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Harry receives some letters, and sends one to Ginny.

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Chapter Three, Letters.

Harry woke up to feel a soft warm body next laying across his her bare skin. A smile crept across his lips as the full event of the night before entered his mind.
He opened his eye to see the purple haired woman on top of him, hair sprawled across his chest and a cheeky smile on her face.
“Morning, Harry” she whispered without opening her eyes.
“Good morning, Tonks” Harry replied cheerfully.
“I never thought you were this kind of lad, Harry” Tonks responded as she opened her eyes and looked up into his.
“Things change” Harry said smirking “so who can you be?” he added as an after thought, chuckling.
“W – What?” she stammered.
Harry chuckled as he heard a tapping on the window, looking over he saw two blurry figures that could be owls tapping for entrance; one snowy white owl, his own, Hedwig, and a small grey ball of fluff that might be Pigwigton, or Pig for short. Rons’ bloody annoyingly hyperactive owl. When I visit the land of the dead that is nowhere in Europe, I am going to kill Sirius for this owls existence in my life.
Moreover, what a stupid name Pigwigton, I should give Ginny a spanking on her tight bear butt for that name, where did that thought come from? Well she is hot.
Sighing but internally smirking, about his want to spank, Ginnys’ arse, Harry climbed out of bed naked ignoring Tonks who continued to stuttered in embarrassment, that seemed to only escalate at Harrys’ complete nakedness, he just didn’t seem to mind this sort of thing anymore.
He walked over to the window rubbing sleep from his blurry eyes; not being able to see well without his glasses he let the two owls in through the window, noticing they both had a letter each for him.
Hedwig landed on the dresser next to her cage standing on one leg so that Harry could untie his letter from the other, while Pig zoomed around his head like a crazed halo, ignoring the stupid little bird he quickly untied the letter from, Hedwig, and she quickly hopped on her perch to drink some water.
Harry briefly glanced at the blurry neat scrawl in blue ink on the front saying his name. I wish I did not need glasses, screwing Tonks and trying to keep them on was too much effort, I am a bloke, and we are no good at multi-tasking.
Placing the letter down, he quickly snatched the stupid owl from above his head where he noticed with amusement Hedwig eyeing Pig with contempt and disgust.
Harry plucked his second letter from the crazy little bird and let it go, it headed towards Hedwig but instead of landing in the cage for some water it settled for the top, obviously noticing Hedwigs’ intent evil eye she was giving the little bird. Guess he is smarter than I give him credit. Harry shrugged his thought away and picked up his other letter.
Turning round back towards the bed, Harry noticed Tonks’s eager eyes looking him up and down with only the smallest of blushes creeping to her cheeks, as he walked back over to the bed, and climbed in next to her, resisting the urge to let his fingers wonder down her firm body rather than reading his mail.
Harry instead sat up in the bed with the covers over his lap, while Tonks stayed lying under the covers with her arms around his legs snuggled up for warmth, or else something better as he found her hand on his crutch. That is better; she can do that while I read.
“So who are they from?” Tonks finally asked.
Shrugging then looking at his name on both; one very neat and looked to be written with a muggle pen, and the other quite messy and from the smudges of the black ink done by quill, both handwritings very familiar. It is hard to tell without my glasses, and I cannot be bothered to reach over to put them on, I do not want to disturb, Tonks, it feels too nice.
“Ron and Hermione, I think.” Harry opened the first letter the one from Ron, looking to the bottom he saw that yes indeed it was from Ron, “well this ones from Ron” he nodded then began to read.

Harry (mate)
How’s ya doing mate, we have all been worried sick since you disappeared. We have just found out that you returned home to the safety of your family.

Harry snorted in amusement before reading on. Ron really is a dense prat, the Dursleys are not my family.

You really should not wonder off like that, especially on your own. What, with You-Know-who running around trying to do you in mate, it is all for the best, and for your safety. So promise me you will not leave the house again. You had mum in a right panic. Hermione was doing her nut, I swear mental that one.

Harry chuckled; Hermione is mental, you are stupid, and I have a hero complex, we make the perfect team of misfits.

