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The Wake

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I give up. She's never going to wake up. I know it so. She died. She did. I can feel it within me. All these medical people were no help. Telling me, all you can do is wait. I can't wait. Waiting is not going to heal her. What can I do? Sit there all day, holding her dead body against mine? How am I ever going to live this down. How can I live another day knowing Phoebe, the women I loved is dead? I blame myself. I can never look at myself the same again. If Mrs. Bouvier were still alive, she'd be very ashamed with me. I would be ashamed too.

I was beginning to cry. I also feel bad for Pierre. Phoebe was the only family member left and she is going to die, leaving him famililess. I didn't want that for my best friend. This is all my fault. Why can't I get a second chance for my mistake. Everyone seem to get a second chance but I didn't. I didn't think it was fair. Phoebe didn't deserve to drown in this misery. I did. I deserve to be the one lying in the hospital bed, dying. I held onto her hand softly.

Two days later, still nothing happened. My parents have been begging me to come home. I couldn't come. They want me to go back to school. I couldn't do that knowing Phoebe is lying in the hospital bed, dead. Maybe she is dead and I'm just wasting my time here. But what time?I got time in my hands. In Phoebe's hands. When she decides to wake up. I would invite her with open arms, problem is, would she do the same? After everything I've done to her. It has been two weeks since she has been here. Since I have been here.

When is she going to wake up? "David..." she purred my name softly. "Phoebe" I kissed the top of her hand. "David... Don't go" she said. "Im right here, I'll always be here. And I will until you wake up. I will leave if you want me to. I promise" I said to her. "Really?" her eyes shot open which made me jump. Overwhelm washed over me. "Phoebe!" I hugged her.


He walked over to me and kissed me. We were on top of the world "David..." I murmured. I can feel David's presence. I wasn't sure though. Maybe I'm just crazy. "Phoebe" his soothing voice calmed me down. I feel his lips on the top of my hands. "David... Don't go" I said, I didn't want him to leave. I want him to stay here with me. "Im right here. I'll always be here until you wake up. I will leave if you want me to" he said. My eyes were still closed. I didn't want this to be a dream. "Really?" I managed to get my eyes open.

"Phoebe!" he hugged me. "Dave" I smiled. "Phoebe, I'm sorry" he said, he seem to be smiling now which made me happy. "How long have I been here two hours?" I asked. "Uh... Two weeks" he said. "Two weeks?" I asked. "Yeah you were in a coma" he said. "Really? And you happen to be here when I wake up, wow thats good" I smiled. "No Ms. Bouvier, the gentlemen stayed here for two weeks. Good to see you have woken up" one of the nurses wrote something in the clipboard and left.

"Phoebe I'm sorry" he said again. Why is he apologizing? "Its not your fault" I said. "It is that you did this to yourself" he said. Then I remembered why I was here. My love for David and him putting it in vain which caused me to cut myself and doing drugs. "I didn't do that because of you, I did it because Pierre won't let me date Sebastian" I lied. He sighed and shook his head. "Phoebe don't lie to me" he showed me my wrists which his name was scarred in. "Okay maybe I did it because of you"

"Phoebe you know I love you" he held my hand gently. "You didn't. If you did, you wouldn't have been treating me like crap and moving on this fast with Ellie. I know your sorry but not because you love me, it's because of guilt" I said, saying excatly what was on my mind. He got up, "What? You thought I stayed here over guilt??" he yelled. I nodded. Then someone knocked on the door. Ellie came in. "See?"

"David may I talk to Phoebe in private please?" she asked him. He nodded. I shot him a warning glare which he ignored. What was he doing? This girl can put me back in a coma and kill me and he isn't guilty enough to keep his angry girlfriend away from me. I sighed as David left. I looked at her and she smiled as she sat down to where Dave was. "The nurse told me you were finally awake when I came" she said brightly. "Oh" was all I said. I didn't know what her deal was.

