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Chapter. 01

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Tegan walks through the streets, hears some disconcerting news, and finds herself in a fight. The night is her worst enemy.

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You're Only Blinding to Keep Back What the Clouds Are Hiding


I walked through the streets, armed with a sniper gun, wooden stakes, and a cross necklace. It was going on five o' clock in Chicago, and it was getting dark fast. All around me, the streets were covered in dead and dying animals. I had to physically stop myself from gagging from the smell once in a while. My shoes were pretty worn down. I've been walking for 3 days straight, and hiding in whatever I could find at night. Night is when they came out.

I heard a TV on somewhere, so I followed the noise. The news was my best friend right now.

'Today, Governor Beckett announced plans to build special structures to block the sun out all over the state.'

I almost gasped out loud. I ran to the sound. I could see the TV up ahead. It was inside the living room of a house with it's front window broken in. I walked up and rested my hands on the ledge. There was a picture of an umbrella like structure over the Chicago skyline.

'With the growing success of this grand idea, I've decided that it'd be best not only to allow our city's businessmen and women to be out all day, but all citizens!'

I stared at the evil grin on Beckett's face. I spit onto the ground next to me, getting a nasty taste in my mouth. I blinked for a second, and suddenly a horrendous face was lunging at me from the shadow of the inside of the house. The fangs came out and I dropped back from the ledge, shooting at the vampire that was shrieking and screaming at me. I knew the bullets wouldn't kill it. That would be stupid to rely on that, but at least the bullets subdued it for a few seconds.

It stared at me, eyes burning red with anger...and hunger. I breathed heavily, trying to calm myself down.

"You got lucky. If the sun wasn't out, you'd be dead." It hissed.

Another vampire came out from what I was assuming was another room, and placed a hand on its shoulder.

"Leave the human mongrel alone Stu. With the police force's new capture and kill method, she'll be some lucky bastard's dinner by tomorrow morning if she even makes it to nightfall."

I got up and sent them a nasty look and brushed the dirt off of me as I continued down the street. As I got closer to the dark, looming steel structure that was now Chicago, the victims became more apparent. Humans, or what was left of them, were now everywhere. I didn't even try to make out who some of them were, they were so badly disfigured. As I walked, my heart felt heavy. I felt like I knew some of the people lying there. I swallowed my disgust and walked up to the next moderately attacked body. It was a man with a crumpled, bloody paper in his hand. I opened his palm and took the paper.

Tell my wife and daughter I love them. Tell my wife to get out of here.

Then there was an address at the bottom. I pick-pocketed him to get his driver's license. I folded it into the note and stuck it in my jeans pocket.

"Don't worry David. I'll tell your family."

I looked down at him, sadly. I felt like some kind of grim reaper, or some kind of angel of death, walking amongst all of these lost, dead, souls. I looked at the address, and then at the next street sign. Easily enough, the next street was this guy's block. I looked at the sun. It was just dipping into the horizon, saying it's farewells for the day. The orange light felt warm on my cheeks as I stared into the sunset. I smiled. I placed my sniper gun on the floor so I could take out my cell phone and snap a picture.

"You never know Tegan." I spoke to myself. "This might be your last sunrise."

As the click went off, I shut my phone and put it in my pocket, and picked back up my gun.

"I guess I better find a place to hide tonight."

I continued down the street, looking for some kind of dumpster, or hole in an abandoned building. I heard snarls and eager conversation as the sun was dipping away. They were preparing to turn themselves loose for the next few hours. I began to jog down side streets. My book bag seemed to smack me as I began to panic in my search. If I didn't find a place in the next ten minutes, I'd be dead meat. Up ahead, a broken down apartment building seemed to be a good hideout. As I ran down the street, vampires looked out of their house windows, watching me with smirks. A few were outside in the shadows already caused by dusk.

"You better run honey, cause if the shadows don't get ya, I will!" A woman's voice cackled as my shoes slapped the pavement.

I skidded to a stop and positioned my rifle in ready position as I kicked the front door down. I scanned the entry way and there appeared to be no one on the first floor.

"Anyone home?!" I yelled up the six flights of stairs.

I heard nothing. I went up the first flight and decided not to go up anymore because the stairs seemed to be really unstable. I knocked at room 1a and waited. Nothing.

"Hello!?" I yelled.

Nothing. I took that as a safe sign and rammed the door in with my shoulder for a few minutes to break the door open. As soon as the door gave way, I stood for a few minutes, waiting to see if anything came at me.