In addition, Hermione and me agree that you should open up and tell us how you are feeling, you know about Sirius passing.
Oh, almost forgot my little sister also wanted to send you a letter with ‘Pig’ but I wouldn’t let her, you can thank me in your return owl, I know you don’t won’t your best mates little sister whining at you or something.
Your friend,

Harry just stared at the letter for a few moments letting Rons’ stupidity wash over him before he burst out into tears of laughter, getting a look of confusion from Tonks.
“What’s so funny?” Tonks asked with a frown looking up at him, he passed her the letter and let her read it after she finished she looked just as confused as before as he took the letter back, crumpled it up and threw it to the floor. “I still don’t get what’s funny.”
“Well it’s obvious” the Boy-Who-Lived-For-Many-Hotty-Hot-Hottys’ said with amusement sparkling in his green eyes. “Dumbledore doesn’t think I’ll listen to him so he’s got Ron and probably Hermione to write to me and get me to promise to stay here.”
“Oh” was all Tonks could think to say while Harry opened Hermiones’ letter to him, and read allowed doing his best impression of his bushy haired friend getting some sniggering from Tonks.

“Dearest, Harry.
I’ve been so worried and upset when you ran off; you know you’re only safe when you are with your family.”

Harry grinned and snorted “family,” he said sarcastically.

“I’ve been crying ever since I found out you were missing; you know it’s dangerous for you of all people to leave the house.”
He continued, highly amused.

“What if you had been killed, how’d you think we would have felt, we all love you, Harry and want you to be safe, and Dumbledore says you are only safe when you are with ‘your’ family.
Please, Harry, promise me you will not do something stupid like this again, you are going to give us all grey hairs.
Moreover, please you must speak to someone about how you are feeling about what happened at the Department of Mysteries; in that death room and stop brooding it was NOT your fault.

I’m surprised I managed to read both letters without my glasses, guess I’m not as blind as I thought, though I’ve got a light headache from trying to focus.
Harry was laughing even harder this time, he could not help it; she even attempted some slight guilt tripping. Where do these two get the right to ask me that? Morons.
Harry calmed down after a few moments, scrupled up the letter and threw it to the floor with Rons’, looking down at the slightly amused young woman next to him, still playing between his legs.
“Where does Ron get off stopping someone from writing to me?” He suddenly asked her.
Tonks snickered a bit at that, knowing Rons’ just being his usual selfish self, “well if she can’t write to you first, you write to her.” Looking down at Tonks, he smiled cheekily.
“Great idea” he said hopping out of bed knocking the covers to the floor, she still had her hand round his very excited self, and she slowly removed it; licking her lips with interest, and hunger.
Looking back at Tonks after he placed his new silver framed rectangular stylish glasses, from the bedside table to his face. He looked down at Tonks’s fit curved body till his eyes lingered between her legs, he vaguely wondered at the purple hair, whether it were conscious or subconscious that the hair down there and on her head be the same colour.
He looked back to her face, and looked longingly at her moist lips, really wanting to screw her mouth right now, but he thought it could wait awhile, until he writes his letter at least.
Tonks sat up while trying to make herself look very sexy in the nude, which she was succeeding greatly. Harry noticed her frown slightly as she looked up at his face, “you’ve got blue highlights” she commented, stating the obvious.
Harry chuckled while ripping his eyes away from her, and headed for his desk and sat down on the wooden chair that was cold on his bear arse, “we just slept together and you only just noticed?” He asked turning in his seat to look at her with a raised eyebrow, and noticing a deep scarlet blush forming on her cheeks.
