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Welcome home maddison

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Chapter two.
Welcome home Maddison.

Maddison's Pov.
Maddison woke up as plane land. Grabbing her carrions, she got up and walked towards the plane doors. She slowly walked into the airport still tired from her trip, she turned the corner and seen Billy.
She ran and jumped into hes arms.
"Oh my god! I've missed you so much!" He said as he held her close to his body.
"Me too! How you been?" He finally let her go from his grip.
"Good! Lets grab your other bags and head home I know a couple people who are waiting impatiently to see you." They both laughed and walked over to grab hers bags.
The drive to Pauls was long and horrible. All she wanted to do was get there sit and relax. her and Billy talked the whole way about when they first met, to they're lives now. She always like talking to Billy he was like another brother to her. And he always had something exciting to tell her.
When Billy pulled into the drive way she sighed and got out. She looked at the house... Brown and redish bricks covered the house. You could see from outside the curtins and you could see into the living room. She could see the shadows of the people who were waiting, who cared for her so much. She took a big breath and started to walk to the door.

Paul's Pov.
"Were is she! She stopped texting me two hours ago!" Paul started to freak out a little he just couldn't wait to see her. And the thought of something wrong with her was itching him.
"Relax shes probably just late." Joel said trying to calm him down.
"But what if something happened? Like-"
"Don't worrie she'll be here soon!" Joel cut him off before he could finish what he was saying.
He sat there worrying fiddling with his sleeves. He was worried about her. He would die if something were to happen to her. The thought made him even more worried. Just as he was going to say something there was a knock on the door. He jumped up and pretty much ran to the door. When he opened it there she stood. He hugged her tight and just didnt want to let go of hes little sister.
"Hi bro!" She sqeeled.
"You made it safe! I was starting to worry!"
"Well im here!" And she gave her brother a smile.
She heard a cough come from behind Paul. Looking behind her brothers broad shoulders and seen her best friend, Joel. He had always did all the girl things with her cause all the other guys wouldn't be caught dead doing the things Joel does with her. Plus he was someone she woulc talk to about anything, go to for advise and he would never breath a word.
"Hey, I've missed you!" Joel said and gave her a great big hug.
"I missed you too!"
"how was your flight."
"It was alright.. Was bored." Sshe hated the flight over.
She felt a tap on her shoulder, turned around and there Billy still stood outside. she laughed and moved out of his way letting him into the house. She laughed and said a sorry.
Paul wanted us to sit in the living room to catch up. he got everyone a soda and our night of catching up started.

Benji's Pov.

Sitting in his parked car hes phone started to ring, new text message. He pressed the 'open' button and looked at the tenth text message from his brother.

"Dude lets go. Just come over. Shes finally here. Come see her. I know you want to."
He sighed. He had been contemplating weither to go see Maddy or to just stay home. He wanted to go but he couldnt stand the way she drove him crazy. Her beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile, Perfect body. Everytime he seen her he had to be an asshole or he would have scared her off by saying something stupid or even kissing her.
He sat there in his car for another half hour before he finally told himself to suck it up and drove away from his house. The drive to Pauls was brutal. He couldnt stop thinking to himself. 'Does she still looks the same? The most beautiful thing he has ever seen? Will she even care if im there?' He was driving himself crazy and she wasn't even around. After a couple minutes he drove into the drive way of Pauls home and breathed deeply, stepped out of his car and walked to the door.
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