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Looking back on my first day of school, I came to the decision that I did in fact, have a good day, and meeting Delilah had made it much better. The downside to my day was Mr Way. What his problem was, I didn't know, and really I didn't wish to know. Whatever the matter was with him, he can deal with on his own. I didn't like the fact he made everyone else feel miserable.

Meeting Delilah in the Art class, I will say, was the highlight of my day. She seemed like a nice person, and I hoped that the two of us can become good friends. After we talked, she gave me her cell number. At the moment, I didn't have a cell, but was hoping to get one for Christmas.

Luckily, I didn't get any homework today. Although, I was sure Mr Way was going to give me some, but only me. I told Harry about my first day when he came to see me last night. I told him about my Art teacher, and how horrible he was. Harry told me not to worry about him, and if he ever threatened me again, to let Harry know, and he'll sort him out. I'm not one for violence, or any sort of conflict, so I would just let Mr Way do his best, but he will not break me. I refuse to be one of his robots who do every little thing he says.

As I expected, my parents weren't home when I got back from school. Although I expected it, I was deeply disappointed, and hurt. They were my parents, and it was like they didn't care at all. When they did eventually come home, which was when I was ready to go to sleep at about 11:00, they still didn't ask about my day. It's weird, they'll talk to me and seem caring for silly things, but when it's something important, it doesn't matter to them.

When I woke up the next morning, I woke up an hour late. How it happened, I didn't know. I don't think my alarm was working properly, but, I went through the same routine as I did just the day before. I showered for about half an hour, and did my hair until I was satisfied with it. When I got dressed, I decided on wearing a long black top white angel wings on the back, and the word Angel on the front, that came mid-thigh. It flowed like a dress, which is what I like about it. I also wore knee high black and white striped socks topped off with black converses. Like I've already said, I'm comfortable with my body, and will wear anything I feel comfortable in.

After applying my make-up, I went downstairs to get together my things for the day. Little did I know at that time, my schedule would change what I was doing that morning.

I decided on making some breakfast first, and choice cereal for today. I added milk to the food and grabbed a spoon before eating what would be giving me the energy for the day. Or at least until lunch.

Once I had finished, I stood up from the table with my bowl and spoon, and placed them in the dishwasher, and went to look at my schedule, to know what books I will need today.

I pulled it out from my bag and searched for my lessons for Thursday. I don't know why I did it, but I read the lessons backwards. Sixth period English, fifth is History, fourth was French with Mrs Morris, third; Science with Mr Worthington, and first and second...Art.

Art? First two periods? I was late to get to my homeroom, and Art hadn't started yet, but if I left now, I would arrive fifteen minutes late, meaning I would get a detention this time. Unless...I ran to school. I may just make it in time.

Without any more thoughts to myself, I grabbed all my books for the day and raced out of the front door and ran down the driveway, taking a left like yesterday, and running as fast as I could to get to school on time.

I was talking about not being on of Mr Way's robots, but that is exactly what I'm doing now. I'm doing what he's told me to do, and that's not to be late. But, I really didn't want a detention. Not yet anyway. Not on my second day.

After today, I refuse to let this man control me. I will not do as he says. I am not scared him like he has made every other student scared of him. It wouldn't surprise me if the teachers were scared of him. What was wrong with that man?

I could now see my school in front of me. It seemed like it would take me forever to get there. I couldn't let it take me forever. It was so important that I wasn't late for class today, so, so important.

Finally, I made it, and I ran through the front doors, running past what I think was the office, feeling many eyes on me. They were probably thinking why a young girl wearing only a shirt was running around the school for.

I followed all the signs. Luckily, I remembered most of it from yesterday, and in no time, I found the Art room, still with the many colors of paint and the angry picture of the teacher nailed onto it.

Before I went inside, I let myself get my breath back. That run to school took a lot out of me. I may be reasonably thin, but I didn't do a lot of exercise. When I finally caught my breath, I took a few deep breaths before checking a clock for the time. It was 9:00a.m. I still managed to miss fifteen minutes even though I ran. Things are not going well this morning. Maybe I could just miss this lesson, I wouldn't do that.

I straightened out my clothes and proceeded to the door, placing my sweating hand on the door knob, and turning it until it opened. I could pretty much hear the silence when I walked in.

I gulped quietly as I stepped in further, but this time I didn't see the back of the pained and angered teacher with his head down marking papers, instead the chair was empty, yet it still had papers set in a random and messy state on the desk with a red inked pen on top, with no lid to keep the pen from drying.

Again, I walked further and finally saw out of the corner of my eye Mr Way standing with his back against the wall, his foot folded over the other, and one arm crossed over his chest with the other resting on it and his hand on his chin.

I stopped walking, thinking that would be the best thing to do. I looked directly at him, as he looked directly back at me with a cold and harsh glare in his eyes. Out of the all his students, how can Delilah possibly say he favored me with the way he was looking.

He blinked once after a few moments before saying one word so coldly, it would haunt me for the rest of my life, "Detention."
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