Turning back to his desk smirking; he pulled out a quill, ink and piece of parchment, wondering why in the name of sanity the wizarding world still used feathers to write with, they were very inadequate. He then began to write his letter to the Weasleys’ youngest and only daughter, Ginny, and wondering briefly, whether she had red lower region hairs or not, he really wanted to find out.
“Harry?” Tonks asked after a while as he was still writing his letter with a smirk on his face, thinking of Ginny in the shower with him.
“Hmm?” Harry Hmm’d in question while continuing his letter.
“What’s the deal with the whole new look anyway, and the running off to London thing?” She asked.
“Oh, that” he chuckled “not much, just needed some new clothes, glasses, hair cut that kind of thing. I’ve came to the conclusion that life is to short to be brooding about, that kind of things left up to Batman” he smiled at the thought of Batman whistling a happy tune, if he was he was probably waxing his mini-Batmobil. “So why should I be worried, if they get me they get me” he shrugged signing his name at the bottom of the letter to Ginny. “I’ll take down as many as I can before I fall, of that I can be certain.”
Tonks just stayed silent, most probably thinking about what he just said. “Plus” he continued “live free, die free” he snorted at this very usable motto, that he planned on using.
He put Ginnys’ letter in an envelope; sealed it and placed her name on the front. He then remembering a little trick he saw in a book he was reading on his way home on the Knight Bus; picked up his wand from where he dropped it on the floor last night, and returned to his seat.
Harry tapped the back of the envelope with his wand and muttered the aura sealing spell, which burns the seal of ones aura into the envelope so that only the reciprocate or sender can open it or even read it. The envelope smoked and glowed dark crimson and light gold for a moment before it was finished; leaving a wondrous Phoenix of crimson and gold engraved into the parchment envelope.
Harry was sure Ginny would enjoy it; he was slightly worried that she might like it so much she will not want to read the letter inside, through fear of ruining the envelope. Then on second thought, she wants me, so she will not risk not opening it.
Hedwig hopped off her perch from in her cage and landed next to Harry, where he stroked her feathers for a moment before tying on the letter, “take this to Ginny, okay, Hedwig, and wait with her for a reply,” the owl hoots dutifully, “good girl.”
She hopped onto his outstretched arm so he could take her to the window, and Harry got two amusing sights, one Pig hopped straight into Hedwigs cage to get a drink, and two, Tonks in just her underwear and soaks jumping around with one leg in her trousers and trying to get the other leg in.
Shaking his head in amusement, he opened the window wide enough for his owl and companion to fly out into the morning sky, Harry gave her a quick kiss on the head and a whispered, ‘good luck.’ Merlin only knows if Ron sees Hedwig, Ginny will need the one needing the luck and strength to deal with him and his probable whining.
Raising his arm, Hedwig shot of into the sky, he watched her for a moment with a glimmer of sadness in his eyes, thinking briefly of what he dared to write in the letter, he had never spoken so freely to someone before. Even though it was practically a summery, he would have been writing for hours and needed several owls if he told her everything.
Harry turned back to Tonks smirking; the corner of his eye catching Pig leaving through the window on realizing there was to be no reply. “Why are you getting dressed?” He asked quirking an eye brow at the young Auror, who is technically committing a crime being with his, in such a sexual manner, smirk plainly on his lips as he stood there in all his glory his smirk getting dirtier and more suggestive by the second as they stared at each other.
Within moments she smiled perversely at him and let her trousers fall back to her ankles as she steps out of them, he ran towards her picked her up while groping her tight bum and threw her on the bed, and himself on top of her.

