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What Would Have Happened

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On December 28th, Frank, Mikey and Gerard would go to visit Sam. It wouldn't have been Gerard's choice to see her, but Mikey and Frank made him go with them. While they were there, Sam would get a call from the hospital to say Harry had been in a car accident. This was the reason Sam hadn't seen him in a while.
Frank and Mikey decide to leave, but Gerard would stay with her and then he would eventually take advantage of a vulnerable Sam and sleep with her. It would only be a short while after this that Sam would find out that it was Gerard who was watching her.

A few weeks later, Sam would have a pregnancy scare. At this point Gerard's behaviour towards her would change and they start an unlikely friendship. Sam soon starts to develop feelings for her Art teacher, completely unaware that Tom's own feelings for Sam were getting stronger.

A night in February, Sam would pass through a cemetery where she would see Gerard standing in the pouring rain by his parents grave with soaking flowers in his hands. Feeling sorry for him, Sam would ask Gerard if he is okay only for him to ignore her. Gerard stops her and tells her that the situation with his parents death isn't what everyone thinks it is.

Going back to Sam's, they sit in her room on her bed. With much persuasion, Gerard tells her that his parents didn't die in a car accident. They died at home in their kitchen with a fifteen year old Gerard watching. As he hid in a cupboard in the kitchen, he watched as people wearing masks shot down his parents before taking any money they could find. After they left, Gerard sat with his dying mum.

After finding out who kill his parents, Gerard wanted revenge. He took his dads car and hit the man responsible. It would be then that Sam would find out it was her uncle who killed Gerard's parents. Sam would tell Gerard her uncle had died after being in a coma for a year.

^ This is the link between Sam and Gerard and why her parents and Gerard and Mikey knew each other. Mikey didn't know who killed his parents, but knew that the two sets of parents were at one time friends.
Harry's car accident had nothing to do with any of this and his accident was just an accident.
Gerard never did tell his younger brother what really happened.
After his speech, Sam and Gerard lay side by side and slept. Sam feelings for him grew stronger.

After another week, Sam found out that Gerard was leaving the state for a vacation the school insisted his took. Sam found this the only time to tell Gerard how she truly felt, and raced to Frank's home to find him packing his car.
Sam would be shocked that Gerard did not return her feelings and went to his car without a word. It would be two months before Sam would see him again and finally start a relationship with him.

Finally on graduation day, Gerard and Sam revealed their relationship to the school, unaware that Tom would be left heartbroken.

During the summer, Sam would see Delilah and Suzanne, but the three are no longer friends because of what happened with Tom. Although she would feel guilty, Sam would spend her time now with Gerard, even if it didn't last forever.
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