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Just Let It Be

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Chapter eighteen- final chapter!!

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I feel like crap. David thinks I didn't love him. I mean maybe I do like Sebastien a bit. But that is nothing compared to my love for David. He just heard one little piece of everything and believe it. He didn't even know the truth. I would never use him to get closer to Seb. I don't use people. I'd never done that in my whole life. "Phoebe, time to eat!!" Pierre shouted from downstairs. "Im not hungry!" I yelled. I felt like complete crap. I didn't need to face Pierre.

He probably thinks I'm a hoe. David probably told him. He was probably mad at Seb. The innocent guy who has no idea what I'm feeling. Dave wouldn't even hear me out. How is this going to work? Seeing him everyday, feeling myself breakdown. Mixed emotions everytime I see him. I would be all mad at him for not trusting and believing in me. After he knew me for this long. Then I felt bad that I had this feeling for Sebby. This is one silly unforgettable mistake ill never forgive myself in.


"Dude band practice today!" Jeff shouted. "Im not going" I mumbled. "Oh yes you are" Jeff said. "Why am I going again?" I asked. "Because you are a bass player of our amazing band ad if you don't come to practice, we'll make you break up with Phoebe again" he said. "Its okay you can save that problem, because that hoe loves Sebastien!!" I yelled and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door as loud as possible. I turned the lock. I didn't want to look pathetic. But I am.

Why have I ever believe in every word Phoebe said. She was going to break up with me for Sebastien. I should never have ever believed every 'I love you's she said to me. Why am I so gullible? Because I was so in love with her that I never really saw anything else, especially the backstabbing. "David?" Jeff pounded on the door. "Go away Jeff!" I yelled. "Dude, talk to me" he shouted. "No" I said. I began lying down on the cold floor.

(Three Days Later)

I put my books in my locker. I couldn't face anybody. I can't look at them the same anymore. My mom and dad abandoned me when I needed them. I needed that support. But they were never there these days. They go to work and all those parties they come home late at. Jeff couldn't stop bothering me about the incident. Chuck just sided with Phoebe. Pierre is always with that Lachelle girl. Pat seem distant lately. And of course I can't do anything with Sebastien. He was the center of me and Phoebe's problem.

"Hey" a nervous voice said behind me. "Hi" I turned around and sighed at the owner of the voice. "Im sorry, I didn't like him as much as I loved you, I swear" she said. "Phoebe, don't lie to me, now I'm out of your way, you can just easily fall into his arms now, I heard that he like you too" I said. "Dave, no, don't say that. I did love you, there was love here" she pleaded. "Phoebe, I knew there is no love here" I shook my head and walked away. I couldn't believe or trust her anymore. I already did and look what I've become.

"David!" Avril appeared behind me. "What do you want?" I demanded. "Phoebe is not lying, she had a feeling about Seb and that's it. I promise, she told me she loved you and didn't know what to do. Can you just believe her?" she yelled. "I can't anymore. I don't need you to make a twist out of the real story. The real story I know all about. All the time she spend in that room working on their 'history' project, I truly know what's going on in their. She's nothing but a cheater, good for nothing whore" I walked away. "Shes not a whore!"

I kept walking and walking. Why does all of My relationship go downhill? I truly thought Phoebe was the one for me. I thought we were a couple made in heaven. But I guess I was wrong. There is no love between us. It was all nothing but a lie. I slid into my seat and put my head down. Ignoring all my surroundings.


Phoebe and David have acted very weird lately. They haven't shown any affection. They both seemed upset. I tried asking them what was wrong. They'd scream random French words at me and leave, slamming the door loudly. Phoebe wouldn't come down to dinner. David wouldn't come to band practice anymore. I'm beginning to worry that their relatioship didn't turn out for the good. "Lachelle, are you up for Dana's Cafe tonight?" I asked my new girlfriend. "Yeah that's great" she kissed me and headed for her class.

"Hey dude" I turned around to see Jeff. "Hey what's up?" I waved. "Somethings up between Dave and Phoeb and it ain't pretty" he said. "Yeah, something serious happened" I said. "Have you tried confronting them?" he asked. "Yeah, nothing but loud French swear words" I answered. "Something to do with 'that hoe loves Sebastien!'" he said. "What?" I raised my eyebrows at him. "I don't know, David was pretty upset" Jeff said. "Well what do we do?" I asked, I wanted things to go right between them. "We'll just have to wait and see" he answered and we walked to our class together.


I feel rejected. I felt untrusted. I felt like the fucking hoe David made me look like. "Hey what's with you and Dave these days? I've noticed" Seb said, putting a hand on my shoulder. "Please just leave it" I said. "Okay but when you're ready to talk, ill be here" he said. "Okay thanks" I couldn't tell him what really happened. Nobody would understand. It'll me more people thinking I'm a whore, a slut, or any of these crap I'm not. Am I a whore just for having a tiny feeling for another guy while in a relationship? It's not like I've did anything with Seb. Only history projects.

Talking about the project, "The Rome project is due tomarrow so be ready to present with your partner" the teacher said as the bell rang. We got out of our seat and I ran over to Avril. "I talked to David" she said. "Oh" I didn't know what to do anymore. He won't trust me so I guess we'll just have to let it be. "He still believes you cheated on him" she continued. "Why? Why does he have to be like that? Can't he trust me?" I shouted. "He thinks you and Seb were doing something in your room, during the history project moments" she explained. "So he thinks me and Seb weren't doing our history project but something else?"

