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I'll be here no matter what

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Chapter 6.
I'll be here no matter what.

Maddison's Pov.
The sound of the door opening meant that the guys were back. she jumped up and ran to her brother.
"What'd ya get me?" she said with a smile.
"A great big piece of shit!" he said with a laugh. she always did this with him when he went out. It was like tradition. This had been happening scince she was 5. she smiled at him and gave him a great big hug.
"so how did you sleep?" Joel asked from behind her.
"Really good actually" she said with a little smile.
"Ok whats up?" Billy said knowing that there was something. she just laughed and went to the living room.
There benji sat on the coutch watching the movie house on haunted hill. she stood there for a few seconds looking at him. Its hard to believe that hes finaly mine. she thought to herself. she smiled and sat beside him and cuddled close. he pulled her into his lap and help her. she felt like she was in heaven. she fit perfectly in his strong arms. For the first time in a long time she felt safe. she looked up at him with a small smile and gave him a kiss softly on his soft lips. he lifted his hand to her hair, deepening the kiss. she let his tougne enter in her mouth and let out a low moan.
"uhh.. Guys?" They heard Joel. They broke the kiss fast and looked over the coutch.
"umm hi?" she said with a guilty smile.
"Finally fuck! Do you know how long we've been waiting for you guys to hook up?" Billy said as he walked in and seen them in eah others arms.
"What are you guys talking about?" Paul asked as he was walking into the room. when he seen the way they were holding each other hes face got serious fast. "umm benji can I talk to you." Was all he said as he turned to walk out of the room.
benji got up to follow.

Paul's Pov.
seeing his baby sister with a guy hurt him. he had heard how trevor fucked her up. Benj was hes best friend but he wanted to make it clear that if he were to hurt Maddy he would die. he walked into the basement and benji followed him.
"Look I know you and Maddy have liked each other for years now but you have to understand she went through hell and still is. Thats why shes down here. I trust you but If you were to do anything sloce to what Trevor did to her I would kill you." he was getting a little upset as he said this.
"Paul I love her. I would kill for her, I would never do the things he has done to her. I hope you can trust me on that." Was all benji said as he walked away.
Paul sat there in the basement thinking about everything.
- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - -
Maddison's Pov.
A couple days had passed and she was in the back yard reading a book in the garden that paul had. she loved the smell of the flowers and the colors they had. Maddison got lost in her thoughts. she was so happy things with Benji were perfect, her dream had finally came true. she had no worries, she could finally live. nothing could ever ruin this for her. her thoughts got broken when Paul yelled to her.
she walked to the house and into the kitchen. "Whats up?"
"The phones for you.. Don't know who it is." he said and kept reading hes Magazine.
"hello?" she answered the phone.
"so thats were you ran off to." she stopped breathing as soon as she heard his voice. "I wonder if your brother would mind me coming over late tonight?" he laughed, the kind of laugh that made your body shake.
"no dont you dare some here! Leave me alone! Just fuck off!" she yelled. Paul was now looking at her with concern.
"I don't care what you say. Your still my whore! And I will be coming to get you!" he yealled back and hung up.
Maddison started to cry uncontrolably. what was she going to do.. Its falling apart again. her life was no longer free or happy. Paul rushed to her side asking millions of questions trying to figure out what was going on.
"It was Trevor! he said hes coming to get me tonight!" she cried. she didnt know what was going to happen.
"Fuck this!" Was all Paul said and grabbed his phone. Maddy was still crying. she heard his conversation.
"Yo benj?...You need to get here... no Trevor just called and knows shes here...Dude hes coming to fucking get her tonight... hell no not on my fucking watch!" And he hung up. he turned to her and said "Benj is staying here tonight and im going to call joel and billy next.
she nodded and ran to the basement she shut the door to her room and sat on her bed. she was crying more then ever. Everything was going through her mind at once. not knowing how long she stayed sitting there just crying she decided to change into pijama's since she wasnt planning on going anywere anymore! she walked to her dressed and grabbed the bottoms to her Pajamas until the black dresser caught her eyes. Benjis clothes were in there thats were he kept them since before she got here. she walked to it and pulled open the first drawer. she grabbed the black shirt. On the front in big letters was M.A.D.E. she brought it to her face and smelt it. It still smelt just like him. she closed the drawer keeping the shirt in hand and put her pijama bottoms back and grabbing shorts. she put on the shorts then the shirt. as she finished her bedroom door flew open. and she screamed.
"Babe! Its ok its just me.." Benji said soothing her with his voice he walked up to her and grabbed her into a tight hug. he always new how to make her feel better. "um babe mind me asking what your doing with my shirt?"
Maddison turned beat red. "umm I wanted to wear one of your shirts.... To make me feel safe." she mumbled low.
he let out a small laugh and hugged her again. "so what did this asshole say to you on the phone?"
she looked at him she couldnt lie to him she would never. she pulled him to the bed and sat down she sat and told him the conversation she had with Trevor over the phone.
"hes dead! he isnt taking you from me!" he said with odvious anger in his voice.
"Benj... You really care?" she whispered, scared of her voice cracking.
he looked at her in shock. "Ofcourse I do Maddison! I love you! I would never let anything happen to you. I wont loose you again!" he said hugging her,
"Im sorry I was scared... Its just.. he fucked me up bad benj."
"shh.. Its ok baby." he said holding her so close and trying to calm her down. "I'll be here no matter what!"
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