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Believers Never Die

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Patrick and Pete get into a gruesome car wreck. Can they prevail?

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Patrick's POV:

Pete was too drunk to drive.

I knew he'd had too much at the party, and despite my begs and pleads for the keys, he wouldn't give in. Why Pete had to be so stubborn, especially when he was drunk, was beyond me. No matter how hard I tried, Pete just demanded to drive home. I had sighed and told him okay, but he HAD to be careful. I couldn't believe I was letting him drive, but he would never have given me the keys.
"Oh my god, Pete. Keep your eyes on the road!" I choked out nervously. I was biting my nails and shaking. He glanced over at me and chuckled.
"Calm down, Patrick. I can see...I can see just fine." he slurred.
"No you can’t. You're drunker than hell, you should have let me drive." I said sternly, staring at the road anxiously. We were on the highway now, and of course it was beginning to sprinkle. How could this get any worse?
Pete just chortled lightly and grinned. "I'm driving fine, Patrick, what the hell are you talking about?" he asked, his words meshing together like a thick soup until his talking was a slurred mess once again. His hand reached for the cigarettes that were splayed across the dash.
I grabbed his arm, "There is no way you're smoking right now. Those are Joe's anyway." I told him. I scraped up all the cigarettes and threw them in the back.
Pete swerved slightly.
"Pete! You're going over the yellow line!" I exclaimed angrily. My heartbeat quickened.
"Sorry! Sorry!" he said defensively, pulling the wheel over a bit.
"You need to let me drive. Something's going to happen, Pete, and you're going to regret it." I snapped urgently.
"Aw, Pat, you worry too much." he said. I shook my head in disbelief. I couldn't believe this. I should have fought Pete for those keys. He definatly did not need to be driving.
"You just wait til we get home, Pete. I'm going to kill you when you're sober!" I said in frustration, gripping my seat nervously. Pete laughed out loud. The car was drifting again.
"Pete!" I shouted. He straightened out on the road again and flipped the radio on. He turned it up loud. I was appalled. I turned down the radio all the way.
"Hey!" he exclaimed, looking annoyed.
"No radio! You need to fucking pay attention to the road, Pete. I'm NOT joking..." I said, glaring at him.
He looked at me, "Okay. Okay, I get it." he said. He turned his attention back on the road, but we had drifted too far in the meantime.
A tractor trailer doing 70, the speed limit, was barreling straight for the car.
All I could see was the two headlights as I shouted, "Turn! Turn!"
Pete's eyes grew wide, as the car turned too slow, and the truck was right in front of us.
The impact was incredibly fast and incredibly hard. My eardrums seemed to burst when I heard the metal clash into us. I felt I was tumbling, tumbling and my body was throbbing. We were sliding across the roadway, skidding perhaps. I didn't dare open my eyes. Then, the car stopped. The dashboard suddenly lit up and I opened my eyes.
Next to me, Pete was unconscious. I was panicking. I groped for my seat belt and unbuckled it. I had to kick my door open and by the time I did, my whole seat was on fire. The car was flipped upside down and was leaning mostly to Pete's side. My eyes wider than ever and mouth hung open in a mixture of shock and fright, I looked at the car, which was increasingly becoming more and more engulfed by flames. I ran around to the driver's side, knowing Pete was still unconscious.
I looked in the window and saw the flames move over to Pete. I gripped the door handle and tugged at it harder than ever. It would not budge. Tears of fright and worry sprung into my eyes.
"Pete! Pete! Wake up! Please...I need your help! I can’t get the door open!" I screamed, still pulling on the door handle. Another car passed by but began to turn around and pull over.
"Dude! Did you call nine-one-one?!" the guy asked from up the road a bit. I shook my head and saw him pound his fingers into his cell phone. I turned focus back to Pete. I worried some more as I pulled and pulled on the door, trying to get it open. Flames from the passenger side crept closer and closer to Pete's legs.
"Pete! Pete! Please!" I shouted. I backed up and rammed my foot to the door. It dented, but didn't open. Tears streamed down my face, and I heard footsteps behind me.
"Is there someone in there?!" asked the guy who had pulled over. I turned around, but kept glancing at Pete.
"Y-yes! P-Pete is, and-and I c-cant get the door open!!!" I exclaimed, still tugging on the handle. The guy leaned in and helped me, but even the both of us couldn't budge the door.
