again. It was still early, 7:20a.m. I sighed, and thought that I should have something to eat before I left, and to also make some lunch. I wasn't sure how good the food at school was, and I would much rather have something I know I'll like, instead of something disgusting.

I decided on two slices of toast for breakfast, and a ham and cheese sandwich, an apple, and a chocolate bar for lunch. I was going to take $2 with me, so I could buy a drink there.

Once I had eaten the toast, I went back again to the bathroom and brushing my teeth until I was happy with them, and went back downstairs.

Finally, the time came when I could leave for school. I had an idea of where it was, but left ten minutes early, so I know I wouldn't late. I didn't want to make a bad first impression on my first day.

I grabbed my Muse hoodie that was hung by the door, and pulled it on. I put on my messenger bag, and carried the map and schedule in my hands, so that I was ready to look at them when I arrived, and I then left the house.

When I got to the end of my driveway, I took a right and headed for school.

It was a cold morning. I wasn't surprised though, it was November. I sighed. I didn't really see any point in me going to school right now. There were only three or four weeks left until Christmas, I should have gone to school after the Christmas break.

I was a little mad this morning. My parents hadn't even bothered to take the morning off from their jobs to see me go to school for the first time. They were such workaholics. Money mattered more to them than what I did. I shrugged, shaking off any thoughts. I was used to it anyway, so I don't know why suddenly I felt angry at them, I never had done before.

Before I knew it, I was standing outside the school gates. I saw other boys and girls walking through them, and through any door they could find, either wanting to learn something today, or to just get out of the cold.

I turned my head slowly, taking in the huge building in front of me, and watching everyone else rushing inside. I smiled, I really hoped this was going to be okay for me.

But, my smile faded when I looked at the sign which should say 'Welcome to Belleville High School', and instead read ' Welcome to Hell'.
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