When nothing moved, I moved in the apartment, closing the door behind me. The small rooms were nicely furnished, except for a turned chair here and there. There was no food left, sadly, but not a surprise. I haven't seen real food, or a full meal since three days ago. I did a full search of the three rooms and found nothing, so I sighed in relief. As long as I kept the lights off and didn't make too much noise, or movement, I'd be fine tonight. I might even be able to sleep a few hours. Out of the three nights I've been through, none of them have been with a furnished room, or a bed. Tonight was a lucky night. I set up my gun by the one window in the apartment that faced the street, and closed and locked the other two. After that, I walked to the kitchen and washed my face and hands, and looked in the medicine cabinet for any kind of pills or supplies. I found Tylenol, Advil, and two types of anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and Valium. I took them all and packed them into my book bag. I've been keeping a stash since the dreams came back, and who knows when you might need them?

I moved into the bedroom to look for any clothes that might fit me. I found a pair of black tennis shoes.

"Jackpot!" I shouted, changing out of my converse, that barely had bottoms.

I also found two plain colored t-shirts, and a pair of shorts. It was a good find. I folded the clothes and shoved them into my packed bag. I was fine with my tank top and jeans for now. And if it got cold, I had a long sleeved shirt I could change into. The kitchen really had no food that wasn't spoiled, or moldy. I did find some peanut butter though, so I put that into one of the side compartments to save when hunger attacked.

I looked at the clock after noticing the moon was above, and shining. It was ten. I figured I'd stay up until three and go to sleep at three-thirty. Most vampires stayed out until four, or five at the least. At five-thirty, dawn started to make it's appearance, and I'd be up and on the road an hour later. I sighed. It'd be a relatively boring night. I sat under the window, next to my rifle, and stared at the kitchen counter and thought.

I thought about my dreams. About how they woke me up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying every time I fell asleep. It leaves a dying feeling in my brain, and my chest burns, as if I was shot through the heart. Sometimes the pain got so bad, I'd cry for hours. I would try not to take the pill, because I knew it would throw off the ability for me to defend myself. And the last time I took those pills, I got addicted. This time Pete wouldn't be here to let me cry on his shoulder, and let me know that it was all going to be fine. This time big brother wouldn't be there to make things better when they felt terribly wrong. That was the risk I took for these two years when I fell asleep. I risked feeling more alone than I actually was, if that was even possible.

The stove rang, signaling it was eleven. Only a few more hours to go, then my body could take the rest it deserved. I listened carefully, trying to listen for sounds of approaching threats, or even fellow humans. But surprisingly, nothing ever came close. At three, I decided I would go to sleep, because there obviously was no risk tonight. At two-thirty, I heard a noise. I looked out the window to see a vampire standing at the building, smelling the air. I decided to not cause a scene, and see what he'd do. If he came inside, I'd fight him off. I crept to my bag and took out a stake, and the wood cross I got blessed at a church before leaving home. I watched the vampire walk into the main door of the apartment building. I was never super religious, but I started praying silently, just to be sure that if an angel was watching me right now, he would help me out a bit.

"Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here,"

The footsteps started up the stairs. I planted my feet, ready for him to open the door.

"ever this night be at my side,"

I could feel him looking up the rest of the flights, but stopping, and looking through the door at me.

"to light and guard, to rule and guide."

The footsteps started towards the door, and I swallowed and kissed the stake.


The door flung open and I lunged at the woman with her piercing red eyes. She hissed as I punched her in the nose. She grabbed me and lifted me off of her and threw me into the kitchen table. I coughed, and my body screamed in pain, but I got up and she lunged at me. I quickly shuffled to the side, and pinned her against the sink. She screamed for mercy as I whipped out my stake. I reached my arm back to strike when she pushed me back. I went after her again, but she hit me square in the nose. Disoriented, I stumbled backwards. She laughed and jumped on top of me, fangs out, and ready to be used. As she moved herself forward to bite, I shoved my arm into her chest, and the stake soon disappeared from my hand. I watched as her eyes dimmed, and her face seemed to slow grey, turning into dust as she moaned to death. As soon as she stopped moving, I pushed her off of me, backing against the wall. My nose was bleeding, and I cracked a tooth against her rock solid skin. Before I tended to myself, I tossed the dead body out the window into the side crack between the houses.

I killed my first vampire. I cried as I washed my face. I couldn't believe it. It might have been tears of joy, but my mind was racing so much that I couldn't tell. My hands were still shaking, still anxious. I wiped my nose of all blood, and tried to cover my gashes on my back with bandages, flushing the bloody napkins down the toilet to get rid of the smell it might have had. One fight was good enough for me today.

I looked at the clock. 4:30 flashed at me with dull green lights. I dragged myself to the bedroom that I would be staying in tonight and climbed onto the bed. I was tired, and my back was glad to see that it would be met with pillows, not with another table. I closed my eyes and hoped that the night would be good, that nightmares would stay away, and the next day would be much better.

As the sleepiness took over, though, I heard the sounds of gunshots, rather close to me. I guess the night wouldn't be so sound after all.


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