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God Knows What Your Doing

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Chapter seventeenie!!

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"Seb your sucha liar!" I laughed as I hit him on the back of his head. He told me the homework was chapter two through fourteen and I actually did it. We just needed to read up to chapter seven. Thats what I get from being in a coma and missing school work for two weeks. "Oops sorry" he giggled. "No your not" I chuckled. The teacher continued her boring history lesson. I yawned, just like old times. Nothing much has changed during that two and a half week. Life has been the same. The bell rang. "Hey Sebby you coming over after school?" I asked. "You know it"

Lately Sebby always comes over. We have that history project we had to work on together and ended up watching wacky movies with each other. We are a little insane but I like it that way. And by the way, my boyfriend is insaner and thats why I love him so so much. "Damn it I can't find my cellphone" Leah complained as she flipped through her bag. "Find it bitch!" I shouted. Leah flicked me off and continue to look for it. Me and Seb bursted out laughing. "Shit it's not there!!" she yelled. "Let me help you" I took her bag away from her and looked inside. I unzipped the little pocket inside and there was a little pink covered sidekick.

I smirked and took it out. "Oh my god, Phoebe you are to best!" she thanked me. "I know" I bragged. "Ms Bouvier!" I turned around to see the principal. "Yeah?" I asked. "Come to my office after school" he said. I nodded before he walked away. "Bye Sebby!!" I hugged him goodbye before I headed off to my next class, sitting down next to Avril in the back. The net few classes come and gone and it was lunch time. I've been back at school for three days and nothing has changed as I expected. Most people thinks I had a flu so I was absent for two weeks.

I wouldn't tell them that I got upset over my boyfriend and tried to commit suicide. I'd give them a story to tell. Even Leah my good friend doesn't know. "Hey babe" I feel an arm around me as I was in my locker. "Hey" I turned to face him and kissed his lips. "Hows the day treating ya?" he asked. "Pretty good, Sebby lied to me and made me read seven extra chapters of boring history though" I pouted. "Haha" he laughed. "Not fair" I muttered. Seb walked over to us. "Lets go eat!" he yelled. We went inside the lunch room to eat. Then we ate lunch and finished the rest of the day.

Me and Seb got into his car and he drove to my house. I told David we still got a project to do. We did and we needed to get it done. We for into my room and I took out the board. We searched on the net and found pictures with acurste information of the Ancient Romans. I printed the infos out of my color printer and we began cutting the things out. "Pass me the glue stick Sebby" I said with a scissor in my mouth while I tried to hold all the paper in place one the cardboard. He chuckled and handed me the gluestick. He helped me paste the papers onto their spot and we cut out more pictures.

"Phoebe!" Pierre called from downstairs. "What??" I asked. "Come here" he said. "Ugh I'm too lazy to get up" I yelled. "Too bad" he shouted. "Fine!" I muttered. I got up from my sitting position and walking carefully through the paper. I tripped over a roll of tape and fell on Seb. "Damn it, sorry" I muttered. He helped me up. "Its fine" he shrugged. I smiled and walked downstairs to Pierre. "Hey Pierre what do you want?" I asked. "I got you something" he said, almost squealing, which seems pretty odd. "What?" he pulled me into the living room and reached for a white plastic bag on the couch.

"Here" he gave me the bag. I opened it and I saw a brand new iPod touch. That new device from apple. It was one if their new creations. "Damn Pierre, thanks so much you are the best brother ever" I hugged him. "Your welcome" he cleared his throat. "Uh... what?" I asked. "Too tight" he said. "Oops sorry bro" I let go of him. "How are the Bouviers doing tonight?" David asked coming into the room. "Phoebe Bouvier just got a new iTouch from her brother!" I shouted excitedly.

"Wow, I want one! Not fair!" he shouted childishly. "Now look whos talking?" I smirked. Seb came downstairs since I've been down for a pretty long time now. "Hey Sebastien, I got a iPod touch!!!" I yelled running towards him with my new device. "Wow I want one since I saw the commercial" he said. "Oh well haha I beat you to it" I rubbed it in his face. "Wait doesn't it come it tomarrow?" David asked all of a sudden. "Yeah" Pierre nodded. "Then how'd you get it?" Seb asked. "Uh this girl I met well she knows some people from the apple company" he shrugged.

"A girl? Tell me about it!" I slid next to him, elbowing him. He blushed as me and the other guys tried to get information out if him. It took a while until he gave in. "Her name is Lachelle okay??" he practically yelled. "Where'd you meet her?" Seb asked. "FYE" he shrugged. "Is she tall?" David asked. Pierre shrugged. "Does she have big boobs?" I asked. "What the fuck! Why are you guys interrogating me?" he yelled. We all laughed like five seconds later. "Wow now everyone found someone, Chuck and Leah were heating up" David said. "And Jeff and that new girl from French class" I added.

"Avril and the guy we met at the skatepark!" Seb continued. "But I realized..." David went deep into thoughts. "Seb, you haven't found yours" I said to him, looking deep into his blue eyes, trying to get something out of it. "I..." everyone stared at him. He looked at me and smiled sheepishly. I showed a crooked grin. "I found someone alright. I just couldn't get her" he looked at me and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back. I could tell that I have some feelings for this guy. But am I allowed to? When I'm in such a healthy relationship. Okay maybe not do healthy but a nice relationship.

