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End Of Lifeline

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Blood drips on the floor, reddening her blue carpet I gasped and quickly got up from my bed. I opened my eyes and sighed. Good thing this is just a dream. Wait... Just a dream? Shit, it might be true. I got out from my afternoon nap and ran out of my house after grabbing a jacket. I stormed into their house, seeing that Avril and Pierre are in the middle of a heated conversation. I guess what I dream wouldn't have been true. They would have done something already if she did.

"Why are you being so stubborned?" Avril yelled. "Im not!" he yelled back. "Do you care about your sister at all? She loves David with all her heart and now you let David date some hoe and you suck for being fine with it" she said. "Phoebe distracted David from band practice Ellie doesn't. Ellie is not a hoe!" Pierre defended my girlfriend. I didn't know what to think. "Pierre I know the reason, you wouldn't let Sebby take her either you know what that tells me?" she asked. "What?" he rolled his eyes.

"You don't want your sister to be happy because your still mad that I broke up with you!" she shouted. Pierre looked down at his feet. "You know I'm right, get over yourself!" with that she left the defeated Pierre and became face to face with me. "Uh David?" she raised her eyebrows. "Hi" I said and walked over to Pierre. "Hey dude" I greeted. I still wondered if that's true. Is Pierre getting rid of Phoebe's hapiness because he's jealous of it? That he's not living a good life after Avril dumped him?

"Hey" he greeted sadly. "Hey can I check on your sister? I had a dream that she cut herself" I said, feeling a bit crazy or psycho. "Um sure?" he looked at me weirdly which explains everything. I ran up the stairs and knocked on Phoebe's door. No one responded so I opened the door, relieved that it's not locked. I stared at the view, wideeyed. What I had dreamed had been true. "Phoebe!!" I shouted as I ran over to her. She was unconcious and blood coming from her wrists all over the floor. "Pierre!!!" I shouted as loud as I can.

"What dude?" he asked coming up. "Call 911!!" I yelled. "Why do I..." he stopped when he went inside. He saw Phoebe lying there and ran to his room to get the phone. Then a few minutes later paramedics began coming into the house. They got Phoebe and brought her into their van. They drove off as me ad Pierre began calling people. I called Avril and Sebastian while Pierre called Chuck and Jeff. I was suddenly worried. What have I done? I became a monster. Causing the girl that I love to cut across her wrists. Then I thought about Ellie. I didn't know if I really liked her.

I got into Pierre's car and he drove to the hospital. We got there and rushed out of the car and into the receptions desk. "Name sir" the lady asked. "Phoebe Bouvier" Pierre said. "Room 601" the lady said after checking the computer. "Thanks" I said as we rushed up the stairs. We got to the sixth floor and found the room were a doctor is waiting. "How is Phoebe?" Pierre asked as soon as he saw the doctor. I guess he loves his sister after all. That makes two of us. "She is still unconcious, murmuring your name which means that you must be David" he said to Pierre.

"Um... I'm David" I volunteered. "Oh okay then you can go on ahead to see Ms. Bouvier, she's not awake yet though, we are still running some tests but only David can come see her now under this condition" he explained. "Thank you doctor" I walked into the room to see Phoebe lying there so lifeless. It kills me so much to see her like this and to know they I'm the cause of this. "David.... David... David" she repeated. "Phoebe, I'm here I love you" I said to her even though I know she won't hear me. I held her hand and noticed the cut on her wrists.

My name was ingraved on it. I am the cause of this. Why did I have to be such a jackass? Why can't I just tell Pierre to fuck off when he told me to dump his sister? Why did I have to pretend to get over her? When Phoebe is lying in the hospital bed, not knowing if she'll be dead or alive. "Phoebe I know you can't hear me but I'm going to say this, please I'm sorry for all the shit I've done, I love you and I always have been, I didn't mean to pretend I'm over you, I still love you please live through this for me, please stay alive for me, I'd do anything for you to be with me"


I sighed. Phoebe is in the hospital. I'm worried as hell. Only David is allowed in for some unknown reason. I swore silently to myself. She's my sister, why can't I visit my sister when her ex-boyfriend can. "Is she okay?" Seb asked as he rushed over to me. "I don't know they won't let me see her only David was allowed" I explained. "Why is that? Dave was the one who caused this and he doesn't deserve it" he shouted. "Stop blaming on poor Dave he feels bad enough" Avril said appearing behind him.