"We gotta try and pull him through the window!" he shouted. I nodded, and grabbed Pete under his arms. The guy helped me, and we pulled as hard as possible, but Pete had his seat belt on. He wasn't coming out.
"Do you have a knife?! We have to cut the belt." said the guy. My hands were shaking and I replied, "No!"
Flames crept across the dash and below it.
"No! His legs! His legs are getting burned!" I screamed. Fire was lingering over Pete's legs and lower half of his body.
"We can't get him out! He's stuck, and the dash is going to collapse any minute! We've gotta get away from here in case the car explodes!" he shouted. My stomach flipped in horror and my heart was hammering in my chest.
"I won’t leave him!!!" I screamed, my eyes blurring from the tears that ran down my face like great waterfalls.
The guy grabbed my arm, "Dude, it's for your own safety. The paramedics will help! Let's GO!" he said anxiously. I began to panic and shook him off me fervently.
"No! I'm not leaving him like this!" I exclaimed. I looked at Pete's innocent face and sobbed harder.
"Pete! Pete! Pete, please wake up! Please!!!" I yelled. Pete didn't move, and fire was over the entire car now, and it came further and further up Pete's chest and mid-section.
"He's-he'! We have to get him out of there!" I screamed.
The guy grabbed me from behind and spun me around, "Look! They have Life-Flight! We can't stand by the car, it might explode!" he screamed at me. I cried harder and harder as he dragged me away from the car.
"Pete!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.
The helicopter was landing not far away, the wind it created blowing my soaking wet hair across my eyes and face. It was pouring now, and my hat was doing little to shield me from the downpour.
"Peeeeete!!" I screamed again, my voice cracking and giving out. This couldn't be happening...this had to be a nightmare. Paramedics ran swiftly towards the car and sirens sounded from behind me and the guy. They were like background music to this horrific horror film that was becoming real.
I heard rubber burn and turned around to see four police cars and two fire trucks skidding into the off road patch where we were. My eyes scanned the road but I saw no ambulance. I broke the grasp of the guy and ran towards one of the police cars. Before reaching it, I shouted, "Where are the ambulances!? Where are they!?"
"Please, sir, calm down. Were you in the car?" the officer asked. I nodded vigorously.
"Stay here, then." he instructed.
"But where are the ambulances!? My...friend is still in the car!" I exclaimed.
"An ambulance is coming in a minute. They'll be using Life-Flight, though." he replied. I looked at my hands, which were bloodied up from god knows what. I watched the paramedics and fire-fighters trying to pull Pete from the wreckage, and my heart sank. I ran that way, disobeying the officer's orders. I was too worried, I had to help.
"Pete!" I shouted as I galloped down the hill. A fire-fighter put his arm across my chest.
"Sorry, sir. You can’t come down here. You'd better-" he started, but I pushed him aside. He tried to grab a hold of me but I was too quick.
Just as I got to the car, Pete was heaved from the driver's seat. A small flame was patted out on his shirt. I knelt in front of him and a paramedic looked at.
"Do you know him?" he asked urgently.
"Yes! I was in the car with him! He's my best-....he' my...he's my boyfriend." I said, tears cascading down my cheeks. Pete and I were usually pretty quiet about our relationship. Besides, it was no one's business except our own.
"Oh. Okay, well uh, we have to take him to the hospital via Life-Flight. Will you ride with us?" he asked. I nodded.
"Of course." I replied. It wasn't until now I noticed the sharp, tingly, and throbbing pain in my left arm.
Other paramedics checked things on Pete and I frequently got in the way, but I kept on holding his hand.
"We'll get through this, Pete...we'll-"
"Sir, you have to come with us. You have to be checked out at the hospital." a firm voice said from behind me. I turned around to see a paramedic.
"I-I'm going with the Life-Flight chopper..." I told him.
"No. You have to go in the ambulance." he replied. A fire shot into my veins.
"I'm not letting Pete go by himself!!!" I shouted.
"There'll be plenty of paramedics to-"
"THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!" I screamed. I was angrier than ever. I was not leaving Pete.
The paramedic had already motioned another to join him in dragging me away.
"Stop it! Let me go! PETEEE!!!" I shouted, resisting to the best of my ability.
They pulled me up the hill as the fire on the car was finally extinguished.
As they pulled up a chair in the back of the ambulance for me, I struggled to persuade them to let me ride with Pete, "Please...please I'll do anything to go with him. I'll get treated as soon as I get there; I just want to be with him." I pleaded.
"I'm terribly sorry, but you have to stay here." the paramedic said. I sighed nervously. This was going to be a long ride.

