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A story based off of the video for 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me'!

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When you read about catastrophe in your history textbooks, it's not the same. It's not the same as being there, being a face amongst a terrified and confused crowd of people. You'll never fully understand the pain and suffering all those people had to go through to become a cold statistic. You can see the pictures, and you can watch movies, and reenactments, but it'll all just be information to you. You never understand that there are people in those vague stories, that there were families, couples, children, lives wanting to be lived. Lives that were cut down by some force greater than their own. In years this'll be just another chapter in your history books. It'll be another test you have 45 minutes to complete, another letter grade on your report card. But you'll never understand that the chapter that was 30-something pages in your book was years of my life. It was my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Annihilation went from nightmare, to possible reality in a matter of weeks. I was a refuge, a minority, a shocking victim of the world that used to hold my future, all because I was human.

What most people don't know is that under all the lies of Edward Cullen and Twilight, is that there were vampires. They were mostly ruthless, pureblooded. But as most growing populations do, they intermated, created hybrid children who lived oddly in a rapidly expanding society. Soon it was no longer a question of race or religion, but what you were. Where you a human, or a vampire? Questions on SAT booklets got more in-depth. Is your father now, or has he ever been human? Is your mother a recently turned vampire? With those questions, came the first wave of panic.

I was a junior in high school when the attacks started, just finishing my SATS, anxious to start applying to colleges. That's when we started to hear on the news of small groups of vampires murdering humans, claiming they were part of a revolution. It stayed to be small groups of about 10 in different states, different regions, for about a year. Then it kicked up a notch. That's when there would be larger attacks, kidnappings, threats, I think that was the year the White House was attacked. The groups became societies. The Illinois Vampiric Association for New-revolution or IVAN was big where I lived. And towards the end of that year, IVAN soon became the headquarters for vampire revolution. That was the year William Beckett came to town.

Senior year was the last year that I remember any form of order in Illinois. After William Beckett got voted into the governor's office, hell seemed to break loose. Other vampires got into high offices around the country. They formed an allegiance against the president. They threatened a repeat of the Civil War, with "greater casualties this time around". Then the school systems shut down, most government-run businesses did too. I lost the opportunity to go to college with many thousands of kids my age. Police and fire department were rarely used, and when they were, nothing got done. Humans started to revolt. "Why am I being treated like an animal?", they began to ask themselves. It was because they were animals in the vampire's eyes. They were just a food source, nothing else. And that's when the human population began shrinking. And that was when I was 18. I'm 24 now. The human population has decreased greatly, to the point of human life being scarce. Pete guessed that only a couple of hundred probably were in the whole country by now, including me.

Who was Pete? Pete was my older brother. He was one of the ones who was going to save us. He was part of a group of vampire hunters who were determined to save the fall of the human race. His group consisted of: him, Patrick, Andy, and Joe. They had other people that they conversed with, and worked with, but they were the guys in charge. They were a chance at life for so many people, but not surprisingly, many of those dependent on them didn't know they even existed. News reports were biased, and when they did talk about the vampire hunters, they depicted them as antagonists, feather-rufflers, rebels that were not to be trusted. Pete never let me join because he said it was a risky lifestyle, and he preferred to have me stay somewhere and fend for myself than be slaughtered next to him 'in battle'. He promised me he'd come back for me when he could, when it was safe enough, but he made that promise 2 years ago. The only word I've heard about my big brother was from people I knew worked with him that I see once in awhile. Being alone was nerve-wracking, it was scary, knowing every minute could be your last. That breath you just took could have been your last, and you wouldn't even know it until you use it to scream for help when the fangs bite down on you. And I was sure all vampires weren't like Beckett. That I knew. The harder thing to deal with was that most of them were. Most wanted you as a snack, or as a main course, not to be your friend, or your girlfriend. This tore families and friends apart.

And as hard as it is to deal with, this was how I had to live now. But even if I was going to die, I would die trying to find my brother again. I needed to find him. I needed to help him help the world. He always wanted to be the hero, but now it was time for him to share the spotlight. As dilapidated as this world is, I, Tegan Wentz, was determined to survive it, no matter what the cost.

Author's Note: Hey, sorry to all my readers who were expecting an update, but I get really bored with stories really fast, so I'm going to try to update this one as frequently as possible! And to all my new readers, please review! :)
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