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Prologue: Haunting Past

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Vergil is faced with a decision that makes him question everything he knows including the decision to either gain the power he's always coveted or give it away for what is really important.

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The light emanating from the moon did nothing to light up the shadows that seemed to be engulfing every inch of the worn down town. Footsteps slapped against the concrete before they stopped in front of a Gothic-styled building.
A silver-haired boy, not even a month over 10 years, looked up at the building. Over the building's large wooden doors read "Hallowed Halls Orphanage" carved into the stone granite. He placed the small bundle he was carrying close to the door. Even in the dim light coming from the moon he could still see the pink blush of his baby sister's cheeks like small bud roses. She lay asleep within the tangle of lavender blankets unmoving and unnoticing of the world around her. Even though she and him were not related by blood he still felt as if they were blood brother and sister. He hated to see her alone and in this solemn-looking place. But he could not let a simple child like her go with him and she certainly couldn't go back with his mother and father.
The boy felt pain within him as he thought of his father. The father who had sacrificed his own life to protect the woman he loved and his children. His mother was now with his twin brother, of to run away somewhere far where no one could harm them.
The plan had been simple: Split up and hide. He was to save his sister by taking her to a home where she would be happy. And as much as he had wanted to go with his mother and brother, he cared about his sister and knew he could not be selfish simply because he wanted to be with his mother.
The boy brushed his finger against the sleeping baby's cheek then kicked the door as hard as he could in order to get someone's attention. He dashed away and hid behind a building across the street. He watched as the large door opened and a woman wearing a dark gray dress came out. She saw the baby and gasped.
"Oh, my!" she cried as if she'd never seen a child. She carefully picked up the sleeping baby and looked around. "Who left you here all alone?" She looked down and smiled. "It's all right little one. We'll give you a home here." She muttered something about the baby being beautiful as she walked back inside.
The boy felt sorrow fill him at the sight of the door shutting him away from his sister.
He whispered departing words then turned and left.
He was still thinking of the baby girl when he suddenly realized someone was following him. He turned around only to find no one there. He peered into the shadows created by the building he'd just been hiding behind. A low growl came from the shadows before two glowing red eyes looked at him.
The boy gasped, turned and ran.
The demon followed the boy across town, his growls echoing through the night until they faded into the black clouds.
The boy didn't know where he was going. He only knew to run away and save himself from death. Eventually, he reached the cemetary. He ran past gravestones carved in different shapes and sizes. There were some in the shape of crucifixes and others in forms of heavenly angels. Only tonight, those angels looked more like demons that could haunt your every nightmare until you scream to death.
The growls of the demon disappeared and the boy was left alone in silence again. It was an unnatural silence, one without any grasshoppers chirping or sounds coming from homes. The boy slowed down and collapsed onto the dew covered grass. He looked up and saw a sword stabbed into the ground. He immediately recognized the sword and ran up to it. But before he could reach the sword he felt something stab into his side. He screamed in pain as he was thrown over more gravestones. More pain slammed into his back as he hit a stone. He coughed up blood while sweat dripped down his forehead. He glanced back to see the name on the gravestone.
Six letters were carved into the granite...
The boy's eyes widened at the six letters before he turned back and looked up.
The sky that had been black with gray clouds was now crimson colored like blood. Crows cawed as they flew overhead, some landing on stones as if they carried the deceased souls within them.
He whispered his brother's name several times then spoke his sister's name.
A growl resonated through the night then a demonic voice growled his name...
Darkness consumed him from head to toe, erasing the memory of leaving his baby sister in a new home....
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