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Chapter 3: Searching

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Danielle continues to wonder about the mysterious silver-haired warrior who rescued her.

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"Hello? Danielle!"

Danielle jumped at the sound of her name. She looked up from her desk at the back of the kindergarten classroom to find Amanda towering over her.

"Oh, hi," Danielle said calmly. She turned back to the papers in front of her that were made up of five-year-old-made drawings of what a carnival looks like.

"Hi?! That's all you're going to say?!" her friend nagged.

"Um...yeah. Why?"

Amanda inhaled and sat down on the desk. "Samantha told me she saw you walking around last Saturday after you left the club."

"Uh-huh" was all Danielle replied.

"She said she these guys chasing you into an alley before this other guy with a sword followed you."

At the mention of the man who had saved her Danielle froze. She suddenly remembered his ice-blue eyes and the hard expression he gave her. Why had he focused so hard on her? Why was she still thinking of him? Well, he did save her and---


"Huh? What?" Danielle said as if she had just woken up.

"Honestly. What is wrong with you? It seems like you're daydreaming or something." Amanda thought about something quickly then said, "Are you having another panic attack?"

"What?" She shook her head as if to clear it. "I'm fine."

"So what about last Saturday?" Amanda persisted.

"What about it?"

Amanda growled and said, "What happened in the alley? You know, between you and the guys? And what about the guy with the sword? Samantha said he had silver hair and wore a blue trench coat."

"Oh, right. Well, this group of guys were obviously drunk and chased me into an alley--"

"Were you having a panic attack?"

"Yeah. Bad timing, huh? Anyway, they cornered me and just before on e of the guys was about to do something this man in a blue trench coat came and killed two of them."

Amanda gasped. "He killed them? Danielle, you have to go to the police!"

"No!" When she saw Amanda's surprised reaction she calmed her voice a bit. "I mean, he did save me after all. That's enough reason to not go to the police."

"But he's a murderer! Saving you doesn't excuse the fact that he killed two men! With a freakin' sword no less!!"

"I'd rather not tell the police and that's all I'm saying about that." Danielle turned away and pretended to check her E-mail on her laptop.

"Danielle...are you infatuated with the guy?"

"...N-no..." Feeling her cheeks burn, Danielle turned away even more. She couldn't be infatuated with him, could she? He did seem to have something against her, whatever it was.

"Uh-huh. Well, don't come crying to me when he threatens to slice your throat with that godforsaken sword." Amanda got off the desk and walked away. She paused at the doorway and looked at Danielle. "Please, Dani. Don't do anything dangerous. You're practically my sister and I don't want you getting hurt in any way. It's already difficult to see you deal with your relationships."

"I know you care about me, but I'll be all right. No need to worry about me at all."

When Danielle turned away, Amanda exhaled sadly. "I hope so."

How had he ended up here?

Vergil looked up at the school building in front of him, wondering how in the Hell his feet had carried him here. He turned away from the elementary school and walked down the street. When he was a block away from the school he heard a school bell ring faintly.

Damn, children would be running out soon. He had to find somewhere where children wouldn't even notice him.

He saw a coffee shop on the next corner and headed toward it knowing no parent would allow their child to step in. As soon as he walked in, the scent of fresh ground coffee beans hit him like a tidal wave. Biting back an urge to gag, he went up to the counter, ignoring the stares he was getting. No one would approach him with Yamato tied to his right hip.

A teenage girl around the age of seventeen stood behind the counter. Her jet-black hair had streaks of bright red and green it while her ears had series of hoops pierced into them. Her blue eyes sparkled as he approached before she said, "Um, hi. Can I help you?"

"Black coffee," Vergil replied. Not like he was going to drink it.

"Um...sure." She made the order and handed him the Styrofoam cup. As he paid, she bit her double pierced bottom lip. "Can I ask you a question?"

Vergil practically glared at her but before he could reply she said, "Um, this is awkward and a little weird, but...To hell with it: Do you have a girlfriend?"

His demon side demanded him to slice her young body in half. Instead, he turned away and sat down as far away from the counter as possible with his back turned to her. He knew she was staring at him but paid no attention. He drank the horrible liquid, controlling his urge to throw it at the teen girl who continuously giggled with her friend about him. To Hell with teenagers.

He watched as parents and kids walked past the coffee shop, none of them paying any attention to him.