"And I was waiting for you to wake up" she continued. "So you can kill me in your own hands?" I said more like a joke. "Phoebe, I know you don't like me, but I didn't want us to end on this term" she said which surprised me. What happen to the angry emo bitch she once were? "David loves you" she said. "What?" I asked. "Yeah, he never did stop, thats why I hated you because I was jealous but you know what? I can't stick with David when his heart is telling me that his heart belongs to you"

"Really?" I asked. "Yes, is there anything I can do for you? I'm sorry by the way" she apologized. "Its fine now I guess, but can you do me a favor?" I asked. "Yeah anything" she promised. "Can you get David in here no matter how mad he is at me for accusing him?" I begged. She smiled and nodded. Then she left the room. Few minutes later, David came back. "Dave I'm sorry I love you" I told him. I began to cry. My life is so messed up. He came over to me and hugged me. "I love you too beautiful now don't cry" he wiped my tears. "My life sucks"

"No it doesn't I'm here" I wanted to believe him. "But Pierre..." he interupted me, "Pierre can kiss my ass" we laughed. I didn't know what came over me but I pulled his face toward mines and kissed him. I missed that. I miss him so much. "I love you" I whispered. "You know I love you too, I never stopped" he stroked my cheeks when Pierre came in. "Phoebe your awake?" He ran over to me and hugged me. "Phoebe I'm so glad your still here I thought you were gone and I was so worried" he hugged me tightly. "Pierre I won't leave without saying goodbye I promise"

"Dont ever leave me please" he kissed my forehead. "Ill try" I giggled. "Haha very funny Phoebe" he smiled. "Where Avie?" I asked. "I don't know" my brother shrugged. "Ill call her" David said, leaving the room. "Pierre can I ask you one thing?" I asked. "Yeah what?" he smiled. "Are you okay?" I have been wanting to ask him that for a long time. "Yeah I am now why?" I sighed, "You didn't seen fine before" I said. "Oh okay" I decided to let the subject drop.

"Phoebe!" Avril ran inside the room to hug me. "Avie!!" I hugged her tightly. I didn't know what to say since the last time I saw her. About David? About Sebastien? Taking about Seb. What happened that day? I wonder what will happen next. "I missed you" she said. "Same here" I said even though it felt like I've been asleep for two hours. "We were all so worried about you" she said. "Especially Sebastien" she added. "Really?" I asked. She nodded. "Where is he?" I asked. She shrugged.

"Call him" I ordered. Maybe the guys are doing that. They must be calling everyone telling the you woke up. And twenty minutes later, Seb bursted into the room. "Phoebe" he hugged me. "Hey Sebby" I smiled. "I was so worried that you'd never wake up" he said. "How have you been?" I asked. Many things can happen in two weeks right? "Not good but now I am" he smiled. We just smiled at each other for moments before he broke the comftablr silence, "You love him" it wasn't even a question. I know who he was talking about. Anyone would.

"Seb I..." I didn't know what to say. Does he love me? I know David does. How does Seb feel about me? "Phoebe I like you well I like you a lot but if you like I mean love David it's fine with me, I think you and him should start enjoying your lives while you can" he said. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. "Seb what about you?" I asked. "Ill be fine, I like you and I would want you to be happy" he told me. "How much longer do I have to stay here?" I asked. "Your leaving tomarrow" Pierre popped his head into the room. "Sweet!"


I held Phoebe's hand as I drove to her house. She haven't been there for weeks and same with me. I finally got out of the hospital. I'm also glad that she's fine. Also Pierre said I can go back to dating his sister. Which means I can be with her. She said she loved me, everything can go back to the way they were before this mess right? Everything is fine now? Only time will tell.

We got out the car and went into her room. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. "The doc said you need to rest" I said. "I don't want to" she pouted. "Well you have to, not having makeout sessions with a hot guy" I said. She smirked and kissed me again. "Okay but you have to stay here with me" she said. "Okay fine I've been doing that for the past two weeks so it can't hurt now can it?" I helped her to her bed and I slid next to her as I wrapped my arms around her, waiting for her to fall asleep.
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