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what are we?

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Im sorry it takes me so long to update! Its just busy busy busy. This chapeter isnt long im sorry next one I will make longer I swear:) hope you enjoy. R&R

What are we?

Maddison's Pov.
her eyes started to open, as she started to wake up. she had turned to get closer to the body that had been next to her all night to find he was gone. Fear hit her, What if Trevor found out were she went? What if he did something to Benj? the thoughts made her scream. she couldnt handle the thought of it. as she screamed the door was thrown open and there stood a frightened Benjiman.
"Are you okay? Whats wrong?" he questioned as he ran to her side.
"I woke up... You were gone... I thought Trevor.." Before she could finish what she was saying Benji cut her off.
"I would never let that fucking idiot near you. I would never let him touch you or even talk to you!" at this point he was yelling.
Maddison started to shake. The sight of Benji angry and Yelling made her scared. she let out a small whimper and hugged her knee's. she barried her face as she started to cry. As she wept Benji put his arms around her and spoke with hurt in his voice. "Im so sorry Maddy I didnt mean to scare you. I would never mean to scare you." he lifted her face were she was facing him.

Benji's Pov.
The sight of her hurt him. he lifted her face so he could look at her beautful eyes but they were scared, Full of tears. he couldnt believe he scared her like that. "Maddy, you know I would never hurt you or do anything close to what Trevor did right?" she just looked at him for a moment. The longer she took to answer the more it was hurting him.
"I trust you." she finaly said so low that Benji was suprised he hurd it.
"Come here" he said and took her in his arms she cried and cried but he never let her go.
After a half hour of her crying and and him holding her tight she finally started to talk.
"Were Paul and the guys?" she asked softly.
"They went out for breakfast and then shopping."
"Oh" she looked at him. It was too much for him to stop himself he just leant in and pressed his lips on hers. he was surprised that her lips were so soft but more surprised that she was kissing him back. she slipped her arm around his neck tangeling her fingers in his hair. This sensation was taking over his body. he deepened the kiss. he had wanted for a simple kiss from her since he was a kid. she gtave a very low moan as he slipped his tougne into her mouth feeling hers. he was lost in her kiss. he leaned forward somemore and laid her down on the bed withought ever braking the kiss. Then he snapped out of it.
"Im sorry Maddy! Im so sorry. I dont know what came over me .. I just... Im so sorry!" he felt so bad. he felt like he had just hurt her so bad. he moved away from her still apologizing.
"Benji Relax!" he raised her voice so he would stop and just look at her. she stood and slowly walked to him. she put a hand on his chest adn he whimpered. he just wanted to touch her, kiss her, Even feel her but he knew he couldnt.
"If I was scared or didnt want you to kiss me I would have told you to stop." she continued. she got on her tipy toes and kissed the tip of his nose. he grabbed her in a hug and didnt want to let her go.
"now come on we need to get dressed and eat." she said pulling away. he wanted to grab her again and hold her forever but he couldnt. he pouted a bit and grabbed some clothes and left for the bathroom to get changed.

Maddy's POv.
Benji left the room and Maddy slowly walked to the dresser and got out a sweater and jeans. he took them to the bed and took her shirt off. she caught a glimce of heself in the mirror. she walked slowly to the mirror. she stood there looking at her chest. she raised her hand slowly and followed the line of her scars with her finger. her eyes watered and tears slipped from them. she quickly shook her head and stepped away from the mirror. she didnt want to look at herself anymore. she got dressed quickly and grabbed a small blanket. she then placed the clanket over the mirror. This way she couldnt look at her ugly body anymore.
she went upstairs to see beji poring himself a bowl a cereal.
"hey get me some too please?" she asked in this cute small voice she always used when she wanted something.
"Yeah sure" he said turning to give her a quick smile.
he placed both bowls on the table and sat down next to her.
"hey benj?" she asked turning to look at him.
When he looked at her she swore her heart skipped a beat. The sight of his beautiful brown eyes made her turn to jelly. he smiled at her and asked her what she wanted.
"uhhmm.. sorry... uh... What would you call us now? Like what are we?"
withought hesitation he simply said "Anything you want us to be, love."
she smiled and kissed him lightely.
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