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18. Nine Crimes

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It had been two weeks and Faith could finally say things were less awkward. At last a change for all the stress they had been into. Faith was walking mind absently through the fourth floor, heading to see her patients (and thinking about Ryan) when someone stopped her abruptly.

“What the fuck?” She said, startled, and turned a little red at seen Ryan himself in front of her.

“What’s going on between Aiyana and John Mayer?” He asked seriously. Faith just blinked. “I know you know, so spill.” He insisted, crossing his arms.

“Why don’t you ask her?” Faith simply said, resuming her walk.

“Cause she isn’t speaking to me. So I thought I’d bother you with it.” Ryan followed her.

“I don’t know, Ross! I think they’re dating… or fucking… or something in between. But she likes him enough and he seems nice.” Faith said with a shrug. Ryan raised an eyebrow.

“I thought she liked Brendon.”

“Yeah, but he’s a fucking twat who treats her like trash. Mayer is a good change.” Faith pointed out. “And why isn’t she talking to you?” She added standing outside her patients’ common room.

“Because… I might have been a little harsh when I asked her about Mayer. And she said she had enough with one dad so I could talk to her once I stopped acting like it.” Ryan trailed off and Faith laughed.

“Take her advice and leave her alone. She’s a big girl.” Said that, Faith patted Ryan’s shoulder and turned to get inside the room.


Fate has strange ways to test people and can be really cruel about it. Or at least, it was being cruel to Faith right now. After running into each other half of the afternoon, Faith was having coffee with Mikey. The conversation had slowly turned into those subjects they only could talk about between them, innuendos falling on the table faster than they drank their coffees. Faith always played dumb in these situations, mostly cause she liked to manipulate the scene making Mikey believe he was the one doing it. That’s why she had to swallow a giggle when Mikey finally asked.

“Wanna go have a drink in my place?” He said, with that confident half smile that was so obvious to read.

“What is your wife going to say about it?” Faith asked, playing with her spoon.

Mikey shook his head. “Alicia is at her mother’s house.”


“She hasn’t been feeling too well and it was better to have someone looking over her until the kids pop.” Mikey explained, trying not to look too stiff while saying this.

“I guess that settles it then.” She said with a half smile. She had learned to play Mikey’s game ages ago and knew exactly what would happen.

Question was… was she going to go with it?

Apparently, yes.


Having sex with Michael was like riding a bike. Something they learned long ago and still haven’t forgotten. Sometimes it was as pleasant as riding through the park and other times it was as exciting as riding down a hill. Often Faith felt like she was crashing after the downhill race, cause Mikey had a girlfriend, who was later his fiancée and was now his wife. And still, she was the one in bed with him. But those feelings had long ago been forgotten, since she realized she didn’t care about Mikey anymore, and simply liked having sex with him and particularly enjoyed the aftermath, when Mikey would feel guilty, devastated and would swear over and over it was the last time he did this. Truth is, Faith had lost count of the times Mikey had said the same thing.

This time was different though. It was another kind of guilt… a new guilt. A voice in the back of her head telling her that by doing this, she was cheating on Ryan and that was making her feel dirty… It didn’t make it better that every time she closed her eyes she wished with all her being to have Ryan there with her instead of Mikey.

That was Ryan the one peeling her clothes off and kissing her exposed skin. That was Ryan the one roaming his hands and lips on every corner of her body. That was Ryan the one hovering over her…

“Stop.” Faith breathed out, pushing Mikey’s shoulder away.

“What?” Mikey panted.

“I can’t do it.” She said, sitting up and pushing him away, immediately collecting her clothes. Mikey looked at her puzzled. “I’m not doing this anymore, Mikey, is not fair. For anyone!”

“Faith…” Mikey started, still confused.

“I’m sorry, Mikey, but…” She sighed. “This thing between us has gone for-- forever! I can’t do it anymore.” She explained at the time she pulled her clothes back on. Mikey simply started at her from the bed. “It’s over.”

Mikey chuckled dryly. “How many times have we said that?”

“How many times have I said that?” Faith asked back, reminding Mikey he was the one who always said no and never kept his word. “I’m not you…”

“No…” He shook his head. “You’re better than me…” Faith rolled her eyes and put her shoes on. “You love him, don’t you?”

Faith looked at Mikey. “I do. And that’s the main reason why I shouldn’t be here…”

“I get it.” Mikey said with a sigh and leaned back on the bed.

Faith stood uncomfortably for a while on the middle of the room. “I guess…” She muttered. “I’ll see you on Saturday.”
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