"Aww poor Sebby, you'll find your girl one day" Pierre teased as he chubbied his cheeks. He frowned and I found myself frowning too. I didn't know what to feel so I decided to grab Pierre's car key from the counter and head out the door. "Be right back" I went out the door and went for a drive. I didn't know what feeling I had now. Was I really in love with Sebastien? But I loved David to death. My love for David is unmistakable. After I found out I'd hurt myself over him. It means he is good enough for me or too good for me. I drove around the block several times, not knowing what I can do next.

I had to think straight before I went back there. I realized that I was already dark outside. I'm still thinking about Sebastien. How can I deny my love for him. And yet I cannot deny my love for David. I slapped myself to keep me thinking straight. I decided to finally drive home I'd they'd think I got raped somewhere or something. I chuckled at my own stupid thoughts. I drove home and got into the house. "Where have you been?" Pierre asked. "I drove around town, I just was lazy to finish up that project" I said, first excuse popping out of my head. "Wow Desrosiers, your girlfriends lazy" Pierre said to David.

"But gotta love her" he pulled me closer to him and he kissed me on my forehead. "Band practice tomarrow?" Seb asked the guys. They both nodded. "Where?" David asked. "At Chucks?" Seb suggested. "Why?" Pierre asked. "I left my guitar there last time" he said. I sighed. The attention was back to me. "Im going to sleep I'm tired" I complained. "Oh lets go clean up the project and we'll continue tomarrow or the day after if any of us are busy" me and Seb walked to my room to clean our work up. I picked up all the marker from the floor. Seb got up from the floor and hit my elbow with his head by mistake, causing me to drop the markers.

"Sorry" he bent down to retrieve the markers. I smiled at him. Is what I feel for this guy love? Oh shut the fuck up Phoebe you love David remember? I slapped myself before he handed me the markers. "Uh you okay?" he raised his eyebrows. "Trying to keep myself from falling asleep" that was a good excuse too" he laughed before we both went downstairs. "So guys I'm going to hop out of here" he told us. "Bye Sebby" I waved. "Bye dude" the guys said their goodbyes and he left. "Hey it's getting late, shouldn't you go home?" Pierre asked David.

"Your not getting rid of me this easy buddy" David patted on his shoulders. "God David, shouldn't your parents be worried that your here all the time?" Pierre asked. "No not at all" he shook his head. I chuckled. Now I know why I love David. There is just so much to him that I love every piece of. "Come on David your parent would me worried if you get home this late" Pierre continued. "Dude it's only eight" David pointed at the clock. I bursted out laughing as I looked at the digital clock. They looked at me with their eyebrows raised.

"Come on David ill give you ten dollars if you leave" Pierre offered. "Okay, hand it over" my boyfriend held hid hand out. My brother took his wallet out and gave him a ten dollar bill. "Later babe" he kissed me before he headed out the door. "Was that even worth ten dollars?" I asked Pierre the second he left. "Yes it is" he said and upstairs. I followed him up. I went into my room and went to sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about Sebastien. Why? I love David. David loves me. But everytime Seb is around me I get butterflies in my stomach. Well started from when I got out of the hospital. What is this? A sign of something?

I woke up by the sound of my alarm clocks I hit snooze about five times before I actually woke up. I got ready and went downstairs. "Morning bro" I put my bookbag on the sofa. "Morning sis" he muttered. We ate breakfast in silence as usual. David bursted in to break the silence as usual. He eat with us and bring me to school as usual. We got to the school and went inside. "Hey guys!" we turned around to see Seb running to us. My stomach churned. Well not literally but I guess there goes that freakin butterfly again.

"Hey guys!" Avril jumped on David's back, causing him to jump. We all cracked up. "Avril do you want to go to Dana's Cafe after school?" I asked. I really needed to tell her about the Seb and David situation. "Um sure" she nodded. "The guys have band practice anyways so yeah" I shrugged. The day went by fast as things between me and Sebby haven't changed. Well for me. I got into my locker and Avril met me there. "Avril lets go" I told her as we went into Pierre's car. I put his car key in the ignition and drove off.

We got to the cafe and went inside. We ordered our food as we talked about random things. "I need to ask for advice and it's very important" I said. "Phoebe tell me anything" she said. "Okay but you cannot tell anyone" I warned. "Promise bitch" she said. "Good. Okay well this started when I got out of the hospital" I started. "Well it's about Sebastien. I feel like I have feelings for him somehow. It's like everytime I'm around him, I get nervous this tingly feeling that won't go away. Then there's David. He's just being David the usual David that I love

And I didn't know if I really love Seb or if I really love Dave. I just don't know what do I do best friend?" I asked. "Hmm... So let me get this straight. So you like Seb but your going out with David. You have feelings for Sebby and don't know if you have feelings for him or Davey? So you love Sebastien" she stated. I shrugged and then I hear loud footsteps coming towards us. I looked and saw David walking furiously toward us, more like me. Had he heard it all? Of course he did, he wouldn't look so angry if he didn't.

Avril looked at me alarmed. "Dave" I got up. "You don't love me" was all he said then he walked away. I followed him. "No David I do" I yelled, desperate for him to believe me. "You love Sebastien" he said. "How much did you hear?" I asked. "The part you have feelings for Seb and going out with me" he said. He didn't hear the whole thing. He didn't get the whole story right.

"I thought you loved me" he said, looking hurt. "I do David I still do I love you" I hugged him to which he pulled away. "Your just using me to get to Sebby. I'm glad I came over to hear from your friend Avril that my girlfriend loves another man. Bye Phoebe" with that he left.
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