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When I sat down at an empty table in the cafeteria that lunch time, I was more than annoyed. Firstly, I had arrived late to school, missing homeroom and fifteen minutes of my Art lessons. Next, I had received a detention from the most hateful man on the planet, and I didn't know how long I would have to do the detention for. Thirdly, for some odd reason, I feel asleep in my first French class. Mrs Morris was less than impressed, but she didn't give me detention, just some extra homework. To be honest, I'd much prefer the detention.

I pulled my bag open, but then remembered I didn't have time this morning to make something for lunch, and I never brought any money with me. This had only made my day much worse. Is this how school normally is? Watching TV and movies, it seems so unreal. I used to want to be here, and now that I'm here, I want to be as far away from here as possible.

Because I thought I would be spending lunch time alone, like I had the previous day, I was surprised when I saw Delilah walking towards the table I had taken with a tray of food in her hands. By the look of it, she was having a pizza slice with salami, some fries, and a small salad. Next to her plate was a bowl and a spoon with apple pie and cream. She also had a can of cola. Not exactly my type of meal, but then again, I wasn't Delilah.

She placed her tray on the table before placing herself in the seat opposite me. I stared at her the entire time, thinking how great it was that someone was sitting with me. I was sure Delilah had many friends, yet she was taking the time to sit with me instead. Finally, she looked up at me, and gave a small smile.

"Hey." She greeted kindly. Her voice was gentle, I noticed. I never took the time to really look at her, or listen to her yesterday. Her voice was kind of high, yet gentle. The kind of voice that would never raise in volume. Her black hair was curled today, and it was very pretty. She was wearing a plain black shirt and plain denim jeans with white trainers. I knew then, that she was probably nothing like me.

I felt that I had been silent long enough, and replied to her, "Hi. How come you're not with your other friends?" I didn't want it to sound as if I wanted to get rid of her, because I didn't, but I fear it may have been said that way.

She sighed before shaking her head sadly, "I don't have any friends really. I mean, I have people to talk to, but not friends. I thought it might have been okay to sit here."

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's okay for you to sit here. I have no one else." I laughed nervously. Because I didn't really know anyone, I didn't know what I was meant to say. Things can quickly become quite awkward and uncomfortable.

"Thanks. Gosh, I'm so sorry that you have detention tonight. That kinda sucks huh?" Delilah genuinely sounded upset that I had detention. But if it was given by Mr Way...I wouldn't wish my worst enemy on that.

I shrugged lightly, "Hey it's no problem - Wait. Did you say tonight? Isn't the school suppose to let my parents know or something like a day in advance? I don't think I can do it tonight -"

Delilah waved her hand around to try to shut me up, "Sam, seriously. It's best you know this now. There is absolutely nothing you can do to get out of Mr Way's detentions. It's impossible. One time this girl had to go to her grandmother's funeral the same day she had a detention, Mr Way would not let her go. She was so upset."

My eyes widened. How could he not let a poor, hurt girl go to her own grandmother's funeral? He can't seriously be that cruel, "I'm sorry to change the subject a little...but what does Mr Way have you do in his detentions? I'm guessing it's different to how other teachers do it."

Delilah thought about it for a moment or two before answering, "I wouldn't know because I've been careful and haven't had a detention from him. But Louis, he's a junior, close friends with my brother, he said Mr Way had him clean the whole room. Made sure there wasn't one spot of paint on the tables or floors. That's why it's so clean in there. Mr Way loves Art, it's his passion. But he does not like a dirty room."

I don't know what her problem was with that. Cleaning doesn't sound too bad. But Delilah wasn't finished, "Another time, there was this other guy a few years ago, he don't come here anymore. The class had to read from a book, but this guy had a magazine hidden, so he was reading that instead. At the end of class, Mr Way called him on it. Turns out it was a gay porn magazine. I heard that he was jerking-off in the lesson. Anyway, his detention. Mr Way kept the whole class back, but he made it clear it was someone else's detention."

I leaned in closer, and listened more to what she was saying, "He had this big TV in his room. He turned it on, and he played a tape. It was gay porn. Of course the whole class started laughing at the poor boy. He was just sitting there, all embarrassed. Mr Way was saying how...Matt I think his name was, liked to watch that kind of stuff. He then started shouting at him, saying he shouldn't do that sort of stuff in his classroom. The poor boy ran home, and he never came back. People say Mr Way should have been reported, but everyone was too scared. Everyone is scared of him, but no one knows why. Students knew that the tape came from Mr Way, but no one dares to say he's gay, because they are just too scared. And back to your original question; he could do anything in your detention. And I'm sorry, for whatever it is. I really am, and I wish I could help."

