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We were frozen. The incident that had occurred was slowly sunk in. It just seemed too unreal. I was scared. Never in my life had I witnessed something like that. I hoped I didn't have to see anything like that again, or anything worse. I knew going back to school and seeing him would leave me feeling different. It wasn't going to be so easy not to be frightened of him when I had seen another side to him.

I'm sure Mikey was scared too. When Gerard had left Frank's house, he refused to talk to us for about an hour. I'm sure he had never seen his brother act that way before, and I'm sure Frank hadn't either. Poor Frank. I cleaned up all the blood. He was a bit woozy, and I told him to lay down on the couch, which he did, and he fell asleep.

When Mikey did finally talk again, he confirmed that Gerard had never acted like that, at least in front of him he didn't. I asked him what Gerard was normally like.

"Gerard is a generous person. He'll do anything to make sure other people are happy before himself. When our parent's died, he promised to take care of me, and to make sure I never got into any of the wrong shit. And he did. I don't know anybody who is as kind, and as thoughtful as Gerard, but now I'm not so sure."

After that, Mikey broke down in tears. I held him as he wept. It seemed odd, I didn't really know him, but it felt like I had known him for years, Frank too.

I hated Gerard more for making Mikey doubt what he thought of him.

Monday came round quickly. The weekend just didn't seem long enough. I wasn't really sure what was going to happen when I see Gerard. I had double Art with him this afternoon, and I had to pray that I wasn't going to be late. I couldn't let it happen. I didn't want it to be there, but that bit of fear inside of me was increasing every time I thought of the man.

I did my usual routine starting with the shower and finishing with the make-up, and went downstairs. My alarm worked this morning, and got up and ready in plenty of time. I still had half an hour before I had to leave for school.

To my surprise, when I went downstairs, both my parents were sitting at the table eating breakfast, my dad reading the newspaper. They were never here when I woke up. What was going on?

"What're you guys doing here? Don't you have work?" I asked, opening the fridge and reaching for banana smoothie.

Mom gave a small smile, "Good morning to you too. The hospital gave us a day off. They think we're working too hard. Anyway, what're you doing up so early?"

I raised an eyebrow, "I have school." I stated. Mom thought about that for a minute before remembering that Harry doesn't come to the house anymore to teach me. That reminds me, I would have to give him a call later as to why he never met me at the mall Saturday.

After finishing my smoothie, I decided to leave for school early to avoid the awkward silence between my parents and I. With a kiss from both of them, I left the house.

Unfortunately, the morning had gone incredibly fast. It's like the day knew I didn't want to go to Art, so it went quicker. So that meant Art would go extra slow. Fantastic.

I was on my way to the lunch hall to meet Delilah at the usual table. Well, it had been the usual table for just two days, but we called it the usual table. Delilah and I were starting to get to know each other better. We rarely ever had conversations that involved Mr Way anymore. Most of Friday was spent getting to know each other. I think the name came up just twice. Then in Geography, which I with Delilah for also, we talked like we were best friends.

As I had thought, Delilah was a different person from me. We had different tastes in just about everything. Music, movies, books, clothes...boys. I was more into rock music, whereas Delilah loved hip-hop, rap and R n B, though she didn't mind a few rock songs I had mentioned.. I loved horrors and comedies, she loved...I don't really know the genre of movie for Step Up, but also comedies too. The list of differences were endless, yet we were cool with each other.

I sighed, knowing lunch was going to go as quickly as it came. That sucked. Lunch was my favorite part of the day. I would miss it when it's over for today.

I was so deep in thought, that I didn't realize I had dropped my books on the floor until a male voice called me. I spun round, and was met with a boy I'm sure I had met before.

My attention then focused on my books, "Oh fuck. I'm so clumsy." I whispered, more to myself, as I collected the books.

The male chuckled, "No, I'm doing it all the time." He helped with the last few, and we stood up together.

I smiled nervously and thanked him, "Oh, no problem... You don't recognize me, do you?" He asked.

I shook my head, "Sort of, but not really, sorry."

He laughed again, and held his hand out to me, "Don't worry, I'm Tom Adams. I'm the guy who almost crushed you the other day in the library."

Suddenly, it came back to me, "Of course. How could I forget? I'm Sam." I shook his hand and he smiled warmly.

We talked more, while walking. I liked Tom. He was a sweet and funny guy, from what I could tell anyway. He was captain of the football team, but wasn't your average jock. Firstly, the only thing that made him a jock was that he played football. In his spare time, he liked to play guitar. He was a rock fan, like me, but did like other music too, like me also. He also had red spiky hair, which I thought was awesome. It kinda reminded me of Jimmy Urine's hair, only, not as crazy.

This is what I find so amazing at this school. All the time, I thought jocks were assholes who didn't waste their time on the 'emos' like me. But they were actually really nice people.

I invited Tom to sit with me and Delilah for lunch, and he accepted. Minutes later we were joined by his younger sister, Suzanne. The same Suzanne I had wanted to find, that had spoken to Gerard before my detention. The school was huge, yet I seemed to be making friends with people I've already seen.

Suzanne kept glancing at me through lunch. She must have remembered me from last week. And she must have known that I heard the conversation between her and Gerard, about her thinking she was pregnant. I'm sure, with the glances she kept giving me, she didn't want Tom to know, so I kept my mouth shut, but I will talk to her later.

It was nearing the end of lunch, and I was surprised that it went a lot slower than I thought it would, which I was glad of. But it was near the end of lunch, that I felt something I didn't think I would feel. Sorrow.

We were laughing about something Tom had done while playing football, when someone grabbed my arm. I looked to my right and Gerard was once more glaring at me, his hand firmly gripping onto my arm, "You. Me. Talk. Now." And he dragged me away from my new friends.

He took me to a long hall. There was a group of people there, but with one look from Gerard, they scurried away, leaving us alone.

Gerard pushed me against the wall, but not hard, almost gently, and looked me in the way, "Stay away from my brother." He growled, his hot breath hitting my face.

"Why? If Mikey wants to see me, that's his choice." I answered back.

The anger in his eyes softened ever so slightly, "Stay away from my brother." He repeated, "I don't want you asking him any questions about my life." Oh, so Mikey had told him that. They must be close if he told him that, even after his scare.

I was about to talk again but he cut in, "Samantha, listen to me for once! You don't wanna know about me. All you'll end up doing in ruining yourself, and me."

I furrowed my eyebrows, but said nothing, "Just stay away. Stay out of my life." He sounded angry, but more angry with himself than me.

I shook my head, "I don't understand what you're saying -"

The look in his eyes was the same as when I saw them in his car after detention. I didn't want to see them again, they were just... sad. There was too much pain there, I couldn't keep contact with them, "I'm not telling you because I don't want you in my life, I'm telling you for your own safety." What? He was protecting me? "Please. I'm begging you." He forced out. He didn't want to admit he was begging, but he felt he had no other choice.

I nodded my head slowly, "O-okay." I lied.

Luckily, he saw past that, "Thank you."

He let go of me, and I relaxed slightly from the wall. With one last glance, he turned away, walking in the direction of his room.

I couldn't possibly stay away from him now. There was so much I wanted to know about him. From the look in his eyes, he had been through a lot of shit. I needed to know what it was.
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