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Chapter 4: Retaliation

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Trouble begins...

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It was dark when he stepped out of the bar.

Across the street from the bar, a long line of people were waiting to get inside Daemonika. He scoffed and stumbled down the street, making his way to the part of town where he lived. He passed by the alley where he and his friends had followed the quiet brunette. He still couldn't believe that the brunette had actually tried to run away from them. Damn,he thought,it would've been nice to have fucked her. She was pretty too. He would've like to have heard her try to scream for help as he had his way with her. Too bad that asshole had...

His thoughts drifted as he remembered the guy who had interrupted him before he had even begun to have fun. The fucker had sliced his pals in half with that sword of his and hadn't even flinched or regretted it.

"When I find that fucker, I'm going to make him beg me to send him to Hell," he slurred, turning the last corner before arriving at his run down apartment building. He walked in and climbed up to the third floor.

His apartment looked as if parties were thrown there every night with no one ever cleaning up.

Which was true. He partied every night whether it was by himself, with someone else or fifty other people. The mornings after he was usually still too drunk or too hungover to even bother to clean up. Hell, a guy had been hit over the head with a bottle and bled on his carpet. The stain was still there even after three months.

He shuffled through old pizza boxes, Chinese take-out boxes, old newspapers and dirty clothes until he reached his sofa. He flopped down onto the sofa and grabbed his remote. When he pressed the "power" button, the antenna TV stayed with its usual dust-covered black screen.

"Oh, that's right," he mumbled. "Forgot to pay for cable."

Sighing, he got up and went to the dark kitchen in search of food. But as he reached the doorway he heard the soft sound of breathing coming from inside the kitchen.

"Someone there?" he called into the darkness.

No answer, but the breathing continued.

"I'm gonna call the cops."

"And tell them how you nearly raped an innocent woman?" a low, menacing voice said from within the pitch black.

He froze, immediately thinking that someone had seen what had gone on in the alley. Fearing that whoever was hiding would call the police on him he said, "What do you want?"

"It is not important what I want. However, I do know what you want. What your heart desires."

"Which is...?"

"Revenge. Against the 'innocent' woman and her 'savior'. You wish to get revenge against them both what they did to you. They wounded your pride and your dignity."


"I can help you. I know where to locate them both and how you can get your requital."


Suddenly, two eyes glowing bright green appeared in the middle of the darkness.

"Because I am not human..."

He gasped. Fear coursed through him. But something else went through him too. Anger, hatred, determination. "All right. What do you want?"

"The same as you...revenge."

"No, is there something you want from me?"

"You can tell me your name."


"Well then, Dave. It looks you and I will be partners from here on."
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