The Burrow, Ottery St Catchpole.

Ginny Weasley youngest member of the Weasley family was sitting at the kitchen table in a very foul mood; mainly because of one Ronald Weasley her ‘slightly’ older brother, all the rest of the family minus Percy of course were at the table discussing things quietly that right now she didn’t care about while eating lunch.
Ronalds’ such a prick, I am going to get him back for this, the selfish twat. I’ll seduce Harry, yeah, that’s how I’ll get Ron back, I’ll loose my innocence to Harry Potter, and I’ll even suck him off, when ever he wants. Ginny grinned evilly, though if she had to be honest, it was the best revenge ever, she would sleep with the boy she loves even more with each passing day, and she will be getting even with her asshole brother.
Ginny was stabbing at her food with hate and rage with an evil grin plastered on her lips, trying not to turn herself on at the thought of having Harry inside her, or she might have to run upstairs to her room, to sort out her itch, as she calls it to herself.
Everyone knew why she was so pissed off and with whom, and they all kept well clear of her encase her fork or knife ends up embedded in something (or rather someone) instead of her food.
Ron had royally pissed her off and refused to let her send a letter to Harry along with his. Ron kept spouting off crap about how Harry would not want to hear from or even write to his little sister. I will give you little, you stupid prat, when all my hexes find there way to you, starting on the train to school. In her head, she was cackling evilly and glared ice-cold daggers at her jerk faced brother, Ronald; he had pissed her off so bad that she even called him, Ronald in her mind. Ronald flinched at the icy doom of her glare, and even the prankster twins Fred and George looked fearful for there younger brothers’ safety.
Everyone of the Weasleys’ were unusually quiet all of them staring around at each other nervously, practically whispering their conversations, and then chancing the odd scared glance at the youngest at the table, wishing like at breakfast she had got to the table late by which time they could have finished there meal and ran for the hills.
Just as Ginny was about to actually start eating there was a flapping of wings from the window, everyone looked up expectantly as a snowy white owl flew in. Hedwig, Ginny believed her name to be, Harrys’ beautiful owl, so looking away back to her plate expecting it to be delivering a letter to her ‘SLIGHTLY’ older brother Ronald. She was then surprised when the owl, Harrys’ owl landed in front of her; she smiled briefly at the owl until she read the name on the envelope; it was to her. I might actually have to take care of a Harry itch.
Ginny was very surprised, but smiled brightly at the letter and the owl as she untied the letter from Hedwigs’ outstretched leg; she looked again at the beautiful emerald green writing on the front that said her name.
It was for real; Harry Potter the boy she has liked since she first saw him on platform 9 and ¾, has actually wrote a letter to her and not that prat Ronald. The boy she always thought about in bed while playing with herself, ever since she had discovered that particular bedtime pleasure a few years back, had actually written to her.
She turned the envelope over and saw a beautifully engraved gold and crimson Phoenix, “Ginny, can I have my letter now,” the obnoxious voice of her idiot brother, Ronald said standing behind her.
“No” she replied, turning in her seat to glare hate at him. “This is for me” she held up the letter so he could clearly see her name on it, and the sour look of disbelief on his face was priceless, she just smirked; stood up from the table and left the room heading up the stairs, and into her bedroom; then she closed the door behind her and locked it.
As soon as she had sealed herself in to stop irritating brothers from bothering her, the handle turned; then it sounded as though someone was pushing against the door with no luck.
“GINNY?” Her prick of a brother screamed from the other side. “Tell me why Harry wrote to you, I’m his best friend, not you!”
“Get lost Ronald!” She called back “firstly, I don’t know, secondly it’s none of your business!”
“None of my business? None of my business?” Ronald cried in outrage “of course it’s my business, he’s my best mate; now tell me what that letter says now!”
“No!” She called back calmly, “it’s not any of your business unless Harry says it is!” Ginny smirked inwardly as she had just opened the letter, which also had the same Phoenix seal as the envelope.
The first few lines, even before her name was most amusing.


Tell Ron, we are sleeping together, that will stump him for a few hours.

Ginny giggled for a moment reading and re-reading the first few lines, “sorry Ronald, but it says that Harry doesn’t want you to know what we write about.”
“WHAT!” Ron yelled as he started banging violently on the door, and by the sounds, kicking it, trying to break in, “give me that letter!” he yelled.
Right then Ginny had had enough, the rage and anger at her brother was pouring off her in waves, “RONALD WEASLEY! If you don’t fucking stop that now you spiteful twat, I will hex you, and I don’t care if its underage magic, fact is, I’ll just get a warning but you; you’ll be a pile of mouldy shit!”
“Ronald, what in Hades do you think you’re playing at?” Her mothers’ angry voice screamed at him from outside her door. “Get down stairs now, where I can keep my eye on you, and if I catch you near your sisters’ room again, I will hex you myself!”
“But mum that letter belongs to me” Ron whined heatedly “and she swore.”
“I don’t care if she swore,” her mother admitted hotly, “what you were doing I’m not surprised, now leave your sister to read her letter in peace.”
“But mum.”
“No but mums!” Her mum cut him off “down stairs now.” She heard her brother grumble something while heading down stairs, “Ginny dear?” Her mum asked soothingly.
“Yes mum?” asked a confused red haired girl, she thought she was going to be shouted at for swearing. However, what mum does not know is; I swear all the time, in fact I probably swear more than my brothers do.
“Are you okay dear?” her mother asked.
“Yes mum, thank you.” Replied The-Girl-That-Wants-To-Read-Her-Letter-From-The-Boy-Who-Lived.
“Okay dear, I’ll let you read your letter then and go down to keep an eye on Ronald.”
“Thanks” Ginny whispered as she heard her mum moving down stairs.
Ginny flopped back onto her bed, lying down to read her letter, she thought it quite poetic that her bed was the usual place she thought about Harry, normally at night time under the covers, where her fingers did there job, she often wanted to know if Harry had good fingers, and couldn’t wait to find out.
Shaking her head to clear it of all the dirty, but nice fantasies and images of her and Harry, she began to read, a smile once again on her lips.


Tell Ron, we are sleeping together that will stump him for a few hours.