My eyes widened again, and I leaned back in my seat, scared. I was certain now that Mr Way was not a normal person. Something has clearly made him become very disturbed, and he's taking it out on the students who are too scared to stand up for themselves.

I was left speechless. Mr Way had humiliated that boy in the worst way possible. That boy may have been very confused about his sexuality, and didn't want people knowing...but it didn't stop his Art teacher from letting the school know. Didn't he think he went too far? Did he not regret it?

When I was trying to find words to speak, I was stopped by Delilah's voice, "But, if you have any problems or anything, go to him."

I shook my head. What was she saying? If there is something wrong with me, I was supposed to see that evil man? "Are you serious?"

She nodded, "Believe it or not, he gives the best advice. He's extremely honest about it, but people listen to him, as he listens to people's problems. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true."

I thought about it, "So...say if I was having boy trouble, or family problems, I could talk to him about it? And he would give me the best advice?" Delilah nodded, "Could I talk to him in detention?"

Her eyes went huge, "Oh god no. Never attempt to talk to him in detention. It's happened before, and it didn't end well. No one knows for sure what happened, but some say he raped the girl, but everyone knows that's not true. He may seem bad, but he wouldn't harm anyone in that way, or any physical way." I searched my brain, trying to let all of this make sense, but it just wouldn't, "You're finding it hard to take this in aren't you?" I nodded, "Everyone does. But that's what you get with him. Mr Way is one big mystery. Even to the teachers. No one even knows his name. Just Mr G. A. Way."

I don't think my heart has ever pumped so hard in my chest in my life. It was like I could only hear the blood run through my body and nothing else. It was at that moment I decided to find out all I can about Mr Way. It was like a task that had been set inside me, and I wouldn't rest until I knew everything.

The bell finally rang for the end of lunch, and it was now that I had to find my homeroom. I hadn't been there yet, and knew it would take me a while to find it, I was sure.

I said goodbye to Delilah, collecting my stuff together and walking away from the cafeteria and followed some signs, hoping it would take me to the place I needed to be.

Like I had done many times that day, and the day before, I glanced down at my map, trying to make some sense out of it.

It must have been five minutes later that the halls were emptied, and I was the only one wondering the school in the silence. For once, I didn't mind it. This silence was much different to what I had become used to in the last two days. It was almost peaceful.

Until I saw the tall, pale-skinned and dark man storming down the same hall I was walking in. I thought it unlucky to be here at the same time. This could earn me another detention.

I tried to ignore him. But as he got closer, my breathing became harder, and my heart was beating faster. It was like I was now scared of this man. It was ridiculous at how pathetic I was being, but I simply couldn't help it.

His footsteps were getting louder. I was staring at the ground as I walked, but couldn't help but look up as we got closer to each other. I just wanted to see his expression.

You know when you watch a movie with a murderer in it? Their face is filled with so much emotion, you know that they have killed so many times. Even though their face held many emotions, you knew the murderer didn't care about killing anymore. It was now just a fun game, and not an accident. This is what I saw when I regrettably raised my head.

Unfortunately, I looked up too late. With another step forward from him, his shoulder came into contact with my own as he walked passed me like I wasn't even there. Like he never noticed me at all.

As he knocked into me, I spun round from the impact. The pain seemed almost unbearable. He was strong, and it hurt. It felt as if my arm was broken. It was completely numb. After spinning round, my shoulder hit the wall beside me, causing more pain to shoot through my arm, and I fell to the floor, smacking my knee as I did.

Surely he didn't mean to cause me so much pain as he did just then. But I knew I was lying to myself with that thought. He meant to hurt me, which means he had harmed me in a physical way, which means Delilah was wrong.

Mr Way walked away without looking back. He knew what he was doing when he walked up this hall. He knew I'd be here. Why was he doing this?

Then I remembered what he had said me to yesterday.

He turned me to face him. He leaned in towards me and whispered, "You better get here on time tomorrow. I am the one teacher here who can make your life a living hell. I'm sure you wouldn't want that. Now, get the fuck out of my classroom and get the fuck home." He let go of my arm and pushed me away.

But I was sure it was something else. He wasn't just going to make my life hell. He wanted to play a game with me. A game that will never end until he has won. It seemed to fit, although I could be wrong.

What Delilah had told me at lunch, whoever had gotten on the wrong side of Mr Way had left school. They never came back.

And I was his new toy to play with. An easy target. It makes sense. The gay guy, a junior and a new girl. We stand out from everyone else.

But I was different.

Because I wasn't going to let him win.
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