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As Frank drove me and Gerard to school, I re-thought my conclusion of Gerard. Not only was he a bully, and my bully, but he was also a pervert. He had to be, right? What he had said to me, he shouldn't have. It wasn't right for him to say that. Not just because he was my Art teacher, but because I was only seventeen. My leg still tingled from where he touched me, I hated it.

The rest of the way to school was filled with silence, except for the few questions from Frank to me, asking me about my new look, which I felt uncomfortable with knowing Gerard was listening now he was 'awake'.

When the car stopped, I said a quick bye to Frank before jumping from the car and running inside. I didn't want to have to spend anymore time with Gerard. I didn't have Art today. I was feeling happier already.

But I then felt sad again. I had no one to talk to about this. But even if I did, I don't think I would tell them anyway. People don't need to know that the new girl is being perved on by her Art teacher. People just didn't need to know that fact. But was it a fact? Or was it just part of his game? I was becoming bored. I didn't want to play any part in his little game. I wanted out. I knew that wasn't going to happen until he got what he wanted, whatever that was.

I was close to my homeroom when out the corner of my eye, I saw Suzanne and Tom standing together. They noticed me and waved, telling me to go over. I gave a smile as I went closer, "Hey guys."

They replied with the same before Tom spoke, in all seriousness, "Listen, Sam. I wanna thank you for what you did yesterday. You know? Helping my sister. I know not many people would do that with people they only just met."

Of course, her pregnancy. I almost forgot. I gave the siblings a smile, "Oh, it's fine. I couldn't just leave her. I was just helping out a friend." But then I looked to Suzanne, "We are friends right?" I didn't want to say anything that was untrue. I had met the girl just yesterday. It didn't mean we were friends.

Luckily, she gave me a smile, "Of course we're friends Sam!" Then she gave me a huge hug, "And I want to thank you too. I don't what I would have done without you."

"It's fine, really. I'm just glad everything is okay with you two. I was worried you'd get mad." I said to Tom. He shrugged a little, saying something about being a little mad, but he couldn't stay mad with his baby sister, "What about your parents? Do they know?"

Suzanne shook her head, but the smile stayed on her face, "No, though Tom wanted too. But I managed to convince him that I should see a doctor to confirm it before saying anything. I just couldn't keep it from my brother. He would have found out eventually anyway." Her older brother smiled down at her and hugged her lightly. I wish I had an older sibling. Suddenly, being an only child wasn't much fun.

I gave another smile, "Let me know how everything goes, yeah?" She told me she would. Then, a thought came to me, "Hey, does Delilah know?" I had almost forgotten about Delilah, I'm sure she'd be hurt if she found out she wasn't told about this. We were all a group a friends now.

"Uh, no she doesn't. I don't think I'll tell her for a while. Just keep it between us, yeah? You only know 'cause you heard me and Mr Way talking about it." I cringed at the name, but also saw Tom wasn't surprised to hear this. She must have told him that part. I just nodded, but feeling sad that she was being left out of this.

We soon changed the subject and got talking about my new hair and clothes. I was a little embarrassed, as not many people talk about me, and I didn't really like being center of attention. But they thought it was something cool to talk about. Tom, especially found the topic of me interesting.

After a few more moments, I told them that I should be going to Homeroom and said that I would see them later. Tom was quick to tell me that English was first period, and that he was in my class. Something I didn't even notice before.

As I turned the corner leading to, not only Homeroom, but my locker as well, I mentally rolled my eyes when standing in front of my locker, leaned against it, was Gerard. What was he doing now? Can't he just leave me alone? I sighed and continued to my locker, "Excuse me." I muttered, though I knew he wasn't going to move.

He ignored my comment, "We never finished talking yesterday, did we?" His voice was low, and bored. It was quite clear he didn't want to be here, so why was he? "But then that is your fault. If you hadn't gone through my things, we could have had a rather pleasant conversation for once. But I can't really say much about that now, as I said I had forgiven you for lacking brain cells."

Just like he did, I ignored what he was saying, "I have a class to get to. Now if you don't mind, I want to open my locker." Like I actually expected him to listen.

"About that Art competition. Are you interested?" He crossed his arms over his chest and stared at me closely, "If you are, you should know we'd have to spend a lot of time together. I wouldn't be over the moon about it, but it's what the school wants."

