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Better than the best

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Ichigo is on high alert and even patrols on his weekends. Meanwhile back at his home, his father plans to invite someone into the family? We get a sneak peek at the life of the mystery shinigami too!

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Qternal: Hello readers! Hope you have enjoyed this fan fic so far! Shall we check the cupboard... I hope Ichigo is back!

-The cupboard shakes-

Qternal: Oi! Calm down!

Ichigo: OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!!

-Opens up to reveal Ichigo who is tied up-

Ichigo: Why did you tie me up!!!!

Qternal: No reason! Just say the line!

Ichigo: Grrrrrrrrrrr... Qternalanimator doesn't own Bleach or the characters related. She owns the idea of this fanfiction and the idea of that foul red shinigami!

Ichigo was out on a patrol of sorts, it was the weekend and this was how he started his day every weekend. He jumped from house to house and scanned the area for any sign of Hollows or any sign of that girl. He scowled even more at the memory of yesterday. Then suddenly he remembered what Midori had said and his scowl softened.

“Looking for me?”

Ichigo stopped and swung around, unsheathing Zangetsu as he did. Scowling yet again at the now overly familiar. She stood there on top of a chimney and around her were four flying Hollows.

“Go to hell!” Ichigo snapped and gripped his Souls Slayer tighter making his knuckles go white.

“My place is here… making your life hell…”

“Shut up!” Ichigo snapped and rushed forward, he felt this hatred rising and just wanted to get rid of her.

“Catch me if you can Kurosaki Ichigo!” Ichigo’s opponent jumped onto the one Hollow like it was a board. She urged it up into the sky as the other three Hollows lunged at Ichigo; she smirked excitedly as she thought how proud Aizen would be of her. His approval was all she wanted.

Ichigo yelled out in frustration as he charged forward to attack the Hollows, he was fed up with whoever she was and was entertaining the thoughts of simply gutting her and letting her die. He dodged and dived between the Hollows and leapt into the air. He landed on the back of one of the Hollows and with all his rage he stabbed the Hollow deep, it shrieked and writhed about so much that Ichigo almost fell off its back. Ichigo reasserted himself and pulled Zangetsu out of the Hollow as it started to dissipate and he leapt into the air. His eyes set on killing another. He landed on the one Hollow as it flew below another, as this happened Ichigo shoved his sword into the Hollow and cut it in half.

“Two can play this game!” Ichigo shut his eyes and focused his spirit energy, he made it swell around him like strings that stretched out and tied around the limbs of the Hollow. By doing this he had successfully managed to gain control of the Hollow, he steered it towards the other Hollow that was flying around in the glare of the sun.

He held his blade poised to fly by and attack, he pushed the Hollow to fly faster and without warning he managed to land a blow to his opponent’s side. She grabbed her side only for a second but then turned to him again. A bloodthirsty look set on her face as she charged after him. She pulled out her swords and charged after him.

Ichigo stood on his Hollow, standing his ground. He watched as she charged him head on but wouldn’t move. He was definitely not a coward or afraid of her.

The Hollows were about to collide when she jumped off and the Hollow dived below. She was fast and swiped his shoulder. She lodged her blade into him with force then pulled it out roughly all as she jumped over him and landed on the Hollow waiting for her on the other side.

Ichigo winced as the blood soaked his shinigami garb but turned to face her again: “Why do you fight me?”

“It’s cause my Captain wants me to be better than the best!” she shouted in defiance and smirked, “And you are quite a fun toy that he has given me to play with…” She made the Hollow charge forward, Ichigo noticed that her spirit force was getting stronger and he noticed that it was taking a shape… almost like a monster. He braced himself and charged forward. He felt the pain searing through his shoulder but blocked it out and focused on her.

The electricity crackled as their Soul Slayers connected, they pushed against each other and wouldn’t back down. Both were too obstinate for that.

“Die…” Ichigo said through gritted teeth as he heightened his spirit force, his eyes turned a light blue.

“I’ll take you with me then,” she roared as she too heightened hers and her eyes went white.

It was an ultimate standoff, they both wanted to win more than anything.

“You know those friends of yours… Inoue, Chad, Ishida, Tatsuki, Asano, Mizuiro and Midori? When I’m done here with you, I’ll go play with them.”

Ichigo’s pulse grew quicker; the rage inside him throbbed at this statement: “NEVER!”

He changed tactics and made his Hollow drop to avoid her blade; he wedged Zangetsu into the Hollow’s mask and pulled right through it. This caused the girl to then drop but she was quick and wedged her Hydra into his other shoulder. Ichigo reacted quickly and swung Zangetsu into her arm. She let out a cry and applied more pressure to her sword. There they stood on a Hollow joined by their swords.

“I hate you!” Ichigo spat, as his arm grew numb from the blood loss and he couldn’t tell if he was holding Zangetsu.

“Pity, I must go. It’s not yet your time to die Kurosaki Ichigo…”

“What?” Ichigo said in irritation and suddenly felt loose of her blade. He turned ad saw she was gone.


Rukia had yet to receive word from Soul Society about what to do with the girl. She was getting impatient waiting for Ichigo to return home from his patrol in the morning. This had taken a while. She heard a thudding noise and peered out the cupboard to find Ichigo lying on the ground bleeding.

“Ichigo!” Rukia said in horror and rushed forward to assist him.

“Damn her! Damn her!” Ichigo rasped as he edged towards his body.

“Ichigo, was it her?” Rukia asked in worry, his wounds were severe and they continued to seep.

Ichigo lay still, knowing he needed to be healed by Rukia. She came over him and performed a healing spell. He gritted his teeth, tasting the hatred he had developed for this rogue.

“She can control Hollow; she uses them to her advantage. I almost had her…” Ichigo snapped as he felt his wounds heal up.

“She seems to always know where you are…” Rukia noted softly as she helped him back into his body.

Ichigo’s body lifted up and he dropped to his bed to glare out the window: “She threatened my friends. Told me she would kill them, I can’t allow it!”

“We should let everyone know to be on guard,” Rukia said firmly, this situation was grave.


Her body lay on a table in an abandoned house, she was so tempted to get in and wash this pain clearly away but she endured it. It was punishment for not being strong enough, through suffering she would grow.

“What happened?”

She turned to the portal that had newly formed; she dropped to her knees wincing subtly: “We fought today. He is strong but we are equal. I need to use more tact next time…”

A hand reached through and touched her head; she looked up at her captain: “You did well, heal those wounds. Then commence with the operation as planned. This is only minor.”

“Captain, thank you for your grace.”

The portal closed and she remained kneeling, not in respect but in pain. It hurt where Zangetsu had cut her.

“Kurosaki, you will hurt just as much…”

She edged closer to her body and placed herself back into it. Her eyelids fluttered and she rubbed her eyes as she sat up. She looked around her: “Did I pass out again?”


Ichigo’s father sat with Karin and Yuzu, his two young daughters. He had been rather busy with work lately and felt that they may need someone to help with homework and so forth.

“We don’t need anybody! We have Ichi-nii!” Karin said firmly, she never agreed with her father.

“But Karin-chan, Ichi-nii is so busy lately we rarely see him. And it may be nice o have some help around the house with things we can’t do…” Yuzu said quietly, not wanting to make her sister irate.

“My lovely little children! I shall pick only the best! You have my fatherly word! Now come and embrace me!”

“Baka!” Karin delivered a swift kick to her father’s head, he dropped down to the floor and she dusted off her hands and walked away. Yuzu watched Karin leave and then went to her father’s side to help him up from Karin’s blow to the head.


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