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Chapter 5: Incovenient

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A bad night for Vergil and Danielle...

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Whatever had possessed Vergil to accept the dinner invitation was currently still inside him and making his feet move, carrying him to the area where the brunette lived. Her building was only a few blocks away from where he had first met in the alley so it hadn't been a long walk. Yet, he still had no idea why he had agreed to go to dinner with her.

It had to have been something involving his human half; the part of him that he hated. If his demon half had been in control at the time he would have walked away without any hesitation. But he needed to know why and how she had demon magic within her. More importantly, he wanted to find out where she had gotten magic that resembled his father's.

He reached the restaurant, knowing she was inside waiting. He exhaled and stepped inside. The hostess already knew him from past times he'd eaten there and took his sword so he wouldn't get in trouble with the owner. Vergil was led to the table where the brunette was waiting.

"Miss Cale?" the hostess said quietly.

Danielle turned away from the window she'd been looking out of. She saw the man standing next to the hostess. He was still wearing his blue clothes, but somehow seemed just as handsome as before. Although, it was strange seeing him without his sword at his side. The lack of his sword didn't make him seem any less menacing than he was.

The hostess walked away as Vergil sat down across from the brunette who obviously looked nervous all of a sudden. Her hands were at her lap and her eyes were looking at him with anxiousness lining her face. But he couldn't help but notice that she was somewhat nice-looking in her conservative yet appealing sky-blue dress. Her auburn hair was in waves down at her shoulders that seemed fragile; as if he could break them easily and not notice. Why was he even noticing her appearance?

Danielle saw him shake his head as if to clear it and thought, What the Hell am I doing? He doesn't want to be here.

Then she said, "I'm sorry."

Vergil looked up at the apology.

"I can see you're uncomfortable with this whole ordeal and I apologize for even proposing it in the first place."

He gave her a quizzical look but only because of her vocabulary. He hadn't thought that women nowadays even knew the meaning of those words much less be able to say them as if they were as common as the word "the."

"I would appreciate it if you would welcome my reparation and just diregard what has happened. Even your rescuing me." She looked at him, waiting for his response.

"Do you always speak with such eloquence?" Vergil said to her calmly.

Danielle froze. Okay, wasn't expecting that response, she thought. "Um...sometimes."

Exactly, Vergil thought. Once I notice what she was doing she goes back to her timid self. "Why did you offer me this dinner?" When she didn't reply, he said, "There must be some reason."

"Honestly...I'm not sure why I asked you to have dinner with me. It was unexpected of me."

"I see. Well, it was--"

"What is your name?" she suddenly asked.

Vergil thought about lying to her but then saw the curiousity in her gaze.

"Vergil. My name is Vergil."

"Vergil? Like Virgil from Dante Alighieri's Dante's Inferno?"

A small smirk threatened to creep on Vergil's lips. "Yes."

"Oh. Is your brother's name Dante?" she said in a small joking tone.

The smirk disappeared at the mention of his brother. "His name is Dante."

"Really?" When he nodded she said, "Wow. Your parents must have really liked the story." The comment was meant to be a small laugh but he didn't seem to even want to joke about his brother. Apparently he had some kind of problem talking about his brother so Danielle quickly changed the subject. "Do you have a last name?"


"Oh..." Danielle looked away, feeling a bit ashamed of asking him so many questions when he obviously did not want to be there. She exhaled. "Great, just great," she said under her breath.

"What is it?" he suddenly asked.

She turned to him not expecting him to reply much less hear her. "It's just," she hesitated, "I've ruined this whole thing. Just like I always do."

"You are not the only one who feels that way."

Danielle stared at him wide-eyed at his remark. Then, before she could stop herself, she said, "Why did you save me?"

Vergil opened his mouth to speak, but closed it when he felt something rushing towards them from beyond the window. "Get down," he said sternly, his eyes fixed on the dark streets outside the window.


"Get down!"

Just then, a demon's face appeared as it flew at them, breaking the glass window.

Danielle cried out in surprised as she ducked down. Screams filled the restaurant while Vergil ran for his sword.

Unlike other demons who spoke or waited before attacking, the demon went after Vergil, its black and red claws reaching toward the silver-haired man. Vergil summoned blue crystal swords and shot them at the demon who staggered back as the swords pierced its flesh. Vergil grabbed his sword, but didn't notice the demon had turned its attention to something else.

Struggling to get up because of her long skirted dress, Danielle watched as people ran out of the building, fearing for their lives. She finally managed to stand up, only to be knocked down by a man who was blindly running. She fell onto the window's glass that was scattered on the floor, a few of the pieces cutting her bare arms.

Suddenly, she heard heavy breathing that reminded her of a dog above her. She slowly looked up to find a creature with tattered flesh and black and red claws standing above her. Fear coursed through her, the knowledge of death making tears come to her eyes even though they wouldn't fall.

The last thing she saw was a bright white flash.
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