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Chapter 1: Nightmare

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Vergil wakes up from his past.

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Ice blue eyes opened to find darkness.
Vergil sat up on the hotel bed, white bed sheets draped over his bare legs while his torso was exposed to the coldness of the room. Sweat ran down his forehead and chest, a reaction from his body that normally didn't occur. Hair strands tickled his forehead, some clinging to his skin from the sweat. He should have turned the light on first. Instead, he ran a hand through his hair, making it brush back until none of it touched his face.
He was okay with the dark. He was not okay with the fact that he looked exactly like his younger brother.
His heartbeat returning to resting pace, he reached over and turned on the bedside lamp that stood on the night stand beside the hotel bed. The hotel room was as clean as it had been when he had checked at sunset. It had been a good place to rest before he continued his mission. The only things of his the entire room was his trusty katana, named Yamato, that his father had handed to him when he had been younger and his blue coat. The katana was leaning against the bed, the handle near his right arm where he could easily get to it should he need it in the night. His coat was draped over the back of a chair almost as if it was waiting for him to put it back on.
The coat drew people's attention but the katana kept it away.
Vergil shook his head, clearing away the nightmare of his past before pulling the bed sheets off and getting up. After using the bathroom and showering, he brushed his hair back into its usual style then dressed in a blue leather shirt with matching blue pants and brown leather boots that almost reached his knees. As always, the last thing he put on was his coat, liking the way it fluttered in the air and created a sound that resembled wings. He grabbed Yamato and did his usual ritual of pulling the blade out a bit, studying its sharpness and its shine then slipping it back into its scabbard.
He didn't bother to make the bed, knowing he would not return to this hotel let alone the city in a while.
He turned toward the room's door only to hear a faint sound coming from the sliding glass doors leading to the balcony.
A low growl resonated through the room as Vergil turned toward the sound.
A demon with tattered skin and piercing black eyes stood only two feet from him.
Vergil didn't blink as the demon opened its jaws, raised its claws and growled loud enough for the sound to vibrate through Vergil's body. Pieces of human flesh clung to its razor sharp teeth from its last meal.
Without a single sweat, Vergil pulled his sword out and moved it a series of slashes and angles in less than ten seconds. The demon froze, blood beginning to seep out of its leather-like skin. Vergil slid his sword back into its scabbard. He turned and headed toward the door as the demon split into pieces that followed the cuts he'd made. He didn't bother to care when the demon's blood soaked the bed and the room's carpet.
He would leave that for the maid to clean up.
Vergil had bigger demon to kill.
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