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The Story Of Darkkiller

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“who are you? What clan are you in? Or are you a rouge?” Darkkit wished he knew but had no clue what this cat meant. “wait…. Is your parents maybe…. Dead?”

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The Story Of Darkkiller

Chapter 1

The sun was lowering as young darkkit traveled through the mountain. As he looked up he noticed a hawk fly by at lightning fast speed.
“lucky hawk. I wish I could fly. Then I could find a place to settle down and relax…… or a home for good….”
As he said this a white furred cat came out from behind a rock and just glared at him.
“who are you? What clan are you in? Or are you a rouge?”
Darkkit wished he knew but had no clue what this cat meant.
“wait…. Is your parents maybe…. Dead?”
The white kit just nodded his head.
“I’m Airkit. Who are you?”
“Darkkit. So are going to take me to your ‘clan’?”
“I suppose.”
And the two walked off to a vast forest…………..

Chapter 2

The forest

The sun raised slowly into the sky as Airkit and Darkkit padded into the clearing.
“where is everyone?” said Darkkit eager to see other cats.
“probably asleep”, replied Airkit.
They looked at each other and then stared at the ground. This was suprising to darkkit. He thought that cats would swarm the clearing but he was wrong. Then a large growl came from behind a bush.
“Airkit! How dare you bring a rouge here!”
“No buts! Get these kits to the nursery!”
The big cat padded away at a fast pace. Darkkit almost had to squint to see him leave.
“who is that”
“Our clan leader…. Ashstar………”
Darkit nodded. He knew that this would be a hard day……

Chapter 3
The Battle

The dawn patrol was long for some cats but for young Darkkit he just sat to him about 1 minute. Then he heard battle cries.
“Oh, no!”
Airkit rushed in quickly.
“what’s going on?!”
Darkkit could just make a faint image of a battle. He actually never saw a battle before so he had chose to take off.
The screeches grew louder as he saw that Skyclan was against nightclan. He couldn’t belive his eyes. Blood covered the ground like a blanket.
“No… Ah!”
A dark figure covered Darkkit. Then not even thinking both Airkit and Darkkit clawed the figure. They looked to see a nightclan cat on the ground wincing in pain. They then took after the leader of nightclan…. [things got too graphic from there]

They both went home hero’s and earned there apprentice names. Darkpaw and Airpaw. The too where over joyed to here this. They celebrated that night for victory with a older apprentice named Rootpaw……

A Preview of book 2
Chapter 1

As Darkpaw and Airpaw looked over the horizon with there new friend Rootpaw, they all where ready for training with there mentor’s. Airpaw’s was quicktail, Darkpaw’s was lightnose, and Rootpaw’s was Ashstar. [not suprising]
“something isn’t right……” Said Rootpaw cautiously.
At that moment Darkpaw heard a screem.
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