The girl from the counter walked up to him and asked him out again. As he turned her down again, he suddenly heard a voice say, "Medium coffee with cream and sugar please." The recognition of the voice made him turn toward the counter.

The brunette from before stood at the counter with a soft smile on her face. She paid the goth girl and thanked her. When she turned away, she noticed him and practically dropped her coffee.


Vergil got up and hurried out the door, nearly knocking over a businessman talking away on his cell phone. He heard the businessman curse at him followed by the brunette calling out to him. Still, he didn't stop for anything.

Hell may as well freeze over now.

It was him.

The man from the other night was there. Danielle saw him hurry out the door and quickly followed, handing her coffee over the the man he had pushed.

Her heels made it hard to run but she was determined to catch up to him. She had to know who he was and why he had just turned away from her. Since that night the only thing she'd thought about was the mysterious way he'd looked at her.

She saw him walk towards the park, knowing he wanted to lose her. Without thinking, Danielle put her hand out and sent an invisible wall two feet in front of him.

Vergil stepped right through it but not without feeling the strength of its power. He stopped in his tracks and turned around to her. He looked at her and watched as she slowly put her hand down as if realizing what she'd just done. Everything about her was average and human from her small stature to her amber hair. How could it be that she had demon magic?

Danielle blinked at the fact that the wall should've stopped him completely, but he'd just walked right past it. "What are you?"

Damn. The question he hated the most. He looked at her and couldn't help but feel the urge to answer the question truthfully. But why in the Hell did he want to?

He turned to walk away but stopped when he heard her say, "Wait." Turning back to her, he saw insecurity in her gaze.

Talking to him while his back was turned to her was fine, but as soon as she saw his face directly her lips froze together. Now that she saw him in daylight she could see that he really was handsome. He seemed to be inhumanly gorgeous with his chiseled features and ice-blue eyes that were most likely the cause of the freezing of her lips. By his silver hair she knew he was blond or had been at some point. And yet, seeing him as a blonde wasn't right since the color didn't suit him at all.

Suddenly he took a few steps forward, his blue gaze transfixed on her as if she were the first person he'd ever lain eyes on in centuries.

"W-why..." She cleared her throat after hearing how whisper-like her voice sounded. "Why do you keep staring at me like that?"

Instead of answering her question, he said, "What is your name?"

"Danielle Cale. And you?"

"My name isn't important."

Danielle nearly stepped back at the fierceness in his tone. This man can even make a big biker feel afraid. But again, her voice was braver than she felt and made her say, "I never got to thank you...for saving me."

Thank him? That's why she had followed him? No, literally chased him all the way to the park. Simply to thank him. Either she was a foolish mortal or had a death wish planned out.

"Thank me?" He sounded more wondering than he had intended to.

"Yes." Her hazel eyes showed her vulnerability even as her voice was even. "If you hadn't come along when you had those men would have..." She didn't say the obvious plans the men had planned when they had cornered her. "Well, I would like to thank you."

A single nod was Vergil's only response before he turned to walk away.

Suddenly, she called out to him, "Would like to join me for dinner?"

The last word was what made Vergil stop in his tracks. He looked back at her seeing the regret on her features, knowing she wanted to take back her words. "Dinner?" he repeated.

"Um...y-yes. Dinner."

As she watched the thoughtfuly expression on his face, proof that he was contemplating his decision, Danielle began to scold herself in her mind. Was she insane? The man was obviously dangerous whther or not he had saved her the other night or not. He was still carrying the sword, not caring if anyone near him saw it or not. Even now people were avoiding them because of that sword, but probably mostly because of him. He just gave that aura of danger and power. He radiated strong energy that was the reason Danielle keep her distance. Her mind raced on. You're really foolish to have offered. He's probably even regretting that he saved you. Strange how the voice sounded a lot like Amanda. He's probably not even going to say yes, much less want to go with you anywhere but--

"Very well," he replied.

Well there's a shock.

"You will?" Danielle asked, obvious wonder and awe in her voice.

"Yes. There is a restaurant at the corner of 17th and Main. Tomorrow night at eight." After she nodded, he simply turned and walked away as if he didn't care about how she was feeling or her further reaction.

Danielle stood there on the cobblestone path that ran through the park, surprised at the fact that had she not only just made a date with a man with a sword but also at the fact that he accepted.

She turned and practically ran to her apartment to call Amanda.
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