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Chapter 2: Unsurity

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Vergil discovers something that may question what he thinks.

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The May night was warm and calm with the lights from the city blocking the twinkling shine of the stars. But inside the local nightclub Daemonika it was far from calm and very far from warm.

The group of human bodies dancing and moving to the heavy metal/techno music created heat to the point where the air sizzled with sweat and sins. Lights flashed all over the dance floor and the seating booths where others looked over the ocean of flesh.

Amanda sat next to her boyfriend, Henry, one of the booths. She instinctively knew when her best friend Danielle walked in. She watched as Danielle moved through the club, avoiding all of the other dancers and waitresses.

Danielle made it to their table and sat down, a frown set on her gentle face framed with mahogany colored waves. The 23-year-old kindergarden teacher was beautiful with an innocence-filled essence that added to her likeable personality. Though she thought she was plain because of her "everyday" hair color and "boring" hazel eyes, everyone including Amanda knew she was gorgeous. She seemed out of place from the night club scene as she wore a pale yellow blouse and a long black skirt that practically screamed "teacher."

"What's wrong, Dani?" Amanda asked her best friend of five years.

"What always happens."

"Oh no...The guy cheated on you didn't he?"

Danielle nodded as a waitress brought over a ginger ale for Danielle.

"I'm sorry, honey," the waitress said while rubbing her back gently. She knew Amanda and Danielle ever since she had started working at the club a year ago. "I hope he rots in Hell."

"Thanks, Lena," Danielle answered and took a sip of the ginger ale.

Lena turned and strode over to another table where the patrons weren't as kind to her.

"Assholes," Henry replied as he watched the wannabe moguls command Lena like she was their dog.

"I know, sweetheart, but all guys can't be as nice as you." Amanda kissed him lightly then turned back to Danielle. "Don't worry about the bastard, Dani. You'll find a good one soon enough."

"That's the problem. I thought he was nice."

"No, the problem was that you can't trust a lot of guys."

"Hey!" Nathan remarked.

"I just complimented you, didn't I? Anyways," Amanda said, turning back to Danielle, "You have find a guy who won't dump you after sex. I mean bad sex is not a reason to break up with an innocent girl like you."

"Oh, yeah. That helps," Danielle replied and looked at the people swaying and rocking to the beat of the trash metal/techno song playing. "You know what? I'm not really in the mood for clubbing right now. I'm going to head on home."

"Okay, Dani. Feel better, 'kay?"

"Okay. Bye Henry."

"Later, Teach," he replied. "Don't worry 'bout the asshole, okay?"

Danielle nodded then walked out of the club. The rush of air hitting her face was a stark contrast to the humid air inside the club. She said goodbye to the bouncer of the club who was making sure a pair of teen girls with fake I.D.s didn't get in then turned left on the street. After walking five blocks down the quiet street, she stopped at a corner and looked both ways before crossing. She heard more than one person talking behind her but ignored it. She had lived in the city for a while and was used to keeping away from situations that she shouldn't be in. She should have moved a long time ago, but stayed because she loved her apartment.

"Hey baby...wanna hang out?" a male voice said from behind her.

Ignore them...They wouldn't like you in bed anyway..

"Playing hard to get?" another man said.

A third man was getting annoyed, "Hey, you gonna say something or not?"

By then, Danielle was quickening her pace. Her paranoia was returning, a sign that if she didn't get home soon she would have a meltdown which would make her an easier target for the guys following her.
"Yo, she's gonna run!"

"Let's get her!"

Danielle heard their footsteps running toward her and began to run. She didn't realize where she was going, just simply ran. She had to get away...Away from them and away from her past...

Vergil scanned the streets of the city at night, anticipating an attack from any direction. Even though there was a possibility no one in this city knew him, a demon would eventually find him and ruin his plans. He was here to get what he needed and leave. The less time he spent in a significant town or city the better.

The night was eerily calm with the only sound coming from the faint sound of a pulsing dance beat coming from a club nearly five blocks away. That's when Vergil noticed a young woman in her early twenties standing on a street corner. She wore a long, black flowing skirt and a sandy-colored blouse that hugged her pale arms. Her auburn hair hung in soft waves over her shoulders and moved slightly as she looked both ways then crossed the street. She didn't notice Vergil because he was hidden in the shadows of an alley.

But Vergil noticed the group of obviously drunk men crossing the street without looking as they followed the young woman.

He heard the group of men holler at her before he stepped out of the shadows, trailing behind the men as he left a few yards between him and them. Vergil saw the woman begin to speedwalk , her hair blowing behind her. Soon, the woman began to run, the group doing the same to catch up to her. She turned the corner, not paying attention to where she was going. Vergil saw the panicked look on her face just as she disappeared behind a building.

Unsure of why he was worrying, Vergil quickly followed them, realizing that the woman had set herself up for a trap when she'd run into an alley. He gripped Yamato, ready to strike if he had to.


Danielle gasped as she reached a tall brick wall at the end of the alley. She turned toward the men who had cornered her in, her breath now coming out in short pants.