Dear, Gin? (Do you mind if I call you Gin? I have never asked so I will ask now, and if you do mind, in my next letter, if you write me back I will once again call you Ginny)

So! Hello! Gin/Ginny which ever you prefer, I’ll let you call me what ever you want, (like sex slave, pleasure toy, or just, wow Harry I never new I could feel that good, you’re the greatest. Or maybe even emmm, you taste good there, am I sucking hard enough?, only joking, unless you don’t want to take it as a joke then I wasn’t, and I am thinking of you that way, I’m smirking very suggestively now, I think I’ve inherited a dirty mind from somewhere? I am wondering right now what you taste like, be sure to let me know in your letter; See I have a very dirty mind, -wink.)

Well, anyway, on with the letter.

I have never wrote a letter to a girl before, (Hermione does not count she is more boyish than girl) and now I am writing to the prettiest Weasley and one of the best-looking girls at school. (Sorry I am not asking you out, though if I did what would your answer be. However, to be honest I am not sure if I am looking for anything like that, I am not sure about much these day, though that doesn’t mean we couldn’t fool around. –smirk.)
I got some good advice recently from an old friend; he said that I should go out and have some fun, and enjoy myself; he pretty much told me to stop worrying about the Dark Tosser, and live my life for myself. What’s your take on this, to be as honest as I can be I think I would have to agree with him, as far as I’m aware fate is not written in stone.
There are many roads and paths in life we can take and the Dark Tosser and his marry band of Death Nibblers chose theirs. So I think I shall choose mine, I’ve felt all my life at Hogwarts that I’ve been pushed up upon a pedestal, that most people seem to enjoy throwing me off when it suits them.
A person can be brave courageous and do what is right and would even sacrifice themselves for others, but people are stupid ignorant morons, who expect those they’ve turned their backs on to step up and save them anyway, I ask, why should we? I know I’ll probably end up in battles with Death Munchers and the likes, and I might die, but I say when I fight I will fight for those I love, I’ll fight for you, my family, or should I say your family.
I’ll even fight for Hermione, Neville, Luna, Tonks and Remus and a few other people I care about, I will even fight for the innocent children who get caught in the crossfire of a war they want to hide from. I will fight for those who lost their lives standing up strong and proud to defend their loved ones.
I will do what I want to do from now on, I will not listen to that foolish old man, the herd of the Order, that Order gives Phoenixes a bad reputation.
I have needed to tell someone for so long what my life before magic was like. I don’t know why but I’m choosing you to place my confidence, I know you don’t know me too well, and I don’t know you that well either, but I hope to change that. I want to start by telling you about my past where that foolish Headmaster left me. How the so-called savvier of the wizarding world was just left on the doorstep of his magic hating muggle relatives.
I need to tell someone and I feel it should be you and I must apologise to you, Gin, for I was selfish my second year at Hogwarts, your first. I may have saved your life down in the Chamber of Secrets but I did not help you at all, I could have been there for you, a shoulder to cry on if you needed, and for my blindness, I am truly sorry. I am also very sorry about that ministry mess; I almost got you killed, and please can you forgive me?
If ever you need or want anything from me, all you have to do is ask, if I have it to give, it is yours.
This is hard for me to say aloud, but in a letter, I am hopping it will be easier, and I still do not know how to put it in words, so here goes.
For ten years of my life I was kept in a cupboard, and only allowed out to do all the household chores and go to school, I was hardly fed which is why when you first saw me I was so small. My so-Called family spread rumours that I was nothing but a troublemaker, a freak, so I had no friends. They made me wear my whale of a cousin’s hand-me-down crap that was not fit for a charity let alone their own blood.
My cousin bullied me at school and even around the house; I was his official unofficial punching bag. I had to dumb down at school to make sure my grades were not better than his were (Which was a hard achievement in its self; I should have been congratulated for it.)
If I ever did anything, better than their ‘little angle’ I would be thrown about, and locked in my cupboard under the stairs; I have always forced to do all the housework, gardening ext: while he played, and enjoyed his life.
I was forced to learn to cook from the age of four, I cooked breakfast every morning which normally consisted of egg, bacon and the likes, while they had what I made I was lucky to get a slice of toast, and yet they called me lazy and ungrateful, ungrateful yes! Why should I be grateful of what they never shared with me, but lazy definitely not, I did as they told me and I did it without complaint.
Sorry, I am probably ranting a bit now and I do not want to sadden you with my old problems, thank you for listening anyway, or reading, as is the case.
I hope that by the next time we see each other we can give each other a hug like the close friends that I hope we can be. I hope this can be the beginning of a close friendship; there is more I could tell you like my most valuable position is my wand, strange isn’t it considering I own a Firebolt racing broom, and wands are easier and cheaper to replace.
Talking of wands, I think I heard you say yours used to belong to your grandmother, didn’t you?
Now, all that sappy craps out of the way, I do hope I didn’t worry you when you were all told I disappeared, I went and did some clothe shopping in muggle London, I even bought a new pair of glasses from Diagon Alley (they correct themselves) And even got a hair cut.
I bought some books and even a multi compartment trunk. I also plan to become an illegal animagus, and I was wondering whether you would like to as well?
I was fine when I was in London, though me and a new friend I met on the knight bus did run into some Death Nibblers, but the idiots got themselves ran down by a bus, they didn’t look while crossing the busy road, but that’s Toms problem not mine.
I would also ask you to meet me on August 11th in Diagon Ally if you can make it (I know what the Prophesy said and I feel like I should share it with someone who will understand my diction to ignore it, before telling anybody else.)
Oh, and if Rons giving you any hassle over my writing to you and not him; tell him to take it up with me when I next see him, and if you could tell him and Hermione I don’t plan on writing to either of them this summer. I’m not pleased with what they wrote to me this morning, and any and everything they send will be returned unopened.
I have this weird feeling that both Hermione and Ron are taking Orders from Dumbles concerning what they wrote me.
Happiness is greater than safety. Because either way, I am going to go out whenever I want, wherever I choose. (Please do not scold me for that.)

