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With all the love in the world

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Maddison is Pauls little sister. they were always close but she has had a rough past. What happens when she moves in with him and changes start to happen?

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Paul's pov.
"Beautiful, long, red hair... Gorgeous hazel eyes... Perfectly shaped body... Yeah that sure is my little sister. natural Blond, but died it so many times I could never tell you all the colors. she wore glasses only when shes at home. Beautiful girl. But she had a rough life. no one would really listen, girls were jelous of her and guys only wanted to get down her pants. Every friend shes ever had hurt her in some way, every guy shes ever dated only wanted the one thing. she never gave them what they wanted so they left. I blame all those assholes for her being so scared of love. I am her altemate best friend. I never let her down and im always all ears for my little sister. Maddison-lynn Kaylee Thomas is not only my sister, but my best friend."
Paul laughed at the stupid memorie he had of the first time he explained his sister to the guys. she was and always was going to be hes number one. Even now that hes 30 years old playing with his band Good Charlotte, he still took care of her as much as he could.
He got a call about a month ago, it was Maddy, she asked him if she could come to L.A for a while. She was going through a rough time. "Mom just kicked me out. I asked her were she wanted me to go and she told me she just didnt care! Paul what am I going to do?!" she described over the phone, in tears. "Dont worry about it Maddy. Just come down you can come stay with me till you get on your feet or just live with me." He didnt care what he had to do for her but he would do anything. "Paul, I have to come up with 300$ to get my ticket up there. And no I don't want your money! I'll let you know when I have it and when im coming down." he laughed at how she knew exacly what he was going to say. "Ok, fine. I love you." "I love you too Paul." And they hung up.
A month later she called and told him she would be arriving at midnight that night. Paul hated the thought of his eighteen year old sister taking a plane by herself. he couldnt wait for that clock to strike midnight. "Don't worry she'll be fine. I know how you feel you can't wait to see her. I cant either! But im being patient." Joel told him with a laugh. Joel was always a clase friend to Maddison. He would go shopping with her and do pretty much all the girlie stuff she never got to do with her friends. "Oh shit. I forgot to tell Benj that shes going to be coming!" Paul quickly got his cell out and started texting away to Benji letting him know that Maddison would be staying with him as of tonight. Paul knew that Benj would be happy but upset that she would be there. There was always something odd with Benji when it came to Maddy. he could never wait till she got here, but at certain times he would be upset that shes around. "Is Billy still picking her up?" Joel broke his trail of thought. "Yeah, he said he would try and be there a half hour early just in case." "Dude, this is great. Maddys back with the crew!" "I know dude! I missed her so much. I cant believe shes coming to live with me finaly!" Paul was so happy he just couldnt wait to see her.

Maddison's pov.
'One hour left then I get to get off this stinking plane.' Maddy thought to herself, getting tired of sitting on the plane. she was texting Billy as he drove to get to the airport. He told her how he was going to be there earlier so he wouldnt miss her when she arrived. She was looking out the window when she received another text. looking at her phone and expecting it to be Billy, she got a suprise. It was from Benji. She quickly pressed 'read' and looked at the messege.
:'Hey Madd. heard your on your way down here? I hope your having a good flight. I cant wait to see you. Maybe we could go out for coffee when you get settled in.'
She couldn't believe her eyes. Every other time she went to visit and asked him to go for coffee he would always say no. She shook away her thoughts and replied 'sure'. she continued her texting with Billy and didnt hear of Benji for the rest of her flight.
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