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Shai held the book at arms length as the story unfolded in her mind. The girl wanted nothing but true love from someone who claimed he’d never love again.
A scream echoed from the bathroom as her roommate Amber came running out.
“THAT’S IT!!” The book fell from Shai’s hands.
“She keeps staring at me from that stupid mirror… Hogging my space and never letting me have time to myself!!”
She knew about whom Amber was talking, and amused herself with asking the question,
“Emma! That stupid bitch is everywhere I go!”
Emma was Amber’s split personality, and evidently was prettier than her. Suddenly her tone changed.
“Alice!” Shai felt her mind fog and her heart rate pick up, the loss of feeling started in her toes and worked her way to her head, where she finally saw the world as if t were on a television screen. Alice had taken over.
“What?” Emma glared at her through squinted eyes.
“We need to leave.” She stomped back into the bathroom and slammed the door closed. The sound of leaving was appealing to the ear, but one couldn’t just waltz out of a mental institution.
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