-Harry James Potter.
(Unnecessary use of full name, I know!) Hugs, kisses, and a flirtatious wink, am I going over board with my need of affection? Tonks is here keeping me company maybe I could get some affection off her right now?
By the way, Ron may call you his little sister, because he is an insensitive jerk, but I am sure you are not that little, I will have to eye up your chest when I see you to find out.

–Cheeky grin.

To me you are, and always will be my friend!
I almost forgot to say, it is thanks to Ron that I am writing this; he told me in his letter he would not send yours. I do not think he wants me to have any other friends. Well just thought you would like to know.
Live Free-Die Free – (What do you think of my new motto? A bit over dramatic?)
I have asked Hedwig to wait with you for a reply.


Ginny lay on her bed staring at the letter in hand tears welling up in her chocolate brown eyes; it warmed her heart to see that he had chosen to open up some of his feelings and fears to her.
Wow, I never thought he would ever think of me like that.
He had revealed a side of himself she had never imagined he had, he was perverted, like most normal guys, but he was openly dirty, though he made it sound polite and flirtatious at the same time. It made her grin from ear to ear.
She put her hand up her summer dress and felt herself while reading some of his filth, she was quite wet, she rubbed herself for a few minuets, while thinking of what Harrys’ thing tastes like, only blushing slightly at the thought that if she were lucky, she soon might find out.
She eventually took her hand out from under her dress; she looked at her wet fingers, and tasted herself when she brushed them with her tongue; never having tried before she was curious to see whether Harry would like the taste. She was quite surprised that it tasted very nice, so she put her hand back up her dress and down her panties, then pulled it back out, very moist and drank it from her hand. Yep, I will defiantly have to taste myself when playing down there all the time.
She sighed and tried to stop thinking dirty thoughts, she knew she would have to change her panties before leaving her room; she did not want to be dripping all over the floor. I would die from embarrassment; they might think I pissed myself. On the other hand, they might know what it is and I would never be able to show my face again.
She suddenly giggled silently at Ron’s stupidity for telling Harry that he stopped her letter, she was barely able to resist squealing with delight. She folded the letter and placed it back into its envelope, then placed it in her draw and locked it.
Wiping her eyes on the back of her sleeve she stood up and felt a warm bubbly sensation welling up in her chest, she smiled to herself, as she pulled her panties off; she looked at her orangey dark red hairs, and smiled slightly, wondering whether Harry would think the colour weird against her pale skin.
She ran her hand along it then tasted herself again; she never ever thought she could taste this nice; she then looked at her wet panties in her hand. I should not, she raised her panties to her mouth and sucked the front on the inside, sighing. I really am filthy, but Harry just does that to me, normally without trying, but today he did try, and he made it a thousand times worse.
Ginny threw her sucked clean panties under the bed, sighing at her dirty mind, that she’ll probably do it that again sometime soon, then pulled out a clean pair and slid them on, and admiring there snug fit to her tight little butt.
She eventually unlocked her door, opened it and left, heading down the stairs closing her door behind her.
As soon as she entered, the hallway to the kitchen to get something to fill her now hungry stomach that was not satisfied with just tasting herself; she was, accosted by none other than the bane of her sanity, Ronald, who seemed intent on ruining her bubbly mood.
“Where’s the letter?” he demanded hotly.
Ginny quirked her left eyebrow, “that’s none of your business, Ronald,” she informed him trying to go round, but he moved into her path everyway she turned. “Move!” She demanded icy cold.
Ronald snorted. “What you going to do if I don’t?” he asked in a falsely sweet voice that would have been more suited for Umbridge. “Tell me now, what was in that letter?”
