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Just seconds after Gerard went back inside the house, Frank and Mikey came running out to see me. The look on there faces were ones of horror, shock and disappointment. When the stopped by me, they both took hold of my hands and helped me back up. I got to admit that my ass was in pain.

"Are you okay? What the hell happened? Do you know my brother?" Mikey continuous questions were giving me a headache. He wasn't even giving me a chance to answer any of them.

I sighed and placed my hand over his mouth to stop him from talking and I replied, "Mikey I'm fine. Gerard just has a disliking towards me, and isn't afraid to show it. I know him because he is my Art teacher at Belleville High."

For some reason both of their jaws dropped. What have I done now? Had Gerard mentioned me? Do they now hate me?

"You're... you're Samantha Phillips?" I nodded with confusion written all over my face. I stared at Frank for answers, "Jeez. You started school Wednesday right?" I nodded again, but with impatience. To my surprise, he started laughing, as did Mikey, "I thought Gerard was talking about a new teacher or something. But it's you he hates. He's always complaining about you."

I felt heat rush to my cheeks. The jerk had been talking about me to his friends. What had he said exactly? Did he give them a reason as to why he was like that towards me? "What has he been saying?" I asked. Oddly, tears were forming in my eyes. I hated it when people talked about me behind my back. And the fact that one of my teachers was doing it, made me feel worse.

Mikey saw the sadness in my eyes and quickly replied with, "It's nothing really bad or anything. He's just been coming home really angry, saying something like 'stupid bitch.' Or 'fucking whore annoys the crap out of me.'"

Whore? That's what he thought of me? I haven't given him any reason to think of me like that. Sure, I would wear the occasional short skirt or dress, but that's only because I was comfortable with how I looked. There was nothing wrong with that. I wasn't trying to get any body's attention, I was just being me.

"He's mentioned your name a couple of times too, but we had no idea he was angry about a student. We don't know how he is at school, as a teacher, so it was pretty weird to hear that from him."

It was silent after that, except from the sound of the wind rustling in the trees. After some thinking, I told them I was going to go home, but with much persuading, I stayed with them. With Frank's arm around my shoulders and Mikey at my other side, we went back in the house. I was nervous, because I didn't want the same thing to happen again. My ass was in enough pain. No more needed to be added.

Gerard wasn't in the living room. He wasn't anywhere downstairs. I noticed though that the broken coffee mug had been cleared away, and the coffee that was spilt was now gone.

"Do you want something to drink?" I nodded and told him that I would have a coffee. I thanked Frank and he went to the kitchen.

Slowly, I was starting to feel a little more at ease in the huge house, and sat at the table that was in the dining room, but was connected to the living room. Mikey soon sat down next to me.

Frank came back in with two mugs in one hand, and one in the other. He set one down in front of me, and another in front of Mikey. The other was for himself. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes, sometimes sipping some coffee.

Then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Gerard hadn't gone, he was upstairs the whole time. I watched him as he came into the living room. His gaze found mine almost instantly, and he glared much harder than normal. I knew that I really needed to find out what his problem was, but I was slowly feeling more scared the longer he glared at me.

"Gerard, just leave her alone." Frank told him. Surprisingly, he listened to him, and proceeded towards the opposite end of the table, placing his sketch book in front of him, a new pencil in hand. His glare finally dropping as his pencil came into contact with the plain paper.

The atmosphere in the room was tense, there was no denying that. For a while we watched Gerard, well Mikey and Frank did. I tried my best to keep my eyes away from him. If he caught me staring, it may just set him off again. But I think the reason why his brother and friend was staring at was to make sure he didn't flip again. The three of us doing opposite things for the same reason.

I heard Mikey sigh, and removed his eyes from his - I'm guessing older - brother, and focused on me instead, "So, Sam... What kind of music do you like?"

I half-smiled at his attempt to make things seem less tense, though it wasn't really working, "Mostly rock music. I like most genre's, but prefer rock - any rock really." I replied.

This made Frank ask his next question, "Who's your favorite band?"

I tilted my head slightly as I thought. The list of bands I liked was endless. There was no way I could pick just one that stood out from the rest, "I'm not sure. I don't really have a favorite... but if I had to choose, it would probably be Mindless Self Indulgence." I told him with a nod.

Mikey started laughing a little and my attention was back on him, "That is so weird. Gerard says he loves Mindless Self Indulgence... though he doesn't actually listen to them. We think it may have something to do with a crush on a certain Ms. Ballato." Gerard glared at his brother, but didn't deny it.