I glared at him. It was almost as if he were two different people, or three! The first being this horrible, harsh man in front of me, the second being the almost friendly, smiling guy from yesterday, or thirdly... that guy from this morning. I can still see the way his eyes looked at me... It sent a shiver through my body thinking about it.

But why was he asking if I were interested? If I was, which of the three men would I be seeing throughout the competition? I know which one I want to see, but which one would he want to be? I think it may be best to just say no.

"No." I stated simply.

Gerard looked almost shocked by my answer, "No?" He asked. I didn't answer, I just looked away from him, at the ground. He sighed, "No." He repeated before walking round me and away from me. I didn't feel bad about, yet it felt like I did. I saw the look of sadness in his eyes before looking away. But why would he feel sad? He hates me. It must just be part of his game. It had to be.

After getting my English book from my locker, I went on to Homeroom.

"Morning Sam, how are you this morning?" Mr Woodsen asked as I came into his room that morning. I was the first in his class for once. I guess I got here quickly, not wanting to run into Gerard again.

I smiled, "Hi sir. I'm good thanks, how about you?" He told me he was fine too and told me a little about his weekend. He had spent all of Saturday with his wife as it was their anniversary. I thought it was sweet.

I left him after a moment and sat in the back in my normal seat, waiting for the others to come in, "Oh Sam? Did you do the essay I set last week?"

Oh dear god, it completely slipped my mind, "Oh, I'm so sorry, I haven't. I forgot all about it and I've had other homework to do -" He silenced me with a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry about it. It's not your fault. You joined the class near the end of the book. Tell you what, I'll give you until after Christmas break, is that okay?" I smiled and thanked him just as the other students were coming into the classroom. I saw Tom walk in with a few of his football friends. He saw me, and his face lit up in a smile. He then turned to his friends, and they came and sat near me, Tom, of course, sitting next to me.

"HI Sam. Is it okay we sit here?" I nodded, and told him it was fine, to which he smiled at, "This is Johnny Smith and Reece Evans, they play for the school football team. Guys, this is Sam Phillips, the new girl and my new friend." Tom introduced us.

I recognized Johnny from yesterday's Art lesson. He had taken my seat at the front of the class, which meant I had to take his. I smiled warmly at them, "It's nice to meet you." I said shyly.

They said hi back, but Reece felt the need to say more, "So you're Tom's emo friend?" I felt my cheeks heat up. I hadn't ever been called the word before. I had never seen myself as one, and I felt embarrassed.

"Uh, I'm not emo, but I am his friend, yes." I looked at Tom for a second, but noticed he wasn't paying attention to me, but was in a heated conversation with Johnny.

Reece smiled, "Hey, it's okay if you are. I won't treat you any differently. Anybody who's a friend of Tom's is a friend of mine... We're best friends."

I smiled, starting to feel more comfortable with him, "Thanks Reece, but still, I'm not emo." He just nodded, but the smile stayed. He turned back when Mr Woodsen asked for every body's attention.

"Okay everybody settle down. Please could you take out your essays, anybody who hasn't done it will see me at the end of the lesson."

When the bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson, I packed my things away in my bag and followed Tom, Reece and Johnny out of the classroom. Johnny told me that the guys had football training for the next period, whereas I had Math. Tom said he could get me out of Math to watch their training if I wanted to.

As much as I would have liked to miss a Math lesson, football wasn't really my thing. They respected my opinion and told me to have a good lesson with Mrs Waterman, in a sarcastic tone of course.

After receiving a hug from each of them, they walked off in the opposite direction to which I was going. I couldn't help but have a smile on my face. People here were just so nice. When I turned, however, my happy mood slowly faded when I saw Gerard standing near by. What was with this guy? Did he not have a class just now?

I saw that he had a piece of plain paper in his hands and a black lid in his mouth. His eyes were concentrating on the piece of paper has his hand moved, either drawing or writing. I focused on him. Whatever he was doing was probably aimed at me, so I waited.

When he had done, he put the lid back on the sharpie and looked up at me, and oh yes, he was glaring. He turned the piece of paper and in big bold letters said the word Whore. I felt so angry, why was he being like this? It just wasn't normal for a person to act this way. Had I upset him that much earlier, or was it that I hugged my friends he assumed I was the word on the paper.

I sighed angrily and turned back and stomped down the hall, deciding that going the long way to Math was better than going that way.
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