Ginny suddenly smirked, “he asked me to tell you and Hermione not to send him anything, and he said he’ll send it back unopened if you do, apparently he wasn’t pleased with what you and Hermione wrote him.” She noticed that he now looked uncomfortable, so she decided to press him to see his reaction, “he believes that Dumbledore has something to do with your letters.”
Bingo! Ronald flinched at the accusation revealing the truth there and then, “well obviously we know who the better friend is, don’t we?” She asked him.
She left her terrified looking brother standing at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway, looking horrified, and she went and made herself a sandwich before returning to her room. After a small chat with her mother to let her know Harry is fine and that he just popped out to London to buy some clothes, she conveniently left out the part with the stupid Death Munchers, thinking her mother could do without the stress, what with that moron, Ronald, and being a sheep to the Order and all that. She also informed her mother that he said Tonks had been hanging out with him that morning which helped alleviate the stress some more.
Upon returning to her room to write her reply to Harry with Hedwig perched on her shoulder she saw the door wide open, and Ronald standing by her desk, the draw on her desk smashed open, and her diary and smaller personal belongings on the floor.
Her brother had her letter in his hand starring blankly at it in confusion, the rage and anger that bubbled in her was overwhelming, she was twitching for her wand, then she felt the presence of two or three other people outside her room next to her looking on in complete horror and anger.
“RON!” one of the twins yelled in outrage, even to them this kind of behaviour was inexcusable, Ronald looked up to see both twins, Bill and Ginny looking daggers of disgust at him. The twins crossed the threshold of the room and Ronalds’ entire face drained of blood.
The twins reached him and forced him to droop the letter and practically dragged him kicking and screaming from the room shouting incoherent words like, “blank” and “nothing but a Phoenix” before he was taken completely from the room.
Bill and Ginny walked into the room to asses the damage, Ginny quickly picked up her letter, then diary; she always believed that if someone trusted you with their secrets, you should protect them before your own.
Bill took a quick glimpse of the letter in her hand, and his eyes went wide with surprise, before he smiled and then openly laughed; then seeing the open confutation on his sisters’ face, he chuckled. “I can’t read it, no one but you and Harry can see the writing,” he explained, “it’s got a very powerful seal on it, which only you and he can see through. Its called a soul seal, and it being a Phoenix shows it would be impossible to break without completely destroying the letter, and then it would be no good to anyone.”
Ginny sighed in relief, but still, that did not excuse Ronald of breaking all her stuff, it was not as if she had much as it was. “Its okay squirt, we’ll get it all fixed up, then you can write Harry back and grass on Ron,” he chuckled at the look on her face that clearly said she intended to long before his break in of her room. Ginny could just make out her mothers screams of rage, the twins must have got Ronald down stairs and done the unthinkable for them, and grassed on someone, their own brother.
Ginny smirked slightly as she pushed her insane brother from her mind, she couldn’t wait for Bill to fix her broken desk draw, she looked at the writing on her letter; she was going to have writers cramp in her right wrist for days, and it wouldn’t be from writing her reply to Harry.
No, she thought as Bill finally left her room and she locked her door and lay down on her bed, smiling. She lay the letter beside her and removed her underwear, she didn’t want to mess up another pair today. As she put her hand between her legs, and gently caressed herself, and squeezed her chest with her free hand through her dress. I do hope Harry does not think they are too small, was her thought as she delved into the world of fantasy, of her and Harry James Potter, the boy she loved, hundreds of times more now than this morning. Her heart was welling up with her want and need of him; it felt like pure happiness, bottled up inside her, waiting until she can finally release it to him.

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