She nodded. "That fucking bastard, I don't care about him anymore" I tried to convince myself that same thing. I couldn't though. We walked to our next class. The bell rang as we took our seat. The day went by and it's still fucked up like it already is. I threw all my books into my locker as I rushed to leave. I turned from my locker to see Pierre walking over here. "Hey" I said weakly. "Hey, Phoebe, please tell me what's going on" he begged. "That fucking bastard thinks I'm doing something else with Sebby on that history project"

"So he thinks your cheating on him?" he asked. "Yeah" I nodded. "Oh" he walked over to his car as I followed him. He drove me home. I got out the car and ran to my room. Once again, I slammed the door. Another useless day. I sat on my bed for about two hours doing absolutely nothing. Pierre knocked on my door. "What?" I asked annoyed. "Come to my room, I need to show you something" he said. I didn't feel like arguing with him so I just unlocked my door and followed him to his room. What is the harm of walking into Pierre's room?

"What did you wanted to show..." I became face to face with David. "Hey what is she doing here? You said she was out of the house!" too late, Pierre already ran out the room. I ran to the door, turning the handle that happened to be locked. "Fuck!" I yelled. "Work your problems out" Pierre said. "Pierre you suck!" David yelled. "Start talking, work your problems out!" he yelled. "Okay, Phoebe you cheated on me, problem solved" David yelled. "I didn't cheat on you!" I yelled back.

"Dont lie to me Phoebe, I know you and Sebastien weren't really doing your history project in your room" he said. "We were, why wouldn't you believe me?" I shouted. "Because your not worth beliving in" he said. "Thats not what you thought months before this" I said. "Yeah things change, people change, feelings change" he said. "Yeah things sure have changed. You changed. Your feelings for me changed" I said. "Your the fucking whore who told me you loved me and didn't mean a thing"

"Who said I didn't love you?" I shouted. "What Avril said the other day says it all" he answered. "No it doesn't, I loved you I guess not anymore" I shrugged. I felt like crying but I'm not going to show him I am weak. "Your a fucking whore, using me and Sebastien, does he know about this?" he asked. "Apparently not because you didn't tell him" I said coldly. "Why am I suppose to tell him, he probably knows I still love you but doesn't care" he shouted. "You got it all wrong Desrosiers, you should get the story straight before accusing"

"You slept with me and then my friend, how can I ever believe you let alone forgive you, you dirty slut!" that was it, I slapped him hard across the face. "You bitch" he held his hand out. I pushed him against Pierre's bed as he shouted in pain. I striked him as hard as I can with my fist. He pushed me away from him and slapped me. I kicked and punched him. Pierre obviously heard what's going on here so he opened the door. I was still hitting my ex boyfried.

"Phoebe, stop, your not making this situation any better" he tried to pull me away from David. I shook him off of me and continued beating David. He kicked me a few times also. "You fucking bitch" he muttered. "Im not a dirty slut" I growled through my teeth. "Phoebe stop!" Pierre kept shouting as he pulled me away. I ran back to David and kicked him back. "Got dammit Phoebe! Can't you stop this shit for once in your messed up life!" he yelled as he pulled me away hard. "Go kill yourself Pierre Bouvier!! I fucking hate you and I don't ever want to see you ever again!!"

Pierre let go of my arms and left the room without a word. I looked back at David and realized what I have done. Not again! This cannot happen again. Caused by me again. Tears began to fall out of my eyes. "Its okay go talk to him" David said in a hushed tone. I nodded and ran downstairs to the kitchen where Pierre was looking through the medicine cabinet. "Pierre, don't I'm sorry!! I'm sorry this is happening again, I didn't mean any of the words I said. I love you and you are the best brother ever, please don't leave me, I'm sorry I love you I don't know what I'd do without you!!" I shouted as I hugged my brother.

"Phoebe, what happened? I wasn't going to leave you" he hugged me tightly as he ran his hands through my brown hair. "I told dad to go kill himself and he did, and that's why he died. It's all my fault, I deserved to die. I couldn't believe I said the same thing to you, you are the only person that truly cared about me now. You are the only person I have, I'm sorry I knew you were trying to helo me work things out with David but I think it's by going to happen I am a monster" I sobbed. Pierre carried me to the sofa where I cuddled against him. "Phoebe it's not your fault"

"Yes it is!" I sobbed. "No, him killing himself was his choice, you didn't do anything" he said. "Pierre you are the best person ever, the only person I have" I said. "No the other guys care about you too" he said. "David doesn't, I couldn't believe I would hurt him like that but I swear nothing happened between me and Seb" I swore. "I believe you, and David doesn't hate you, he'll get around eventually" he said quite convincing. "Yes he will" we looked up to see David beside us. "Im sorry I hurt you" I apologized. "Im sorry I called you a dirty slut, and for not believing you"

"David I truely love you" Pierre let go of me so I can hug David. We let go of each other and he kissed me. "I love you both so much" I said to them, smiling. I never knew how much those two cared about me until then.

(Three months later)

"David what is it your all excited about?" I asked, giggling. "Nothing just wanted to show you something" he put a blindfold over my eyes. He came into my room this morning and woke me up, blindfolded me and told me wanted to show me something. "Pierre needs to stop letting you up here" he chuckled. "Today is an exception" he smiled. "Uh okay?" he held my hand as he led me the way. I feel him drag me out of the room and into the stairs. We managed to walk down the stairs.

"Pierre I got her" David told my brother. "Okay perfect, come over here" he yelled. "Okay" David dragged me somewhere I couldn't see. What is up with these two? They both seem giggly about something. "Okay you can take the blindfold off right now" Pierre said. I quickly took my blindfold off and saw a beautiful yellow porche in front of me. I squealed. "Happy birthday Phoebe!!" they both yelled. "Oh my god, you guys are the best!" I shouted as I hugged my brother and kissed my boyfriend.

"We both decided to split the money to buy your seventeenth birthday gift" David said. "You guys are exelent" I screamed. "We know, we know" they both smiled. My life is perfect!

The End

PS: Expect a sequel!! Thanks for reading!!
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