I don't why I said it, but I did, "Yeah so? Lindsay's hot." The laughter stopped and all three guys looked at me. Mikey and Frank stared at me very weirdly, and Gerard, though glaring, had a hint of curiosity in his eyes. I decided then to clear things up, "Oh, I'm not a lesbian. I'm not even bi." They still looked at me with the same look, but went along with it anyway.

After a few for minutes, and Gerard had returned to his art, Frank decided to make some more coffee. I hadn't even drank much of mine, but it wasn't cold.

While he did that, me and Mikey talked some more, "So how are you finding school?" Wow, the first person to actually ask me that question. I don't think even Harry asked me. I can't remember really.

I sighed, knowing that Gerard must be listening, "It's fine. I thought it was going to be a lot different to how it is. But it's fine."

"Shouldn't you have expected things though? All schools are pretty much the same."

I sighed again, "I've never been to school before." Mikey looked at me with his eyebrows raised. I also noticed that Gerard had stopped drawing. If he wasn't listening before, he was now, "All my life I've been taught at home. I don't know why, it was just something my mom wanted. I knew it cost her more to keep me at home, but she didn't change her mind. So the only people I knew were family, and my tutor, who is like my brother. Money got a little tight, though that seems impossible because my parents have the same job they've always had, so money shouldn't have been an issue. I think my mom just wanted me out the house, so she sent me to school. I was real excited at first, but I got lost. The school is huge. I found out that day that a few teachers hated me for being late to class," Gerard gripped onto his pencil.

"They knew it was my first day, but they think that because I have a map, I should get to class on time. But I'll get used to it. One day I'll make it to all my classes on time." I laughed a little at the end.

Mikey smiled too. I didn't pay any attention to Gerard. He knew I was talking about him. I didn't know if Mikey realized this. The poor guy probably looks up to Gerard. He probably thinks that Gerard is some cool guy who has a well paid job, and he loves it. Oh, how wrong he was.

I sighed, "So... you two are brothers?"

Mikey nodded, "Yeah we are."

What slipped out my mouth next was a complete accident, "I'm so sorry." I clapped a hand over my mouth.

Mikey laughed, though Gerard stayed still. For some reason, I felt bad for saying that. I didn't want to upset him or anything.

"Yeah well..." Mikey chuckled again, "No, Gerard's a great brother. He's been so good, and everything. He pretty much took on the role of both parents at the age of fifteen. I was only twelve." So Gerard was the older sibling, I thought as much.

"What do you mean he took on the role of both parents?" I asked, curiosity evident in my voice.

He smiled, "Of course, you were only small at the time, you probably didn't even read or watch the news... Our parents died nine years ago."

As he said this, it hit me. Mikey Way and Gerard Way. I had heard them names before. I knew they sounded familiar. It was all over the news, and my parents would talk about it a lot. Excitement ran through me at that point as I remembered, "Of course! You're the Way siblings! Your names sounded so familiar, I just couldn't place them. Donna and Donald Way were your parents! They died in that car accident?" Mikey nodded, "It was bugging me so much. Now I remember, I watched the news." I laughed, but then... oh shit, "And... I'm really sorry for your loss."

Luckily, Mikey smiled, "Don't worry about it, it's fine. It was nine years ago." I smiled back.

Finally, Frank came back in with another coffee, "What did I miss?" After he finished his question, his tripped on something, which was clearly on the floor. Frank stumbled slightly, but couldn't keep his mug up right, and it spilt onto the table, and the floor, getting part of Gerard's arm, and his sketch book, "Whoa dude, I am so sorry, I tripped and..." His voice trailed off.

What happened next happened so quickly. Gerard completely lost control. He stood up quickly, his chair falling backwards and landing with a loud bang.

Mikey grabbed hold of me as Gerard pinned Frank to the wall and started hitting his face a few times. He pulled back his arm before throwing his fist into Frank's stomach. He groaned in pain as blood poured on his nose.

"Gerard stop it!" Mikey yelled, holding onto me, protecting me from his insane brother.

With a few more punches, Gerard let go of Frank. The poor guy sunk to the floor, holding his head.

Gerard was about to walk away, but turned back to kick Frank in the ribs. The his angered eyes fixed on me and he stomped over until he was inches from me. He grabbed hold of my face, making me look at him, "If you tell anyone about this, I'll break your fucking neck." He threatened.

He let go of me and grabbed his jacket, and removing himself from the house.
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