Once at the hospital, the doctor started putting the cast on my arm.
"Is-is there anyway y-you could hurry up? I just really need to see my friend." I asked urgently. The doctor looked up at me.
"Well, I can't go much faster, I don’t want to hurt you." he replied.
I sighed, "Oh no, I don’t mind. I-I just want to get outta here." I said.
"I'll try I guess." he told me.
After what seemed like an hour, the doctor finished my cast and told me that I needed to be careful, blah blah blah. I couldn't really pay attention. And just when I thought I was out of there for good, he said, "All right, I'll call the nurse to come stitch those cuts you got."
My jaw dropped, "W-What!? I thought I was done!" I exclaimed. "I need to see my friend!"
"I'm sorry, sir, but you're going to have to wait." the doctor replied, closing the door behind him.
For a moment I considered sneaking away, but when I saw the three lacerations on my arms and legs, I stayed put. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Joe's number.
"Hello?" answered Joe, who sounded like he had been sleeping. And with good reason, it was 3AM.
"Oh thank god you picked up. Joe, me and Pete got into a car accident. We're in the hospital right now. You gotta come down here." I said solemnly.
"Holy shit!? Are you guys okay? What hospital?" he asked urgently and I heard him jumping around his room, probably looking for clothes.
I sighed, "I am, I guess. But Pete is definatly NOT okay, and I haven't even seen him yet because these fucking doctors won’t hurry up and stitch my cuts." I complained.
"That's bull shit. I'll be there in fifteen minutes, just call Andy so he knows too." Joe replied/
"Okay, Joe. Just ask for me and they'll probably let you come to my room. D-don’t g-go see P-P-Pete without m-me." I said, stammering out the part about Pete.
"No problem, Patrick. Bye." he replied, hanging up.
I sighed. I sincerely hoped and prayed Pete was okay. I selected Andy in my contacts and pressed call.
The phone rang three times before Andy picked up.
"Hey, dude. Uhm, any reason you're calling me at 3AM?" Andy asked. Strangely, he sounded wide awake.
"Yeah. Pete and I were in a car accident on the way home from that party. I already called Joe, so you don’t have to, but can you come up to the hospital?" I asked.
"Oh my god...are you guys alright? What the fuck happened?" he asked in shock.
"I don’t have time to explain. Pete's probably in the ICU right now, but I don’t know because they wont let me see him until I'm treated. I'm okay though...just a broken arm. So will you come down?" I explained.
"Uh duh yeah! I'll be there soon. Don’t worry, I'm sure Pete's fine." Andy replied.
Andy. Always trying to reassure me of things. God love him.
"Okay. See you later, then." I said, and hung up.
Just as I was putting a phone away, a nurse slipped in the doorway followed by two others. They smiled at me, as if nothing was wrong.
"Hello..erm...Patrick! We're just going to stitch up those cuts and you'll be good to go." they said. I sighed.
"Thank god." I said. One of the nurses had a needle in her hand. I didn't really care for needles...but if I had to get 500 of those needles to go and see Pete, I fucking would.
"Just lay back and try to relax..." one of them said. I leaned back on the leather check-up bed and took in a deep breath. The feeling of the needle in each of my wounds was horrible and excruciating, but I held my breath.
The worst was over and they began to stitch up the first wound. It felt oddly tingly...but also kind of soothing. After a few minutes, they went on to the cut on my left leg. Then finally they finished stitching the third laceration. All in all, it only took about 20 minutes.
"Alright! You can go now, but here's some pain medication. I advise you take it unless you really want those to hurt tomorrow." said one of the nurses.
"Thanks...uhm where do I go to find my friend's room?" I asked, sliding off the bed.
"What wing is he in?" the girl asked.
"I don’t know...probably the Intensive Care Unit..." I replied, shrugging.
“You’ll have to see the front desk.” she replied with a smile.
“Okay, thanks.” I said, walking out of the room. I popped five quarters into a vending machine and took two of the pain killers with a bottle of water. Then I headed out to the front desk.
“Excuse me” I said to the receptionist, “I need to see Pete Wentz...I’m his boyfriend.”
She looked at me funny, as I had expected since I’d said ‘boyfriend’, but replied, “You can’t see him for another hour, the doctors are treating him.”
“Oh please, please...I NEED to see him!” I exclaimed. The receptionist gave me a look of sympathy.
“I’m sorry sir, but you have to wait for the doctor to come down and okay visitors to see him.” she told me.
I turned around and walked to a nearby chair in the waiting room. I was so worried about Pete. I wondered how badly he had been hurt and if he was in a life and death situation. I wanted to march straight up to his room and comfort him this instant...not be sitting here praying he was okay. I leaned my head back...damn this medication was strong...
I shut my eyes but my mind was racing worrying about Pete.
Then...I began to doze...slowly...falling....asleep.
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