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why didnt you fight for me?

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You learn why he hated her

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Chapter. 4
Why didn't you fight for me?

Maddison's Pov.
He sat there thinking on what to say. She couldn't wait to hear why the man she cared for, for so long, would hate her so much. She looked at him closely. Hes goergous eyes were looking at the ground, fiddling with his hands, She knew he was either deep in thought or just didnt want to tell her why. 'Why in the world would it be so fucking hard to just tell someone why you hate them. This is killing me!" she thought to herself.
They sat there silently for a good twenty minutes. "Wow Benj. Just say it!"
He looked up at her. "ok..." he said, took a deep sigh and started.
"When you were 16, two years ago, you came to me and ask me what I thought about Trevor. I told you not to hes bad news. I even told you he wasn't the guy for you." she nodded listening to him carefully. "You turned and looked at me and told me how he was perfect, how he was the guy for you. I thought I was going to die of pain."
"Why? What are you talking about?" she asked a little confused with what he had said.
"Wow... umm... Maddie," He turned to look at her. "The reason why it hurt so much is because I liked you so much! I grew up with you and I just liked you more and more with each time I saw you. But when I tried to warn you about Trevor you just ignored it. I've heard rumors about Trevor hurting you and some of the things he did to you. Even though I wasn't sure these rumors were true I wanted to kill him. Just for even touching you!" At the end of his little 'speech' there was anger in his voice. He dropped his head into his hands and sobbed.
Maddie placed her hand on his back. 'he liked me? And I hurt him? how didnt I notice it?' She kept questioning herself. she didnt know what to say. she just sat there trying to calm Benj down with all theses thoughts.
"W-what did h-he do to you?" he asked her between sobs.
"Don't worry about it. Im miles and miles away from him theres nothing any of us can do." she stated this truthfully.
"No! I want to know what that idiot did to you!" he yelled standing. She got up and grabbed him into a hug and shushed him.
"I promise to tell you if you don't yell, get mad or do anything." She didnt want to see him angry. Never did she like the sight of him when he was angry. And anyone yelled made her want to hide in a corner and cry. She didnt want him to do anything because I wouldnt want to see him get into trouble!
"I promise." He stated and pulled her onto the floor with him. They sat there close together and Benji had his head on Maddies sholder.
"Alright." she took a breath and continued. " I trust you wont tell Paulo or any of the guys what im going to tell you. They only know little about what Trevor has done to me." he nodded. "Alright When I started dating trevor everything was fine. We did alot of things together and everything seemed normal. I remember one night we got into an argument, I told him I was going to go see you guys and cool down. he yelled at me then all I remembered was something black sitting me and the face." She felt Benj flinch. "I woke up sometime after there was blood on the floor and my face. he was no were to be found so I ran to the bathroom trying to clean myself up. It was like this everynight I wanted to go out." Benj clung to me holdint onto me tight."It had stopped for a while, but I think that was because I stopped asking to go anywere." she started to tear up as she prepared to tell benji the worst thing that had ever happened to her. " He went out one night and came home drunk. I was sitting in the living room reading a book when he came in and started kissing my neck. I pushed him away and told him I didn't want him to touch me he got mad and slapped me across the face. He leaned down close to my face adn whispered 'your going to fuck me, when I say your going to fuck me! cause your my little whore!' I tried to run but he caught me. He picked me up and brought me up the stairs I tried to get away but he pulled his knife out. I screamed in pain when he slid the knife down my stomach cutting me. everytime I would move or say a word I would be cut." She started crying as she told Benji he held her close with odvious anger. "Benj he took my virginity! I have these ugly scars and I tried to call you but you didnt answer! You never answered!"

Benji's Pov.
He held her close. He remembered her calling one night over and over but he never answered. He was still upset with her. If only he would have answered. He could have helped her, she wouldn't have suffered so much.
"Its ok im here." he told her in a soft voice.
"I got away finally and moved in with mom. But he kept trying to get me back! Thats why im down here." she stated.
Benj picked her up, and placed her on the bed and sat next to her.
"Benji I liked you too I just didnt think you felt the same." he heard her say very low.
He lifted her chin up so she was looking at him. "I did and it drove me crazy that you were with him and not me."
"Then why didnt you fight for me?" she said in a whimper.
"Because I was scared of what you would say." he said looking at the floor again.
"hmm? "
"Would you sleep in my bed tonight I don't want to be alone." He couldnt of said no. She asked in her sweet voice.
"Sure. But you should get into pijamas." he laughed and she giggled.
He watched her get up and go to the dresser and grab her bags from the floor and grab some clothing.
"What are you going to wear?" She asked .
Withought a word Benji got up and went to the little black dresser and got out a pair of pj bottoms. She gave him a confused look and chuckled.
"Before you moved in I was here often I have some clothes in that little black dresser." he looked at her getting lost in her eyes for just a moment. " here ill turn the other way so you can change and so can I."
They did as he said. It took him everything not to turn around and look at her. What that Trevor idiot did to her was sick. And the worse is that she had scars all over her chest and stomach. Everytime she would see them it would remind her of it.
"Im done." She said in a small voice.
They both got into her bed and laid there. Benji made sure not to touch in case she didnt want him to touch her. But to his surprise she turned on her side grabbed his arm and placed it over her. he laid there taking in her scent that he always loved then soon fell asleep.
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