"Im worried as hell" he continued. "And you think I'm not?" I asked. "Your basically the cause of this" Avril said. "Why is everyone blaming on me and David?" I shouted. "Then who do we blame?" Avril shouted back at me. I didn't know who to blame. But I knew that Avril was right once again. "Is everything alright here?" a nurse asked. "Yeah just some cockly dumbass who thinks it isn't his fault that his sister cut her self when he is" she said to the nurse. I rolled my eyes at her as the nurse nodded and walked away. Jeff and Chuck came in with Ellie.

"Who told her?" Avril shouted. The guys looked at each other and then looked away. Ellie rolled her eyes and sat next to me. "Is she alright?" Ellie asked me. "Why the hell would you care?" Avril shouted at Ellie. "Yo Avril chill" I said to her. "What now why are you defending her? She might have been at least one forth of the reason why Phoebe is doing this" Avril shouted back at me. Then David came out the room, looking a bit depressed. "How is she?" I asked. "They said that she might or might not wake up" he said sadly. "Fuck!" Seb shouted. "What are we going to do?" I asked. "Just wait?" David sighed as he took a seat next to Ellie who put her arms around him.


Everyone already left and I'm the only one staying here. The doctors told me that she's in a coma. The drugs and the lack if blood is effecting her systems. How am I ever going to live this down? How do I live without Phoebe. She was my everything. She still is. I dropped her hand gently on her lap before moving to the sofa in the room. It is already midnight and I told the doctors I have to stay until she wakes up. If she wakes up. I shuddered. I watched Phoebe lay there lifelessly until I fell asleep myself. I pray that she will wake up healthy and alive.

The next morning I woke up to find a nurse checking on Phoebe. "Hows she doing?" I asked which made the nurse jump for she thought I was still asleep. "I don't know but we have to just wait and see" she gave me an apologetic look. She couldn't tell me if the love of my life is going to be alive or not. I went downstairs to the cafe to get breakfast. I brought the food upstairs and saw that Phoebe is still laying dead. I sat down next to her and began eating.

Three days later, I woke up to find Avril, Seb, and Pierre there. "You guys can look at her" a nurse told them. They nodded and walked in. "Hey I brought in some fressh clothes for you" Pierre gave me a bag of clothing for I have not left the hospital since that day. I've been in here, waiting for Phoebe to wake up. "She looks so peaceful" Avril said, examining her. "Yeah I'm not even sure if she wants to come back" Pierre added. "Guys this is all my fault, I'm such a fucking jackass, I fucking hate myself. Why did I let this happen? I ruined her life. It kills me so much seeing her like this. Guys what do I do? I can't wait anymore, people keep telling me to wait, I don't know if she's going to make it or not" I realize I'm beginnging to cry.

"Dave" Avril patter my shoulders. "Im sorry you have to go through this, and we've all been blaming on you, we're sorry well me and Sebby here are" she said. "As long as Phoebe is going to be fine, anything else will be fine" I said, wiping my tears. The guys stayed for a while before leaving. Then an hour later, Ellie came into the room. "Hey El what are you doing here?" I asked. "To see you guys" she said. "Oh okay" I nodded. "And I also needed to talk to you" she said.

"Okay" I nodded. "David please don't lie okay?" she asked sternly. "Um okay?" I raised y eyebrows. "Do you love me?" she asked. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't look at her in the eyes and say I love her, Because I don't. I shook my head. "You love her" she said. "I well yeah" I admitted. "Sorry" I added. "David, I knew you loved her right from the start, you don't have to lie to me, first I already know you still have feelings for her and you stay here 24/7 for her, you do love her, hold onto her and don't ever let her go" she said. I nodded. "Thanks"

"Look I'll drop by at times to see how she is but I gotta go now okay?" she asked. I nodded and she headed out. Then she came back, "And also can I see other guys now?" she asked. I laughed and nodded. "Thanks bye" and she left. I sighed. She east as bitchy as I thought. Now I'm just waiting for a miracle to come. The miracle of Phoebe opening her eyes and me being able to see those beautiful brown eyes again. I walked over to her and stroked her light brown hair.


"Dude you need to get over yourself" Seb told me as we were sitting in my living room. "About what?" I asked. "Avie" he said. "What are you talking about?" I asked. "You love her" Jeff added. "Guys stop" I demanded. "Pierre go see other girls be the player you used to be, whatever makes you happy we are tired of seeing you Bouviers living in vain" Chuck said. "Hey Chuck?" I began. "Yeah?" I sighed. "How did you get over my sister?" I asked. Chuck got over Phoebe sometime ago. "I just began thinking about other things and seeing her with David I knew she was safe so that's how I got over her"

"How am I ever going to get over Avril?" I asked. "It takes time and fate, you'll move on with your life, make something of your life then you'll be too busy to fall or Avril all over again"
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