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Ofcourse you wouldn't care

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Benji's over what happens?

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Chapter. 3

Ofcourse you wouldn't care.

Maddison's Pov.

Listening to her brother and best friends talk made her feel right at home. never did she think that moving to this place would have been this easy and that they would be this welcoming. The guys talked about they're band, the different people they met and about they're trips. She lost herself in they're stories, wishing she would have been around to experience everything with them. She sighed at the thought. There was a light knocking on the door. It was so light that it was surprising that anyone heard it. Paul got up to go see who it was.
"So Maddie, you excited to be living here with your brother?" Joel asked with a small smile.
"Yeah I am actually. I always said I would move in with him. Im just so happy that I get to live here with my brother and all my best friends close." she had the biggest smile on her face. Living here really made her happy she couldn't imagine herself living anywere else.
"hey guys look who decided to stop by." Paul with laughter in his voice.
She turned to see who it was and there he stood. Benjiman Madden. When she was younger she was very fond of him. But to put it in her words, he was the best looking guy she had ever seen, sweetest, most amazing guy she had ever met. until one day he just suddenly started to act like atotal dick with her. She never knew why he acted like this with her out of the blue but she never really got to ask. But seeing him again made her shiver. The betturflies in her stomach started to fly and her heart beat was going crazy. he looked at her and she smiled up at him.

Benji's Pov.

She looked amazing. The way she turned to look at him made his heart stop. Her hazel eyes still shined in the light like they always had, her hair was still long and silky, even her smile didn't change. He returned her smile and spoke.
"hey Maddie, how'r ya?"
"Im good and you?" she asked getting up.
"Im doing fine." And she hugged him. It caught him off guard but he hugged her back. She smelt so good and she fit perfectly in his hold. he smiled into her hair then soon realized what he was doing and pulled away from the hold.
They all sat down but Benji just couldn't take his mind off of her. Yes its true he really liked her and he would have done anything to have her. But he just couldn't. when they were younger he had a hint that she cared for him the same way but then she started dating this guy... Trevor. 'I tried to tell her he was bad news but she didnt listen.' he thought. She had even told him that Trevor was the perfect guy for her. This hurt. It hurt alot. And since that day he never really showed any feelings toward her.
"Anyone want a drink?" Paul asked getting up. "Im getting myself a beer."
"Do you have any rev's?" Maddy asked.
"Yeah I do."
"Could I have one?" She asked him in a sweet voice.
'She always did that voice when she wanted something.' BEnji thought to himself then smiled at the thought.
"Anyone else want anything?" Paul asked again.
"Beer!" Benki and Joel had both said in union.
"You guys always creeped me out when you did that." Maddie laughed. "Always saying shit at the same time... Its just wierd."
"Its a twin thing." Joel replied to her and we laughed.
Paul returned with our drinks and sat down.
"So mom kicked you out?" Paul asked his little sister.
"Yeah she said she couldn't handle the phone calls and all the mail." Benji was confused when she said this but when he looked at his brother, Paul and Billy they nodded.
"Yeah well that fucker better not find out your here." Paul stated.
"I'll kill him! I never could stand him." Billy said with anger in his eyes.
"What are you guys talking about?" Benji finally asked feeling left out of this conversation.
They all looked at him then to Maddie.
"Trevor he has done things to me that you would never understand." she replied to him with a glare.
Feeling the sting from her stare he just replied "I don't care if it has anything to do with you and that fucker." he had so much anger he just couldnt stand hearing it.
"Ofcourse you wouldn't care." she said and turned to look away.
Hours had passed and it was late. Everyone had been talking and missed track of time. benji glanced at the clock and noticed it was 3 in the morning.
"Wow guys its getting late." he said then everyone noticed the time.
"Well you guys can spend the night if you want." Paul said.
"sure I dont mind." Joel said and Billy nodded. Then all eyes were on Benj..
"Yeah sure." he replied. he was too tierd to be driving.
"We have two spare rooms and an extra bed in Maddies room. so go ahead pick a room just not mine!" Paul said.
They all laughed and started picking the rooms they wanted. Benj should have spoken up because ended up having to sleep in Maddies room on the extra bed. Everyone started to move to the rooms and Benj stayed still.
"Are you coming?" Maddie asked in a soft voice.
"You sure you dont mind me sleeping in your room?"
"I dont mind. Im not the one with the problem, you are." she replied harshly.
"Maddie you know why im upset with you. and whyI have been like this with you for all these years." hes anger started to raise. But he was breathing deeply so he would calm down.
"No I dont! thats the thing! I don't know and you wont tell me!" She started to raide her voice. Benji got up and put his hands on her shoulders.
"shh.. Calm down lets go downstairs to your room and we wll talk ok?" she nodded. he took her hand and led her down the stairs.
They got into her room and she sat on one of the beds. She patted a spot beside her and he sat down. He took a deep breath, looked at her and thought on what he was going to say. She sat there and waited for him to talk.
"Look you could atleast explaine yourself. I didnt do anything to you!" she stated.
"I know I just dont know how I can tell you withought you getting even more upset with me."
"I wont I promise..."
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