"Nowhere to run, sweetheart," a tall man at the front of the group slurred. "We gotcha trapped here."

"Please," was all Danielle could manage to say in a faint voice.

"Lookie here, guys," the leader of the pack said, "chick's pratically beggin' for it." He laughed, his buddies laughing just for the sake of following the crowd. The man walked up to Danielle and planted his right hand on the wall beside her head. His eyes were cynical and cold as he said, "Don't worry, baby, we'll be good to ya."

Danielle let out a soft sob and shut her eyes while he leaned his face in to kiss her. All she pictured was someone else's hands on her, hitting her, practically breaking her entire soul and spirit. "No," she pleaded.

"Give it to her good, Jim, man," one of his friends called out. He laughed, the sound ringing through Danielle's mind and senses.

Suddenly, the laugh was cut off abruptly. Then, there was a soft thud as something hit the pavement.

"What the--"

The cry of alarm was cut off as abruptly as the laughter before a string of gasps filled the air.

The man in front of Danielle turned around, then gasped at the sight before him.

Danielle looked around him and saw the other men taking small steps back from a puddle of blood that was forming from two bodies that were cut in half at the waist.

A man with silver-white hair dressed in a long trenchcoat stood at the other side of the bodies. In his right hand was a silver samurai sword, dripping with blood.

Danielle still felt fear engulfing her chest as she stared at the man who had most likely saved her. She took the opportunity given to her and quietly tried to slip away.

The man who had been in front of her noticed and grabbed a fistful of her hair as she moved away, wrenching her backwards toward him. "And where do you think yer goin'?" he growled as he made her look at him. "I'm not done with ya."

Involuntary tears of pain and anxiety ran down Danielle's cheeks. Her mind began to replay unwanted memories. Hopelessness and betrayal stung her heart, the emotions still branded on her thoughts. She saw the silver-haired man walk slowly toward them, his face covered in dark shadows that made him only seem sinister and menacing.

The man still holding Danielle's hair took a step back before he said, "Don't come any closer or the bitch gets it." His shaky voice gave away his false bravery. His "friends" were long gone.

Still, the threatening silver-haired killer walked until he was only a yard away from the two of them. His sword gave off a glare, shining through the alley even though there was no light creating the glare.

"Step away," he said in a dark voice that seemed to be partially inhuman.

"Back off, fucker!!" Danielle's captor bellowed, trying to make his tone steady.

The silver-haired man raise his sword and pointed the tip of the blade toward the other's chest.

"Step away...before I sever all of our limbs and your head."

The other stiffened, knowing he was serious and would actually commit to his threat. He slowly released Danielle's hair, the strands bent unnaturally where he gripped them. He glared at the silver-haired man then stepped aside and way from Danielle. The blade remained pointed at his chest until he backed toward the entrance of the alley.

"This isn't over," he growled then turned and left.

It wasn't until his footsteps completely faded that Danielle realized that she was alone...with a man who had just killed two people with a sword.

She should have panicked; should've screamed and ran away. All of her common knowledge demanded her to run. He could kill her without flinching, especially with that sword of his. In fact, he could rape her, toture her and kill her and no one would notice.

But instead of fear, she As if she knew that he wouldn't hurt her.

Somewhere curiosity and bravery took over her mouth and she said, "Who are you?"

He suddenly turned to her. His pale face was now out of the shadows and close enough so Danielle could see his ice-blue eyes. He looked as menacing as his threats had been, his gaze cold and devilish. But within his frigid exterior, Danielle felt something different emanating from him that she couldn't quite recognize.

"There is no reason for you to know who I am," he spoke sternly as if she had just discovered a dark secret that he had no intention of revealing to anyone.

"Why?" was all Danielle said.

The man stiffened a bit then simply studied her face, trying to read her expression.

Danielle realized that he was handsome in his own way. The sharp angles of his face blended together perfectly and there was not a single flaw in his appearance. Her eyes drifted over him, knowing that underneath the long blue trnechcoat and matching blue shirt and pants he was fit, strong and toned. When she looked at him again, his brows furrowed as if he were frustrated with something.

Suddenly, he turned and walked down the alley before turning onto right on the street. Leaving Danielle alone.

Vergil hurried down the street, wanting to get as far away from the woman as possible. He had no idea why he had bothered to save her and didn't even try to think of a reason.

But when he had looked at her, he'd felt something within him. Somewhat like a memory that he couldn't quite focus on. He felt as if he had seen her somewhere before, but he knew he had never met her. Her face had been familiar, and her voice even more so.

Closing his eyes, Vergil remembered the way her voice had sounded. Like an angel's, lyrical and calming to the point where it warmed his soul. If he could only go back and make her speak to him again. He would make her sing if she would and----

Vergil shook his head at the strange impulses he felt toward the woman.

But still...He knew her, didn't he?

He mentally slapped himself, trying to get rid of the disgusting and human emotions within his mind.

Hell will freeze over the next time he lays eyes on the woman much less speak to her.
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